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Veterinary Acupuncture Arnold L. Wittstein, DVM, CVA, PC Certified - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Ancient Wisdom... Modern Technique... Gentle Healing. Veterinary Acupuncture Arnold L. Wittstein, DVM, CVA, PC Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (541) 250-1302 Fax (541) 610-1830 Arthritis

  1. Ancient Wisdom... Modern Technique... Gentle Healing. Veterinary Acupuncture Arnold L. Wittstein, DVM, CVA, PC Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (541) 250-1302 Fax (541) 610-1830

  2. Arthritis Pain ● Hip Dysplasia ● Injured Joints or after Surgery ● Developmental Abnormalities Internal Organ Disease ● Kidney Failure ● Liver Failure ● Fatty Liver Syndrome Gastrointestinal Disease Heart/Lung ● Inflammatory Bowel Disease Disorders ● Chronic colitis ● Megaesophagus ● Congestive Heart Failure ● Feline Allergic Bronchitis

  3. General Debility ● Advancing age ● Cancer ● Cancer treatment ● Feline Leukemia Virus Skin Disease ● Feline Immunodeficiency Virus ● Allergic Skin Disease ● Chronic Ear Infections Neurologic Disorders ● Hot Spots/Lick Granulomas ● Intervertebral Disc Disease Behavioral Disorders ● Epilepsy ● Noise Phobias ● Cognitive Dysfunction

  4. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) ● Acupuncture ● Traditional Chinese Herbs ● Dietary Modification ● Nutritional Supplements ● Lifestyle Changes

  5. Doesn't It Hurt? ● Extremely thin (36 G) ● Smooth tip, not a cutting bevel ● Flexible

  6. C'mon, Does It Really Work? Western medical research has shown the following:

  7. Overview of Acupuncture's Effect on the Body

  8. Acupuncture points are highly infiltrated with dense collections of specialized nerve endings.

  9. The “Gate” Theory

  10. Release of Neurohormones in the Brain

  11. Positron Emission Tomography Measures activity within the brain as a result of external stimuli

  12. “I can't fit all this into my brain!”

  13. “Murgatroyd” 8 year old, neutered male Great Dane Severe stifle arthritis Bilateral cruciate surgery at 2 years of age NSAIDs no longer working

  14. “Murgatroyd” After three weekly treatments Jumping on bed Chasing squirrels Fighting with other dogs

  15. “Garland” 2 year old, neutered male Boston Terrier Megaesophagus Chronic regurgitation Intermittent vomiting Intermittent aspiration pneumonia Intermittent diarrhea

  16. “Garland” Regurgitation reduced to once or twice a month Vomiting resolved Diarrhea resolved

  17. “Bayou” Acute onset paralysis (IVDD) Surgery not an option Poor response to steroids

  18. “Bayou” Every other day electroacupuncture Complete recovery 2008 JAVMA study: Medical therapy combined with electroacupuncture had same prognosis as surgery. Medical therapy alone had poorest prognosis.

  19. “Frisco” 8 year old, neutered male DSH Diabetic neuropathy Diabetes poorly regulated Very weak hind legs

  20. “Cyrano” 13 year old, neutered male DSH Chronic renal failure Owner unable to change diet or give SQ fluids Treated with AP and herbs in canned food

  21. “Sammy” 10 year old, neutered male mixed breed Congestive heart failure, intervertebral disk disease On furosemide and enalapril Back surgery deemed too risky due to CHF

  22. “Bo” 12 year old, neutered male Golden Retriever mix Chronic skin disease for the last eight years – always scratching, always on antibiotics, antifungals or both Always “hot” - skin radiates heat After first treatment – skin cool After four treatments – no more medications After 3 months – hair is growing

  23. “Livia” 8 year old, spayed female Golden Retriever Mast cell cancer Started on leg, spread to lymph nodes and abdomen Chemotherapy ineffective

  24. “Cecil” 12 year old, neutered male Lab mix Seizures since 3 years of age – recently are no longer controlled with medication Acupuncture and herbal treatment have gotten them back under control Owner has not attempted to wean Cecil off conventional drugs

  25. “Juliette” 5 year old, spayed female Domestic Shorthair “Wobbly” since a kitten, recently getting worse. Having trouble walking now. No conventional tests have determined the problem Now also has head tremors

  26. Electroacupuncture

  27. Electroacupuncture A very tiny electrical current is passed through the acupuncture needles. ● Increases stimulation of the acupuncture point ● Extends time between treatments ● Provides increased pain relief

  28. “Shea” 8 year old, neutered male German Shepherd cross Hip dysplasia, Lumbo-sacral stenosis, degenerative myelopathy

  29. “Doot-Du” 9 year old, spayed female DSH Inflammatory Bowel Disease Not well controlled with diet and conventional medications

  30. “Amy” 13 year old, spayed female Lab-cross Hip dysplasia, DJD Difficulty rising Muscle atrophy Only partially controlled with NSAIDs

  31. “Gus” 8 year old, spayed female Shep-X HBC, 4 days ago Spinal trauma Paralyzed, no deep pain

  32. “Gus” Daily electroacupuncture for four days EOD electroacupuncture x 5 Tx Then twice weekly treatments

  33. “Gus” Three weeks post-injury

  34. It matters not whether medicine is old or new, so long as it brings about a cure. It matters not whether theories are Eastern or Western, so long as they prove to be true. Jen-Hsou Lin


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