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Social Entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurship: The Relentless Pursuit of Mission in an The Relentless Pursuit of Mission in an Ever-Changing World Ever-Changing World Jill Kickul, Ph.D., Director Stewart Satter Program in Social

  1. Social Entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurship: The Relentless Pursuit of Mission in an The Relentless Pursuit of Mission in an Ever-Changing World Ever-Changing World Jill Kickul, Ph.D., Director Stewart Satter Program in Social Entrepreneurship Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  2. Jed Emerson, “ There is an idea that values are divided between the financial and the societal, but this is a fundamentally wrong way to view how we create value. Value is whole. The world is not divided into corporate bad guys and social heroes.”

  3. Social Enterprise  Provides business solutions –  Social/environmental & economic benefit +  “Multiplies” impact and investment  Delivers sustainable, system wide impact  What is a Social Entrepreneur?  Relentless in mobilizing Local, Regional and Global Linkages  Measures success based on total value returns +

  4. Market, International The Global Rise Institutional & Wealth Disparity State Failures of Social Entrepreneurship CSR Tech & Shared Global Movement Moral Responsibility

  5. Social Enterprise – It Matters Because…  New Models of Opportunities and Innovation (Blended Value Approach)  New Models of Sustainability and Development  New Models of Scale and IMPACT  ….. New Opportunities for Teaching and Learning

  6. Madecasse – Social Enterprise in Action This Is Beyond Chocolate! Inspired by our Peace Corps experiences in Madagascar, we help rural cocoa farmers access the equipment and training they need to get more value from their crops. Then we take it a big step further and actually make the chocolate in Madagascar. Madécasse is one of the only chocolates made in all of Africa! This creates 4x more income than Fair Trade.

  7. Merging Two Perspectives - Impact perspective Business Development societal perspective Direct Indirect Business activity impacts impacts Broader development contribution Infrastructure Innovation Itself E.g. Economic Growth/GDP Products and Services Poverty Alleviation Education Jobs Social Stability Skills and Training Public Health Procurement Human Rights Resources Taxes Governance Corporate Governance Capacity Building Environmental Management Enterprise Development 14 Environmental Sustainability

  8. Defining Social Impact Our working definition of social impact ▪ A meaningful change in economic, social, cultural, environmental, and /or political conditions… ▪ …due to specific actions and behavioral changes… ▪ …by individuals, communities, and / or society as a whole

  9. Educational Entrepreneurial Impact Resources (Resource Activities (Operating Outputs Short and Long Term Impact Strategy) Model) Outcomes In order to accomplish our set of In order to address our problem, we We expect that once We expect that if accomplished, We expect if accomplished these activities, we will need the will accomplish the following accomplished these these activities will lead to the activities will lead to the following: activities activities will produce the following changes in 1 ‐ 3 then 4 ‐ 6 following changes in 7 ‐ 10 years following evidence or years service delivery Tangibles: Assembling of the Business Plan • Funding Itself: • Vision & Mission Intangibles: • People (social capital) • Strategy (includes Go ‐ to ‐ market strategy, marketing plan • Competition • Team and Operational Plan • Growth Strategy • Measuring Results • Financial Plan

  10. Enrich for Impact: Innovative Curriculum Social Innovation and Impact Courses Ethics/Corporate Social Energy & the Environment   Responsibility/Diversity/Wealth Distribution Advanced Global Perspectives on Enterprise Systems  Environmental Sustainability  Developmental Strategies for Poverty Alleviation  Economic Development  Social Venture Capital  Social Venturing  Social Venture Fund Practicum  Non-Profit Management  Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship  Leading Sustainable Enterprises  Growth in the Developing World and the World Economy 

  11. Social Entrepreneurship in Action Recent India Trip: International Social Impact Strategies Cross Campus/Cross University NYU Stern, Wagner, Steinhart NYU-Stern and MIT-Sloan

  12. International Social Impact Strategies (ISIS)  Team-based projects focused on areas including micro- entrepreneurship, renewable energy, microfinance/cooperative farming, family planning, fellowship development, and health services  Students gain exposure to a partnering firm's innovative model for addressing respective issues, as well as to other stakeholders in the field (customers, suppliers, government) to provide an additional lens and perspective into the complexity of making scalable progress in implementing new solutions

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  14. Social Entrepreneurship Support Websites ,      Conferences  NYU Stern Social Entrepreneurship Conference  Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship 

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