the titanic virtual reality experience a descriptive

The Titanic Virtual Reality Experience: A Descriptive Writing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation The Titanic Virtual Reality Experience: A Descriptive Writing Project 1. Questar STEAM Summer Research Project Corporate Sponsor: GLOBALFOUNDRIES Malta site Computing, Market mobile, wired and Segments

  1. The Titanic Virtual Reality Experience: A Descriptive Writing Project

  2. 1. Questar STEAM Summer Research Project Corporate Sponsor: GLOBALFOUNDRIES

  3. Malta site Computing, Market mobile, wired and Segments wireless infrastructure Employees ~2,900 Differentiated 14/12LP, 12LP+, Technologies 12RF, 45RF Operating since 2011 NY Gov’t grants $1.5B Manufacturing 500k capacity (300mm wafers/year) Video of Fab Q4 2019-3 3

  4. Virtual Reality in the Schools GLOBALFOUNDRIES works with local schools at both high school and higher education levels to replicate the GF Innovation Lab which focuses on AI ML AR VR. Q4 2019-3 4

  5. 2. Questar STEAM Summer Research Project Program Overview

  6. Summer 2018 Toured the fab ▸ Introduced to the HR department. ▸ Worked with the training staff. ▸ Learned about chip manufacturing. ▸ Worked with the ML AR VR AI lab. ▸ Created a VR in high school course ▸

  7. Summer 2019 Worked with the ML AR VR AI ▸ department. Expanded the VR high school course. ▸ Created a website for VR use in high ▸ schools. Worked with a VR in schools user ▸ group. Collaborated to create ▸ interdisciplinary lessons.

  8. 3. Questar STEAM Summer Research Project Curriculum Activity

  9. The Titanic Virtual Reality Experience: A Descriptive Writing Project Students will be exposed to the story of the sinking in various formats. ⬡ Reading “End of a Splendid Journey” ⬡ Interview Clip with Eva Hart ⬡ Watching video clip from Titanic . ⬡ Being immersed in the VR experience. 9

  10. Four Stations 1st Station Interview 2nd Station Journal 3rd Station Movie 4th Station VR Titanic Experience: Titanic Experience: Titanic Experience: Titanic Experience: Interview with Response to “End of Response to Sinking Response to Titanic Survivor Eva Hart a Splendid Journey” Excerpts 1997 James VR Virtual Reality Cameron Film, Titanic Event An account written by Elizabeth Shutes, 1913 10

  11. After each experience... Students responded to the following prompt: Based on your reading of this text, what observations can you make about the experience of the sinking? Describe it as best you can, using as much description and sensory language (hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling) as possible. Please write at least 4-5 sentences. 11

  12. English 9/10 Special Education Class

  13. “ “ It felt like I was on the ship. It scared me, my heart is racing. I was reaching around trying to touch things like the boat and the girl on the ship The noises were loud. It felt so very real, like i was there. Anxiety took over my body, my hands were clammy, I was scared. ” 13

  14. “ I heard people crying, people screaming and yelling because they were confused as to why some people were restricted from going onto the lifeboats. People were realistic and it looked like I was actually on the lifeboat sitting on the bench and if I moved over to the left anymore then I would of fell into the sea. 14

  15. “ The experience is different from watching it threw the glasses verses just on the screen from when others did it. It looks almost fake on the TV but when you have the glasses on you could tell it was fake but like it was so realistic to the point where you could touch the people next to you and the water and sounds looked and sounded like I was their on that ship on that day.” 15

  16. Film VS Virtual Reality: 12th Grade The sinking was very intense, Sitting on the lifeboat, I could feel the chaotic, and loud. The water entered confusion among the others. It was so the ship so quickly that people didn’t dark that all we could do was watch the have time to react. No one knew what ship sink. I could hear another woman would happen next, as the ship sank, breathing heavily right in my ear, since it then continued to snap in half and was so crowded. There was a baby and sink even more. People were jumping a small dog, who both whimpered in a off of the sides and sliding down the sense of panic. As the ship snapped and decks. Women and children watched sank completely, I heard the screams of the disaster unfold from the lifeboats. those watching, and those who went There was nothing anyone could do down with the Titanic . After the ship was to stop it. People felt helpless as they completely submerged, I listened as the approached their inevitable fate. lifeboat passengers realized the fate of their loved ones on board. 16

  17. Capstone Writing Assignment As a capstone writing assignment for the Titanic Experience, write a one page (typed double spaced, here) story of you surviving the Titanic disaster. Make it first person point of view, make up your character and his or her life circumstances, and start the story wherever you see fit- but then bring that person through the sinking. What do they see, hear, smell, feel? What happens to them? Do they make it? 17

  18. Refl flections and Next Steps Adapt to a larger, older class. ⬡ Refine timing of VR, rotations & shuffling of groups ⬡ Evaluate the level of writing from the Capstone. ⬡ 18

  19. Thanks! Any questions? You can find us at: 19

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  21. Extra resources Download the app Within VR then Iceland is Melting 21

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