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Making sense the Dr. Paul Wang CTO GLOBAL SAFETY DIVISION NEC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Empowered by Innovation Making sense the Dr. Paul Wang CTO GLOBAL SAFETY DIVISION NEC CORPORATION NEC Confidential NEC Confidential Page 2 NEC Confidential Inter-Agency Collaboration Powered by NEC Multi Agencies, 1 Concert (MAG1C)

  1. Empowered by Innovation Making sense the Dr. Paul Wang CTO GLOBAL SAFETY DIVISION NEC CORPORATION NEC Confidential NEC Confidential

  2. Page 2 NEC Confidential

  3. Inter-Agency Collaboration Powered by NEC Multi Agencies, 1 Concert (MAG1C) Platform Environment Energy Waste Water Security Citizen-Science Collect Collaborate Fuse Visualize IAC Analyze Predict Simulate Alert Page 3 NEC Confidential

  4. Page 5 NEC Confidential

  5. Build a safe city leveraging on technologies Multi-agency collaboration (City Council, Power Supply, etc) Alleviating Catastrophes Safeguard key buildings, Industrial parks Watching your cities, Movement of people Countering Cyber Attacks Eg. Prevent and way of response When cyber attacks Combating Crime Know the Identities of foreign workers Eg. Locating the culprits And migrants & asylum seekers NEC Confidential

  6. Safe City #1: Singapore SSIPO is jointly established by MHA and EDB, to develop and promote innovative new solutions for the Safety & Security Sector. SSIPO (MHA + EDB) Synergize Private & Public Police Fire Service Transport Environment Collaboration Focus Areas Maritime Urban Cybercrime Solutions Web fraud, Port Security, analytics & Coastal Security Critical infra, and Cargo Security forensics, checkpoint situational screening, public awareness, transport, fire & civil attribution disaster, video capabilities, end- analytics, C2 and point & network emergency security response Page 7 NEC Confidential

  7. Singapore test-bed Use-cases & Analytics Page 8 NEC Confidential

  8. Layers’ access is built on users’ security model Page 9 NEC Confidential

  9. Addressing different users’ operational needs Page 10 NEC Confidential

  10. Agencies’ activities & privacy are not compromised Information accountability through information governance framework Outcomes - Identified trends and patterns - Reduced multi-agencies response time - Real-time detections through analytics and fusion - Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) Sustainable Innovations through Open & Agile Platform Heterogeneous Eco-system of Analytics Engines Sensors Actionable Intelligence – Environment Social Media Multi-modal Monitoring Detection Detection Analytics Loitering PoI / VoI Graffiti Crowd Fusion & Video Audio LPR Correlation Page 11 NEC Confidential

  11. Safe City #2: New Zealand’s Wellington On-going Building a ‘Living Lab’ to realize citizen-centric outcomes A ‘Living Lab’ to identify a common need to improve data sharing in context with public welfare topics, for improved day to day community action as well as for planning safer cities. Wellington City Council Synergize Private & Public Fire Police MDEM* Service Collaboration Focus Areas Data-sharing Emergency Unsociable Behaviors Management - Alerts / Detections - Aggression - Aggregating alerts - Historical data - Graffiti from multiple - Real-time alert - Crowding agencies dissemination to public * MDEM – Ministry of Defense & Emergency Management Page 12 NEC Confidential

  12. Wellington’s Living Lab Focused areas & Use-cases Page 13 NEC Confidential

  13. Wellington’s Living Lab Unified Situational Awareness Picture for ALL agencies Page 14 NEC Confidential

  14. Our Design Philosophy Scalability & Agility Integrating heterogeneous Real-time adaptive sensors (soft/hard) w ith high video streaming sensor fidelity and Open platform to and efficient resolution integrate heterogeneous bandw idth analytics engines utilization Transmissions Analytics Sensors Architecture Storage Applications Single scalable file Federated architecture storage system for to promote cross- efficient storage agencies information / and bandw idth Common platform to resource sharing usage support diverse vertical applications Page 15 NEC Confidential

  15. Solution – Function Architecture Designed For Scalability MAG1C BOARD [ Map | Alert | Events | Scalable Video Playback ] MAG1C SENSE Feedback Module [Information Governance] Public Alerts & Video Human Behavior Acoustic MAG1C Box/Eye/Point LPR FR Analytics Analytics Analytics MAG1C BUS Open Source Intelligence Scalable Media Management System (VMS) Scalable Media Encoder CAP Alert Messages & Public Display Encoder (A-D) Alerts IP Camera Phase 1 Meta-data LPR LPR Camera IP Camera Analog Camera Control Video Phase 2 Page 16 NEC Confidential

  16. Issue #1: Photo/Video non-repudiation Page 18 NEC Confidential

  17. Using plain old digital rights management concept Page 19 NEC Confidential

  18. Issue #2: Privacy law Page 20 NEC Confidential

  19. Add a privacy layer for to ensure non disclosure Privacy Layer Privacy Layer Privacy Layer Privacy Layer Page 21 NEC Confidential

  20. NEC Confidential

  21. NEC Confidential


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