self regulation and anxiety

Self-Regulation and Anxiety Laura Paiement @laurapaiement Ian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Self-Regulation and Anxiety Laura Paiement @laurapaiement Ian Landy @technolandy pdf of presentation at: Self-Regulation and Anxiety Our professional and personal experience with anxiety What is anxiety

  1. Physical environment has ability to stress you or calm you

 We learn through our senses 
 WE are stressed through our senses 
 we are soothed through our senses 

  3. Mouth Touch Listen Smell Movement Sight Connection

  4. Top Movement tools Connection Nature Movement Connection

  5. Top tools for Movement regulation Connection Nature Movement Connection

  6. When in doubt Get outside 
 and move! Nature R X you tube clip

  7. Need to move to: Need to move to: LEARN HEAL

  8. Taylor Swift – shake it off!

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