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Edward Joy 1 BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE 2 BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE Let medicine be your food and food your medicine Ill health is a disharmony between man and his environment Hippocrates 3 Vitamin C Vitamin C More than 500 metabolic

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  3. BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE “Let medicine be your food and food your medicine” “Ill health is a disharmony between man and his environment” Hippocrates 3

  4. Vitamin C Vitamin C • More than 500 metabolic functions • Tissue growth and repair • Promotes tissue elasticity • Adrenal gland function • Healthy gums • Healing wounds • Boost immune system • Absorption of other nutrients 4

  5. Vitamin C Rosa Moschata (Musk Rose) 5

  6. Blueberry Vaccinium Sp. • Rich in anthocyanins • Rich in polyphenol antioxidants • Beneficial to the microcirculation • Supports the urinary tract • Supports cognitive function 6

  7. Plum ) Prunus Sp. • Viable source polyphenols • Shows increased bone density • Supports gut immunity • Excerts an effect against chronic gut diseases 7

  8. Punica Granatum Pomegranate ) (Pomegranate) • Helps maintain cardiovascular system • Reduction in LDL oxidation • Source of Punicaligin, hydrolysable tannin which act as digestive antioxidants • Supports immune function • Supports prostate health • Supports gut mucosal layer 8 • )

  9. Per two capsules • Potassium Ascorbate 500mg • Magnesium Ascorbate 500mg (providing vitamin C 790mg) • Pomegranate extract 200mg • Plum Extract 200mg • Blueberry Fruit 4:1 100mg • Suitable from the age of 2 years 9

  10. Candida Albicans sits at the heart of the confusion over the human microflora; here is a yeast organism that lives in nearly everyone and in most people lives cohesively with the colonising organisms that naturally adhere to the gut wall, e.g. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, one feeding the other whilst preventing any chance of harm or infection. But in some people Candida Albicans is considered little more than a parasite and lives up to that reputation, causing the disease Candidiasis, leading to thrush and a host of other symptoms. Here, the question has to be asked; what do some people have or not have that leaves them so vulnerable to a yeast infection? And if it is part of the normal human microflora in the first place then what can really be done about Candida when it gets out of control?

  11. • Once Candida overgrowth has occurred probiotics on their own are not sufficient Normal condition Candida overgrowth Occasional Candida cell Epithelial surface Protective lactobacilli depleted Candida albicans overgrow and Numerous lactobacilli attached to change to ‘hyphal’ form – some invade epithelial surface prevent attachment and cells overgrowth of Candida albicans Inflammatory symptoms 11

  12. Echinacea Origanum vulgare Angustofolia (Oregano) 12

  13. Uva Ursi Bear’s Berry 13

  14. Allium Sativum (Garlic) • Antifungal • Antibacterial • Antiviral • Supports the natural gut flora whilst killing pathogenic organisms • Bacteriostatic 14

  15. Cinamommom ze. (Cinnamon) • Contains volatile oil, Tannins and Coumarin • Antifungal • Antispasmodic • Anti-diarrhoea • Promotes secretion of gastric juices 15

  16. Ecobalance A combination of four separate supplements to be taken with a main meal: 1. Prolactis Plus (white capsule) – high potency probiotic, 10 billion viable cells of L.acidophilus, L.casei and B.lactis with prebiotic growth factors 2. Phase 2 Garlic (white tablet) – 500 mg freeze dried garlic continuously released for up to 18 hours 3. Acetyl Glutamine Complex(yellow tablet) – 500 mg L- Glutamine and 200 mg N-Acetyl Glucosamine(shrimp shell) 4. Cinnamon Caprylate Complex(brown tablet) – 150mg Cinnamon Oil, 50 mg Cinnamon Bark and 250 mg Magnesium Caprylate 16

  17. Ecobalance • A complete programme • for practitioners • simple to use • effective • safe 17

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  19. Helicobacter pylori The bacterium, Helicobacter Pylori was first identified in 1982. It was found to be present in patients suffering from chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers, remarkable as these were conditions that had been thought not to have a microbial cause. 19

  20. It is believed that more than 50% of the world’s population harbour h. pylori in the upper intestinal tract but that around 80% of these suffer no ill effects as a result. The bacterium finds it relatively easy to colonise in humans and can be contracted through the breath; once in residence it will use a uniquely adapted corkscrew mechanism called the flagella to burrow its way into the stomach wall, settling in between the mucous lining and the epithelial cell wall, from here it is protected by the stomach tissue and very difficult reach with antibacterial treatment. From its impenetrable hiding place it can control the stomach environment to suit itself and deaden epithelial cells, making an immune response more difficult; but it is where h. pylori positions itself that dictates whether one feels any ill effects, and that is determined completely by the condition of the stomach environment prior to infection. 20

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  24. Mastic Gum 24

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  27. Garlic Rosemary & Thyme Complex 27

  28. Garlic Plus 300mg Garlic (Freeze Dried) Rosemary Oil 18.75mg (Rosemarinus Officinalis leaf Oil) Thyme Oil 18.75mg (Thymus valgaris leaf oil) 28

  29. Kefir 29

  30. EcoDophilus Lactobacillus Kefir Lactobacillus acidophilus 10 billion Lactobacillus bulgaricus per capsule Bifidobacterium lactis In a base of cellulose FOS free, dairy free, yeast free, gluten free (certified) Suitable from the age of 2 years old 30

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  32. Elderberry Complex 2 tablets provide Black Elderberry 1000mg Potassium ascorbate 260mg providing Vitamin C 208mg L-Lysine 400mg Beta 1,3 Glucans 72mg Zinc Citrate 32.4mg providing zinc 10mg Vitamin B6 10mg Sambucus Nigra Vitamin D3 (Micelised) 20ug 32

  33. Ananassa sativa (pineapple) • Rich source of bromelain • By standardising the proteolytic enzyme, Bionutri preserves the integrity of the food. 33

  34. papaya • rich source of papain • Incomplete Digestion of meats • Papaya exhibits a similar action as pepsin • By standardising the proteolytic enzyme, Bionutri preserves the integrity of the food. 34

  35. • Pineapple & Papaya • Standardised proteolytic activity • Gamma Oryzanol • L. acidophilus (2 strains) • Bifidobacteria (2 strains) 35

  36. The natural state of Candida in the gut is commensal; the organism is fed and satisfied and so long as the natural state of the gut is maintained then there is no necessity for that organism to become ‘opportunistic’. Surely the aim with Candidiasis is to reintroduce that harmony, not just to strip out those foods the opportunistic organism thrives off in a ‘run and hide’ tactic, the Candida is not the only organism that feeds off sugars and besides the principle is futile, the Candida will find the sugar somewhere and only at the expense of the host. 36

  37. Bio nutri Supplements • remove much of the complexity from your prescribing task • ease client management • improve client compliance • provide genuinely cost-effective solutions 37


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