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Interprofessional Fall Risk Prevention Training using STEADI for - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Interprofessional Fall Risk Prevention Training using STEADI for Home Health Megan Warfield- Kimball, OTD, MSHS, OTR/L Objective STEADI Interprofessionalism Center for Disease Controls Injury Center Fall Prevention American and

  1. Interprofessional Fall Risk Prevention Training using STEADI for Home Health Megan Warfield- Kimball, OTD, MSHS, OTR/L

  2. Objective STEADI Interprofessionalism

  3. • Center for Disease Control’s Injury Center • Fall Prevention • American and British Geriatrics’ Societies • Designed for Health Care Providers

  4. Falls In Older Adults 1/5 falls causes serious injury (Broken bones, head injury) 3 million older adults are treated in emergency room yearly

  5. Fall in Older Adults Continued 800,000 patients are hospitalized 300,000 are hospitalized for hip fractures 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls

  6. Importance of Fall risk Prevention for the Future: • Safety for Older Adults • Cost Savings • Improved ability to Age in Place


  8. Screening Options • Three Key Questions • Stay Independent: 12 Question Tool

  9. Three Question Screen • Do you feel unsteady when standing or walking? • Do you worry about falling? • Have you fallen in the past year?

  10. Screen

  11. Is there a Risk for Falling?

  12. Fall Risk Factors

  13. Heart concerns Cognitive Impairment Incontinence Fall Risk Factors Depression Vision Foot Problems Medications Gait, Strength, & Balance Postural Hypotension Environment

  14. Gait Mobility Device Gait, Strength, & Balance Transfers Evaluation Balance Strength

  15. Environment Lack of handrails on Obstacles stairs Lack of bathroom Dim lighting grab bars

  16. Medications • Screen • Assess • Formulate • Educate

  17. Opioids Sedatives Benzodiazepines Medications Antidepressants Anticonvulsants Antipsychotics Anticholinergics Antihistamines Muscle relaxants Medications affecting blood pressure

  18. Incontinence

  19. Cognition

  20. Depression

  21. Pilot Program: Interprofessional Fall Risk Prevention Training

  22. Interdisciplinary vs. Multidisciplinary

  23. Physical Therapy Interprofessional Team Occupational Therapy Nursing

  24. Phase 1: Online Phase 2: Face to Face Training Training 3- 20 minute 1 hour narrated interdisciplinary PowerPoints training Rating of 6 Survey: 4 open statements using ended questions the Likert scale

  25. What was the takeaway? F2F Training Communication Falls are an important concern Collaboration/Interprofessionalism

  26. STEADI – Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, & Injuries (CDC) Takeaway Interprofessionalism


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