research data publication in principle and practice

Research Data Publication in Principle and Practice IDCC conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Research Data Publication in Principle and Practice IDCC conference workshop 2014 Ruth Wilson Publisher, Nature Publishing Group Principles Practice 1. Scientific Data 2. PubChem deposition Publishing Data Two important factors are

  1. Research Data Publication in Principle and Practice IDCC conference workshop 2014 Ruth Wilson – Publisher, Nature Publishing Group Principles Practice 1. Scientific Data 2. PubChem deposition

  2. Publishing Data Two important factors are driving data publication: ● T o ensure the scientific process is transparent and can be scrutinised and research results reproduced ● T o speed the scientific process, lead to new insights and reduce duplicated and repeated work 2

  3. Scientific Data Get Credit for Sharing Your Data Publications will be listed in the major indexes and will be citeable Focused on Data Reuse All the information others need to reuse the data; no interpretative analysis or hypothesis testing Open-access Authors select from three Creative Commons licences for the main Data Descriptor. Each publication supported by curated CC0 metadata Peer-reviewed Rigorous peer-review managed by our Editorial Board of academic researchers ensures data quality and standards Promoting Community Data Repositories Data stored in community data repositories 3

  4. The Data Descriptor 4 4

  5. Structured experimental meta-data Submission tools and simple templates OR Submit ISA-tab files directly help authors provide the information without special tools In-house curator standardizes the structured content 5 5

  6. Repository Criteria ● Be supported and recognized within their scientific community Export to ● Ensure long-term persistence and various preservation of datasets formats ● (ISA_tab, Provide expert curation RDF, etc) ● Implement relevant community endorsed reporting requirements ● Provide for confidential review of submitted datasets ● Provide stable identifiers for submitted datasets ● Allow public access to data without unnecessary restrictions 6 6

  7. Scientific Data Workflow 1° research manuscript SciData-approved dataset dataset community repository Data Descriptor dataset co-submission to figshare/ submit Data Descriptor to dataset co-submission to figshare/ Dryad through MTS SciData MTS Dryad through MTS SciData curator annotates anonymous peer dataset using metadata review of MS and creation tool dataset ISA-T ab MS acceptance proofs metadata package repositories assign dataset unique ID typesetting data citation provides stable repositories release links from MS to metadata publication MS publication unpublished data dataset Green: author submits dataset from previous publication; orange: author submits dataset without previous publication; purple: author data and MS submission process; red: SciData and production; teal: repository; blue: publication; MTS: manuscript tracking system 7

  8. Who are we? Susanna-Assunta Sansone - Honorary Academic Editor Andrew L Hufton - Managing Editor Advisory Panel Wolfram Horstmann Joseph R. Ecker Judith A. Blake University of Oxford, UK Salk Institute, USA The Jackson Laboratory, USA Johanna McEntyre Mark Forster Chris Bowler EMBL-EBI, European Bioinformatics Institute, UK Syngenta, UK IBENS, France Anthony Rowe Stephen Friend Piero Carninci Johnson & Johnson, USA Sage Bionetworks, USA RIKEN Omics Science Center, Richard H. Scheuermann Pascale Gaudet Japan J. Craig Venter Institute, USA Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, David Carr Caroline Shamu Switzerland Wellcome Trust, UK Harvard Medical School, USA Anne-Claude Gavin Stephen Chanock Jessica Tenenbaum EMBL, Germany National Cancer Institute, USA Duke Translational Medicine Institute, USA Albert J. R. Heck Patricia Cruse Weida Tong Utrecht University, The Netherlands CDL, USA National Center for Toxicological Research, FDA, Simon Hodson USA CODATA,, France Supported by 8

  9. PubChem structure deposition Manuscript T echnical editor editor Journal edits Author provides Article ‘accepted structures, converts to chemical structures in principle’ ‘structure - data file’ as ChemDraw (SDF) format (CDX) file Article Journal submits to typesetting PubChem Structure Database Article HTML Journal creates Nature compound page 9


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