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WHO ARE SCR? 2 A LITTLE ABOUT US Smart Connect Research is an experienced team based in London, specialising in multi-country, complex work. We are known for developing strong relationships with our clients to deliver global, multi-modal data

  1. WHO ARE SCR? 2

  2. A LITTLE ABOUT US Smart Connect Research is an experienced team based in London, specialising in multi-country, complex work. We are known for developing strong relationships with our clients to deliver global, multi-modal data collection And facilitate our client’s operations and fieldwork management. We ensure our client’s expectations are met effectively at all times and provide peace of mind on delivery. 3

  3. Smart Connect Research was setup in 2016 by our Founder and CEO, Felipe Parker who saw that suppliers were struggling to reach certain audiences, despite persistent demand from clients. He saw an opportunity to create a different kind of fieldwork and operations company, which focussed on connecting with high value, hard to reach respondents in a smart, and agile way. At SCR, all the senior leadership has extensive contact centre backgrounds and years of experience engaging with hard to reach audiences. They wanted to develop a different approach to Fieldwork, built around a 21st century technology and world class Executive Interviewers One that 100% specialized in recruiting C-suite executives, healthcare professionals, Financial Services Leaders and Industry Experts from around the world. 4

  4. OUR BUSINESS MODEL End-to- Provide End-to-End Operational Solutions End Solutions Specialists in Complex Work (low incidence audiences, emerging markets, Complex complex logic and reporting requirements) Work Deep Client Partnership Account Model Partnerships 5

  5. MARKET RESEARCH PROJECT LIFECYCLE Problem Report Writing & Client Expertise Definition Presentation Brand and Communications, Innovation, Stakeholder management, Segmentation Methodology & Qualitative, Full Service Data Analysis Survey Design Survey Verbatim Data Mgmt. & Custom Reports Sample Sourcing Data Collection Programming Management Validation & Data Exports SCR Expertise End-to-end Operations, Solutions, Quantitative & Qualitative, Global access to hard-to-reach audiences, International / Emerging Markets, Online & Offline Data Collection 6

  6. ADVANTAGE OF OUR APPROACH Any Devices Blended Resources Phone Tablet Multi-Modal Call Centre Laptop Remote Worker Online PC Partner Telephone F2F Centrally Managed EIC, Quality Assured CLEAN DATA 7

  7. KEY ACCOUNT MODEL SCR works as an extension of our client’s business Organizing people and processes to fit the needs of individual clients Efficient use of resources and focus on strengths to develop best practices SCR’s experience and expertise penetrates client’s business Less client time spent on operational activity 8

  8. WHAT WE DO 9

  9. OVERVIEW Supply “End to End” operational services to the market research sector. Employ a key account strategy focussing on complex work in the B2B, Financial Services and Healthcare sectors Combine local expertise close to respondent with service delivery from London Combination enables best of both worlds - high quality and comprehensive coverage Research & Reporting Capabilities Sample Management Programing & hosting Field Services Data Cleaning & Delivery Custom Programming Online Portals Coding Blended Sampling Online Communities Customized Reporting Translations Custom Recruitment Statistical Services Localizations Multi-Modal Data Collection PowerPoint Charting Coding Executive Interviewing 10

  10. CORE AUDIENCES SCR has multisector expertise, with a strong track record accessing the following core audiences. Corporate C-suite Healthcare Financial Services Experts Doctors Nurses Hedge Funds Scientists CEO Allied Healthcare Private Equity Engineers COO Professionals Traders Lawyers CIO Hospital Administrators Institutional investors Teachers CFO Pharmacists Auditors underwriters Academics CMO Dentists Risk assessors Journalists EVP KOLs Investment Bankers Government SVP Payers Fund Managers Trade Unionists Lab Directors 11

  11. RESEARCH METHODS COVERED IDI TDI CATI CAPI CAWI 60+ Recruitment Focus Groups Countries covered with our foot- Diary print of data collection services Online Community Ethnography 12

  12. QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY DELIVERED all applicants must pass a rigorous application process which includes reading, Recruitment transcription and aptitude testing all trainees complete a fully assessed modular training program that focuses on Training high response rates quality of delivery our interviewers are assessed through a consistent observation program and are Quality incentivised for their overall quality scores sophisticated KPI reports highlight high-achievers and those in need of a little Performance coaching our project managers have total control of quality, efficiency, budget and Project performance 13

  13. HOW WE DO IT 14

  14. PROJECT SETUP PROGRAMING Script Checking ENGLISH LINK Online Survey APPROVAL CLIENT SENT QUESTIONER Tools: Confirmit, SURVEY DESIGN • NEBU, etc. Offline Survey TRANSLATIONS Draft Survey Tools: Rating scales APPROVAL • InVADE with • Skip pattern • 100% recording READY TO Survey length, Multi OVERLAY B2B & B2C • LAUNCH Country, Multi Lingual surveys, Flash enabled Interactive surveys TRANSLATION We offer 38 number of common languages • We have covered European, MENA and • Asian languages All translators validated and rated regularly • Translators selected based on industry • knowledge We can cover specialist areas – Health, • Financial Services, Science and Engineering 15

  15. QUANTITATIVE PROJECT PROCESS Leveraging a full range of Client share Client’s Internal 1 2 3 4 sampling links briefing briefing methods Final data Deliverables, Soft launch Client 5 6 7 8 quality quality data checks debrief checks assured 16

  16. QUALITATIVE PROJECT PROCESS Project Moderator Translation Pre 1 2 3 4 commencement briefing of materials recruitment Confirmation Conduct Transcripts Client 5 6 7 8 of interviews fieldwork reporting debrief 17

  17. DATA DELIVERY Charting and Data Cleansing and Data Analysis Reporting Processing Graphs and Charts Content Analysis 1 2 3 Creating new as well as • Data Entry (Paper/Scanned Surveys) (Qualitative) Modelling basis hand drawn Open End Coding (Ascribe, Excel) • Brand and Consumer client requests Transcription (for Qualitative IDI’s and • Market Mix Automated/ Macro • Focus Groups) • Price Driven Data Validation and Cleaning Segmentation and Presentations and Reports Tabulation (SPSS, Quantum, etc.) Targeting/Forecasting (PowerPoint, PDF, Word) / Story board Creation 18

  18. PROJECT LIFECYCLE STAGES Stage 1: Screener delivery Client Week 1 Stage 2: Programming and translations Client Week 1 Stage 3: Client link check Client/ SCR Week 1 Stage 4: Briefing Week 1 Client/ SCR Stage 5: Soft launch Week 1 SCR Stage 6: Soft launch data checks Client/ SCR Week 1 Stage 7: Full launch Week 1 SCR Stage 8: Interim data checks/delivery Week 1 SCR Week 2 Week 3 Stage 9: Final quality control Week 1 Client/ SCR Week 2 Week 3 Stage 10: Final data delivery Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 SCR * Based on a 3 weeks fieldwork. 19


  20. SCR EIC DIFFERENTIATORS Traditional Call Centres SCR EIC experience Specialize in targeting executives • The Primary focus on targeting consumers • Small universe sizes with limited sample • Respondents or small businesses availability Mature & experienced, many with Typically young college kids • • The professional experience in specific industries Low pay competing with retail, • Interviewer Higher pay fast-food chains, etc • Focused on production rates Focused on creating a positive experience • • Dial through sample for the respondent • Experience Low response rates Building a relationship with the respondent • • Usually perceived as sales/marketing calls Appropriate incentives • • Global solution • Typically, regional/local coverage Infrastructure • Multi-modal technology (allowing respondent • & Coverage CATI (telephone only technology) • to select the preferred methodology) 21

  21. UNPARALLELED COVERAGE… Global reach, local knowledge Research needs outside these 60 markets, would need to be reviewed on a case by case basis. 60 By tailoring our approach to each market we are confident to meet your MR needs in ~60 countries. 22

  22. WHAT MAKES SCR DIFFERENT? Built for speed , rapid turnaround without jeopardizing quality Excellent response rates with difficult target audience such as: A single source for qualitative C-Suites, Key Decision- Makers, and quantitative B2B & healthcare hard to reach data collection Opinion Leaders, Specialists, services Financial Professionals & Niche REACH AND consumers CAPABILITIES Global coverage from our London-based executive Quality Assured – All our executive interviewing centre, we interview interviewers are IQCS trained, and in over 50 countries covering all monitored by trained staff with the requisite local language skills. major world languages with native language speaker 23


  24. THERAPY AREAS/PROCEDURES Depression Sensory Organs MS Bronchodilators Anti-hypertensives Anti-hyperlipidemic Diabetes Vaccines Anti-fibrinolytics Oncology Anti-coagulants Anti-bacterials Antivirals Anti-Rheumatics Bone calcium regulators Dermatology 25

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