the end of the tour

The End of the Tour Johnnie Odom Systems Integration Theres a girl - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The End of the Tour Johnnie Odom Systems Integration Theres a girl with a crown and a scepter . and she says that the scene isnt what its been and shes thinking of going home. They Might Be Giants, The End of

  1. The End of the Tour Johnnie Odom Systems Integration

  2. “There’s a girl with a crown and a scepter .… 
 and she says that the scene isn’t what it’s been 
 and she’s thinking of going home.” – They Might Be Giants, “The End of the T our”

  3. Thank Y ou Thank you for coming. This wi lm be short Because I have so many other presentations for you to read. Eight slides, and this is the third. Doors are locked fs om the outside. I am sure I am forgetting a lot.

  4. Access Manager The “Manager” programs — Identity, Access, Storage are the most important to our organization. The recent “App Mark” functionality is useful and needs to be radica lm y expanded to the point that users can create their own App Marks in a fs iendly manner. The product is very powerful and engineering is clearly engaged. Interface modernization and customization sti lm leaves a lot to be desired even in 4.2 Documentation does not describe how to do a lot of common tasks or provide hints to deeper functionality. Terrible support for load balancers. Right now we are deployed “big and dumb”. Lots of SAML Some form fi lm and injection. Keyshield SSO is nice, but why don’t we have easy NAM for a lm Micro Focus web products?

  5. OES Please read a lm the other presentations. The bottom line for what OES needs: Coherence Including a return to emphasis on large organizations with many subdivisions and complex rules. Managerial interface cleanup Junior vs. Senior Admin Interfaces A lot of little fixes DNS / DHCP Support for more client systems NCPv2 Be a proper NetW are replacement, including general OS functions — PHP , etc. SuSE would like for that to change because of licensing. W e should be able to run without a Microso fu license.

  6. A Possible Future Cloud Systems > Micro Focus > Mixed Clients The cloud systems are not great at detailed organizations. Micro Focus is. And if it served mixed clients ( PC, Mac, Chrome ) then we have perfection. ZENworks, iPrint, NSS accessible for everything. I sti lm think we need a Mac Group in Micro Focus. Maybe a Chrome Group too.

  7. A Possible Market Now you know more about the School District of Escambia County And you know more about K - 12 education in Florida. Maybe no one buys fs om Nove lm But a Micro Focus bundle of NAM/IDM with setup consulting, training, and support built in? Especia lm y for sma lm er Districts that Google does not care about.

  8. “The next act of the show 
 is an infinite row 
 of an unoccupied chairs 
 in a big room upstairs 
 in the House of the Y et - to - be Mayors” – John Linne lm , “House of Mayors”


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