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MOEBIUS Mobility Management Application Niavi Stefania AUTh IT Center Liolios Nikos AUTh Department of European Educational Programmes 1 Moebius - AUTh, Greece Main challenges of mobility management 1. Large volume of bilateral agreements

  1. MOEBIUS Mobility Management Application Niavi Stefania AUTh IT Center Liolios Nikos AUTh Department of European Educational Programmes 1 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  2. Main challenges of mobility management 1. Large volume of bilateral agreements (appr. 1500) 2. Increased number of applications for outgoing and incoming mobilities (i.e. 1230 applications during a single call) 3. Grant procedure for all outgoing mobilities 4. Close monitoring on students’ performance 5. Data on academic recognition for qualitative assessment purposes 2 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  3. Main benefits of a mobility management application 1. Allows lots of data, such as: • Courses information • ECTS credits and grading data transmission • Agreements data to be exchanged between different systems 2. Reduces significantly information retyping by end users or staff members in sending and host information systems Prevents data duplication – Provides increased security 3. 4. Offline record for each mobility including copies of all required documents 3 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  4. Main tasks for setting up a mobility management application 1. Connection with existing information systems 2. Interoperability between parties (datasets, semantics, etc.) 3. Homogenize processes and simplify as needed 4. Web services usage since they are light, safe and platform neutral 5. Single Sign On to all AUTh information systems Standardized and Open Source – Open Standard 6. technologies 7. Secure transmission of data over the web 4 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  5. Moebius: Mobility management application • In-house developed web application • On-line interface for students/staff applications, management and evaluation • Off-line interface for Erasmus business processes • Interoperates with other AUTh information systems: – Student Information Systems – Quality Assurance Information System – AUTh HR main directory – Research Committee 5 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  6. Moebius: Architecture 6 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  7. Moebius: Main technical features – online interface – Open to all end users (students, staff, HEIs) – Built in Drupal 7 – Functionality: • Interinstitutional agreement contracts • Incoming and outgoing mobility applications for all programmes • Pre-mobility process, e.g. evaluation of mobility submissions 7 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  8. Moebius: Main technical features – offline interface – Main mobility management application – Access only to Erasmus staff – Modern technologies and methods • Front end: Ext JS • Backend: CodeIgniter PHP framework • REST services • Google maps 8 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  9. Moebius – Welcome screen 9 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  10. A few statistics.. 10 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  11. Top AUTh departments in mobility applications 11 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  12. Moebius Directory • Detailed statistics • Advanced search tool • Data grouped in 4 main categories 12 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  13. Agreements section 13 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  14. Agreements section - Partners Ability to add multiple partners (suitable for consortia) 14 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  15. Agreements section - Flows Instant overview of agreements provision for mobility numbers and duration per action/programme 15 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  16. Moebius Directory 16 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  17. Persons section 17 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  18. Persons section – Basic info 18 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  19. Persons section – Applications 19 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  20. Moebius Directory 20 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  21. Mobilities section – Nominations 21 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  22. Mobilities section – Nominations 22 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  23. Moebius Directory 23 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  24. Mobilities section – Basic info 24 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  25. Mobilities section – Basic info 25 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  26. Mobilities section – Documents upload & Academic performance 26 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  27. Mobilities section – Grant info 27 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  28. Reports export 28 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  29. Future work... 1. Extend MOEBIUS to communicate with other required platforms inside or outside AUTh 2. Personalize on-line interface, so that each end user is able to monitor the progress of his application/mobility 3. eSigning of documents (confidentiality, integrity, accountability, non-repudiation, etc.) 4. Workflows and alerting mechanisms (e.g. In the event of completion of a task or intervention needed) 5. ..... 29 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

  30. Thank you for your attention Stefania Niavi Information Technology Center Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Nikos Liolios Anastasios Selalmazidis Department of European Educational Programmes Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Stavros Argiropoulos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 30 Moebius - AUTh, Greece

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