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IoP for the 99% Nicki Dell Cornell Tech - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

IoP for the 99% Nicki Dell Cornell Tech What is the Internet of People? 2 Who are the People in IoP? 80% of worlds population lives in so-called developing regions 3 4 How can we bridge

  1. IoP for the 99% Nicki Dell Cornell Tech

  2. What is the Internet of People? 2

  3. Who are the “People” in IoP? 80% of world’s population lives in so-called “developing” regions 3

  4. 4

  5. How can we bridge the gap? “Oh, just give them connectivity….”

  6. Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD) Global problems Infrastructure constraints Diverse communities Poverty Computers Culture Education Cell phones Gender Gender equality Mobile devices Politics Infant mortality Networks Language Maternal health Connectivity Literacy Human rights Energy and power Social structures Conservation Transport Communication Technology is not enough!

  7. Design Principles for IoP and the 99% “Offline first” approach Diversity of interaction modalities Voice, text, web, etc. Human-centered design and iteration Values, culture, language, etc. Sustainability through partnerships Work “backwards” from specific communities or “applications” to generalizable theory / design

  8. Case study: Digital Privacy in the Global South Hundreds of millions of people are adopting digital devices for the first time Poor understanding of the risks Non-Western values and practices Personal computing paradigm doesn’t fit Different values, cultures, regulations Rich reuse, recycle, repair ecosystems Patriarchal societies Serious consequences of privacy breaches We need new privacy mechanisms that fit the needs and values of non-Western populations 45

  9. Case study: The Use of Technology in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) IPV is a pervasive societal problem Affects 30% of women, 25% of men Technology plays a pivotal role in IPV Stalking, harassment, tracking, etc. Abuser often has physical access to devices and accounts Characterize the use of tech in the IPV ecosystem Invent tools that combat or reduce IPV Map out the (complex) role of tech in IPV (social, legal, physical) Create new threat models Develop a taxonomy to characterize tech-enabled abuse Technical tools to detect spyware

  10. IoP for the 99% Nicki Dell Cornell Tech


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