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GMTS Scheme London Prospective Hosts Information Event 2015 Intake - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

GMTS Scheme London Prospective Hosts Information Event 2015 Intake Mark Humble - Deputy Head, London Leadership Academy Emily Miles Programme Coordinator, London Leadership Academy

  1. GMTS Scheme London Prospective Hosts Information Event – 2015 Intake Mark Humble - Deputy Head, London Leadership Academy Emily Miles – Programme Coordinator, London Leadership Academy

  2. What today will cover • GMTS overview: - Types of placement - Key roles & responsibilities - Education • Trainee experiences • Statement of Commitment • Key Dates

  3. Overview It is a leadership development scheme. “Trainees are recruited based on their passion for improving patient care and their potential as leaders. They offer a fresh perspective, an inquisitive and open mind and a willingness to take on new challenges. The scheme will boost the skills needed to be a great leader; inspiring others, making informed decisions, and promoting the NHS values.”

  4. Types of Placements June June Sept Sept Sept Dec Feb Aug Nov Dec Feb May July Aug Nov Dec Feb Oct Jan Mar Apr Oct Jan Mar Apr Oct Jan Mar Ma Jul Nov General First Placement Final Placement Flexi Management (11 months) (2m) (8 months) First Placement Final Placement Orientation (20 days) Flexi Informatics (11 months) (8 months) (2m) Final Placement First Placement Flexi HR (8 months) (2m) (11 months) Principal ‘Final’ Principal ‘Second’ Flexi First Placement Placement (2m) Finance Placement (8 months) (8 months) (12 months)

  5. Roles & Responsibilities NHS Leadership Academy Accountability Local Delivery Partner (LDP) Communication Placement Programme Manager Manager Trainee Buddy Mentor

  6. NHS Leadership Academy Recruitment 100 Trainees Nationally London 2013 - 10 4 GM, 3 Finance, 2 Info, 1 HR London 2014 - 16 10 GM, 3 Finance, 2 Info, 1 HR London 2015 2015 - 16 16 9 9 GM, 3 3 Finance, 2 2 Info, 2 2 HR HR

  7. London Leadership Academy • Local Delivery Partner (LDP) • Coordinates London Placements • Liaises with trainees & managers • London GMTS Steering Group: Chaired by Julie Lowe, Chief Executive, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust c.12 members, plus two trainees on rotation - Advises on local policy - Sign-off of placements - Flexi-Placement Panels

  8. Programme and Placement Managers They are: • First point of contact with trainees • PrgMan – trainee’s overall development & wellbeing • PlMan – develop work plan, line manager, competencies • In liaison with LDP • Trained by LDP Between main placements: • Programme manager should be known to all; ‘retains’ the trainee • New Placement manager to connect with inherited programme manager – and receive a ‘handover’

  9. Performance Monitoring Process You get a bright trainee free of charge – in return… •Regular performance reviews are key component •Ensure development is progressing in line with expectations of Fast-Track Leadership programme •Check progress locally and nationally (recorded on performance management system - Geni) •Trainees are eligible for pay-uplift at end of Year 1 •HR Support is available from the Leadership Academy •The Trainee is employed by NHS BSA (Business Service Authority)

  10. Scheme Timeline

  11. Programme Manager The Role… • Undertaken for allocated trainee for the whole of their scheme time • Overarching responsibility for the support, training, learning and development of allocated trainee • Enabling a world-class leadership development experience • Trained as a Scheme Manager Who are they… • Successful senior manager working at band 8a or above • Based in trainee’s 1 st placement organisation for GIH, based at trainee’s 2 nd placement for Finance. • Working within the specialism of either Finance, General Management, HR or Informatics • Excellent understanding of the workings of relevant internal and external networks • Extensive skills and experience of managing and developing people What are their responsibilities… • Prepare orientation programme • Work closely with Placement Manager on Performance Management of trainee • Update the online performance management tool • Manage quality assurance of placements • Monitoring the Placement Manager performance • Support trainee in identifying flexi placement and signing off final proposal

  12. Placement Manager The Role… • Day to day management responsibility for the trainee • Critical to the success of the placement • Design, develop and coordinate the trainees work experience and performance • Manage the trainees against the schemes high standard and challenging work objectives • Trained as a Scheme Manager Who are they… • NHS manager working at a Band 7 or above • Usually in the same field of work as the trainee • Experience of or a good knowledge and understanding of developing fast-track learners • Have a good knowledge of Scheme requirements • Up to date Professional knowledge • Experience of managing staff • Career skills coaching What are their responsibilities… • Induction into placement and team • Day to day support, set key objectives, review progress, performance management • Identify robust and relevant training and development opportunities in the workplace • Provide formal feedback to the Programme Manager

  13. Orientation Trainees should: An introduction to: Directly Health and social care viewed through the eyes of the Participate patients, care givers and partner organisations; The nature Observe and pattern of health service delivery and the issues arising; Shadow How the NHS operates and how its components contribute to the delivery of health and social care Ideas Trust Departments: Objectives e.g. A&E, Walk in Centre, Surgery/ Trainees Orientation Theatres, Pathology, experience patient Portering, Pharmacy, delivery in a range Physiotherapy, Outp of organisations atients, Orthopaedic NHS ward, Geriatric Establish links Places outside Organisations: a ward, Paediatric with various conventional Mental Health Trust, ward, London departments NHS secondary Monitor, NHS Ambulance Service, care: and services England, CQC, a - GP practices, Medical Assessment CSU, a CCG Agree a method of prisons, Unit, Cardiology, Encourage charities feedback PALS, Discharge ideas for commissioning Lounge, Cancer service NHS services. Services, Urology improvement

  14. Flexi Placements • Two month placement mid-scheme • Time out of the NHS (generally), but local • Chosen by the trainee • Signed off by Programme & Placement Managers • ‘Pitched’ to LDP, Steering Group & Programme Manager in interview panel • Bring in new skills and ideas to the scheme (with no additional cost to the NHS)

  15. What makes a good placement? 1 st Placement = ‘operational’ 2 nd Placement = ‘strategic’ • Job Description and work objectives • Stretching, challenging and meaningful placement support • Performance Management • Knowledge of trainee, scheme, competencies and requirements • Trainee supported in development of networks • Balancing work level and work load • 1:1 Time - Protected time with Trainee and Managers

  16. NHS Leadership Academy Education

  17. Hear what they think… 2013 & 2014 Trainees share what makes a good placement experience

  18. Statement of Commitment To host a… You must commit a… • Programme Manager General Management – First Placement • First Placement Manager • Orientation Informatics – First Placement • Programme Manager • First Placement Manager • Orientation Human Resources – First Placement • Programme Manager • First Placement Manager • Orientation General Management – Final Placement • Final Placement Manager • Final Placement Manager Informatics – Final Placement Human Resources – Final Placement • Final Placement Manager Finance – Principal (Second & Final) • Programme Manager • First Placement – ‘consortium’ Placement • First Placement Manager • Orientation • Principal Placement Manager

  19. Organisation Commitment

  20. Placement Commitment It isn’t mandatory to have already planned your Orientation, but it will help give clarity to the placement you are offering Copy and paste boxes below for When applying for a Finance the number of Principal placement, you have to placements you coordinate and design the are applying for trainee’s first placement as well. The earlier you can do this, the (Placement One- better. Seven)

  21. Manager Commitment

  22. Key Dates Action 2015 Timeline Application process opens January Attend LLA event for prospective hosts 17 th February Submit Statement of Commitment to LLA 4 th March Accreditation & evaluation process End of March Shortlisted organisations notified April Trainees recruited and conditional first placement offered May 2014 Trainees express preference for second placements; followed by ‘best matching’ and notification of conditional May second placement offers Reconfirm Programme and Placement Manager details with By June London Leadership Academy Provide orientation plan and job description with trainee By June and London Leadership Academy Plan organisational visit with the trainee, LLA and other By July relevant colleagues in the trainee’s team Final confirmation of placement and trainee work plan and By July development trajectory (with trainee and LLA) Attend mandatory manager training with LLA By August


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