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Results of the 2019 WCHRI Research Day Oral and Poster Presentations WCHRI is pleased to have hosted our 12 th annual research day November 6, 2019. WCHRI research day offers a highly-engaged learning and networking environment that showcases

  1. Results of the 2019 WCHRI Research Day Oral and Poster Presentations WCHRI is pleased to have hosted our 12 th annual research day November 6, 2019. WCHRI research day offers a highly-engaged learning and networking environment that showcases trainee research accomplishments in children’s and/or women’s health. This year, we hosted over 530 attendees, 170 poster and 62 oral presentations. Trainee presentations were judged by WCHRI academic members; poster presentation included the participation of our partners from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and Supporters of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. On behalf of WCHRI, Dr. Sandy Davidge, WCHRI executive director and Dr. Lawrence Richer, WCHRI associate director, would like to congratulate the successful awardees and thank all of the presenters for their participation at WCHRI research day. Finally, WCHRI would like to acknowledge the ongoing commitment and generosity of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation and supporters of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women for their support of this event. Listing of awardees Oral Awards Awardee Supervisor Category Project Title Abbey Pagee Sandra Undergraduate Role of LOX-1 in postpartum vascular dysfunction in a Student (1 st Davidge mouse model of preeclampsia place) Olivia Donna Vine Undergraduate Fish oil and Metformin interventions to target Student (2 nd Weaver cardiometabolic risk in high-risk women with polycystic place) ovarian syndrome Jenna Catherine J. Undergraduate A mother's iron stores during second trimester predict Student (3 rd Evanchuk Field infant iron stores at 3 months of age place) Daniela Roth Daniel Graf Master's Connecting altered suture development to midfacial Student (1 st hypoplasia place) Matthew Todd Master's Intestinal phosphate absorption: Claudin-12 Saurette Alexander Student (2 nd attenuates paracellular phosphate absorption place)

  2. Tate Todd Master's Towards an understanding of the difference in organic Student (3 rd MacDonald Alexander and inorganic phosphate bioavailability place) Heather Elaine PhD Student Engaging with bereaved parent advocates on drug Morris Hyshka (1 st place) policy reform: Reflections on a research and knowledge translation partnership Andrew Chan Edmond Lou PhD Student Accuracy of screw placement in 3D-ultrasound (2 nd place) (3DUS) based spinal navigation in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis phantom vertebrae Lockhart John Seubert PhD Student Pharmacological or genetic inhibition of soluble Jamieson (2 nd place) epoxide hydrolase demonstrates cardioprotection following myocardial infarction in aged female mice Victoria Meah Margie Postdoctoral Cardiac responses to incremental resistance exercise Davenport Fellow (1 st in pregnancy: Resistance Exercise in Pregnancy place) Study (REPS) Vrajesh Ing Swie Postdoctoral BIK drives an aggressive breast cancer phenotype Pandya Goping Fellow (2 nd through sub-lethal apoptosis and predicts poor place) prognosis of ER-positive breast cancer Charlene Alvaro Postdoctoral A medical macroscope for children's environmental Nielsen Osornio- Fellow (3 rd health: The ChEHC map collection Vargas place) Zafira Bhaloo Tamizan Pediatric Improving the efficiency of handover in pediatrics: A Kherani Residents (1 st resident -led quality improvement project place) Eyad Bitar Abbas Hyderi Pediatric The value of early echocardiographic Residents (2 nd parameters to predict chronic pulmonary hypertension place) in extreme premature infants Amanda Janani Kassiri Pediatric Reduction in emergency department visits and Residents(3 rd Yaworski Improved diagnoses through implementation of a rapid place) access neurology clinic Nick Giffin Venkatesan Pediatric Impact of early surgical correction/palliation of Sivarajan Residents(4 th congenital heart defects in infants with viral respiratory place) tract infections in the current era Poster Awards Awardee Supervisor Category Project Title Tehzeeb Edmond Lou Undergraduate Intra- and inter-rater reliabilities and accuracy of Student (1 st Sayed kyphotic angle measurements on ultrasound place) images for children with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis - a pilot study Daphne Sarah Troster Undergraduate Addressing educational needs around pregnancy Cheung Student (2 nd and reproductive health in women with rheumatic place) disease WCHRI 2

  3. Devyn Daniel Graf Undergraduate The role of KBG syndrome gene, Ankrd11, in Student (3 rd Godziuk craniofacial development place) Sabrina Fox Andrew Master's Student Bmp3 regulates ocular fissure closure via TFG-? Waskiewicz (1 st place) signalling Britt Maria Ospina Master's Student Diabetes in pregnancy among Metis women: A (2 nd place) Voaklander retrospective cohort study Camila Orsso Andrea Haqq Master's Student Variations in body composition in children with (3 rd place) similar degrees of obesity based on body mass index: Preliminary results from the Metabolic Load-Capacity study Laura Lee Lynne Postovit PhD Student (1 st Characterization of epigenetic and transcriptomic place) alterations in hypoxia induced breast cancer cell plasticity PhD Student (2 nd Sabrina Noreen IYMP principal investigator perspectives on Lopresti Willows place) essential characteristics of multi-sited Community University Partnerships with Indigenous communities Linda Truong Jackie PhD Student (3 rd Growth is in the struggle: Exploring the Whittaker place) perspectives of youth 1-2 years following a sport- related anterior cruciate ligament injury - an interpretive description study Rachel Flynn Scott Shannon Postdoctoral Developing rigorous evaluation approaches for Fellow (1 st place) the sustainability of child health interventions: Findings from an integrative review Omolara Maria Ospina Postdoctoral Obstetric outcomes among the Metis in Alberta Sanni Fellow (2 nd place) Vivian Gregory D. Postdoctoral Identification of an ion channel in the inspiratory Biancardi Funk Fellow (3 rd place) rhythm generator that is potentiated by ATP and counteracts the life-threatening depression of breathing during hypoxia Sophie Sue Chandra Sub- Development of a clinical decision support tool Palmer specialty/Resident and order set for stillbirth and second-trimester (1 st place) fetal death using knowledge translation principles Angela Han Andrew Sub- Just TRAC It! Transitioning responsibly to adult Mackie specialty/Resident care using smart phone technology (2 nd place) Sarah Tehseen Sub- Identification of health needs in pediatric Johnson Ladha specialty/Resident immigrants and refugees presenting for screening (3 rd place) Clinical Fellow (1 st Danielle Nee Khoo Does ventricular dyssynchrony in pre-bidrectional Harake place) cavopulmonary anastamosis palliation stage children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome predict morbidity and mortality? WCHRI 3

  4. Sachie Timothy Colen Clinical Fellow Tricuspid valve prolapse in children with (2 nd place) Shigemitsu hypoplastic left heart syndrome patients requiring tricuspid valve repair is due to leaflet mal- adaptation, not sub-valve changes Mirza Beigh Luke Clinical Fellow A novel measure of dyssynchrony outperforms Eckerseley (3 rd place) traditional measures during RV pacing in pediatric patients WCHRI 4

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