detailed requirements for 1 lot audio visual presentation

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Detailed requirements for 1 lot Audio Visual Presentation A. Scope of Work 1. Production of three (3) AVPs two 30 seconder interstitials and one 2 minuter AVP 2. Pre production Research, Conceptualization & Scriptwriting 3.

  1. Detailed requirements for 1 lot Audio Visual Presentation A. Scope of Work 1. Production of three (3) AVPs ‐ two 30 ‐ seconder interstitials and one 2 ‐ minuter AVP 2. Pre ‐ production – Research, Conceptualization & Scriptwriting 3. Production shoot ‐ approximately 100 man ‐ hours/10 days location shooting schedule (The shoot ‐ footage and video inserts, may be in Metro Manila or in nearby areas within 150 km radius of Metro Manila) 4. Post ‐ Production – non ‐ linear editing; Adobe Photoshop and Vector Art; motion graphics and digital effects; 3D animation and musical scoring; interview transcription. B. Equipment 1. Video/Audio/Lighting Systems a. 2 Digital video cameras (HD Quality) / 2 DSLR cameras (broadcast/HD quality) b. Tripod/dolly c. Professional lighting system for interviews (at least 2400 lux) d. Audio recording system for interviews e. Boom mic/lapel 2. Digital video editing system should be capable of the following: a. Motion graphics b. 3D animation c. Digital effects/Flash Graphics 3. Non ‐ linear editing system (any of the following or similar professional video editing software) a. Adobe premiere pro C. Talent 1. Pre ‐ production – (1) Director (1) Scriptwriter (1) Production Manager (1) Producer 2. Production Shoot – (1) Director (1) Production Manager (1) Scriptwriter (1) Researcher (video/photo/data/news articles) (2) Cameraman (1) Lightman (1) Audioman (1) Production Assistant 3. Post ‐ Production – (3) On ‐ line Editors (2) Graphic Artists/Animators (2) Producers (1) Scriptwriter (1) Researcher (1) Transcriptionist

  2. (1) Music scorer (1) Voice over talent D. Service Level Agreement 1. Production Shoot Requirement a. Should there be any technical problems with the output of the shoot, client has the right to require a re ‐ shoot b. Same set of specified equipment must be used all throughout the shoot to ensure consistency and quality of video and audio. 2. Post ‐ Production Requirement a. All visual support required for the AVP must be provided by the supplier. Photo and video inserts for the AVP must be HD quality or at least 300dpi. b. All client ‐ provided materials for use in the AVP should be returned to the client at the end of the project. Said materials shall only be used strictly/solely for this specific project. c. AVP is subject to re ‐ editing until final approval. d. Final edited video must be in DVD format. 3. Talent Requirement a. Producer and Production Assistant should oversee the entire editing process and take charge in the selection of appropriate materials for the AVP. b. Director and Production Manager must be present at all times during the shoot. 4. Penalty Supplier must submit a detailed cost breakdown of equipments and services to be rendered. Non ‐ compliance of service or use of equipment shall be deducted in the overall cost. 5. Delivery date Final DVD copy of AVPs on or before 28 February 2014 6. Please see Annex A (Milestones, Expected Outputs and Reporting Arrangements) E. Evaluation Criteria – Supplier must submit the following for evaluation; 1. Sample of previous works produced and completed within the last 5 years. The total running time of the samples must not exceed (20) minutes in length. The productions must have been completed entirely by the supplier under a contract with the public or private sector. One (1) of the samples must demonstrate the supplier’s ability to produce a video for internal or external audiences for government (national or local government) or be a corporate video. 2. Requirements from Team Members: a. List of names and profiles/CVs, indicating whether they are in ‐ house or freelance talents, b. College diploma (relevant Bachelor’s Degree) or Certificate of completion of relevant trainings/seminars (video editing, videography, scriptwriting) c. Proof of involvement in the production of two (2) corporate AVPs for a major corporation/industry/association or 2 samples of individual work. F. Budgetary Requirements and Payment Schedule The total budget cost shall be P 500,000.00 which includes the professional fee and all applicable taxes paid upon completion and acceptance of final output. Note: Please see Annex B: Selection Criteria

  3. Annex A: Milestones Target Duration Expected Output 1. Pre ‐ Production (research, 14 calendar days after issuance of Video materials, script, raw script development, location notice to proceed footage shoot/interviews) 2. Production (editing) 21 calendar days after issuance of Offline video notice to proceed 3. Submission of draft AVP for 25 days after issuance of notice to Draft AVP approval proceed 4. Submission of final approved 28 days after issuance of notice to Final DVD copy of AVP copy of AVP proceed or on before February 28, 2014

  4. Annex B: EVALUATION CRITERIA WEIGHT A. Sample Video 1. 3D Animation and Flash Graphics – 20% Effective use of 3D animation and flash graphics 2. Story Pacing – Pacing of the sample AVP should just be right. Story must 20% move forward smoothly with the appropriate transitions. 3. Messaging Treatment – AVP must be able to convey its message clearly. Message must be consistent and compelling enough to capture the 20% viewer’s attention. The information provided in the AVP must be well ‐ researched accurate. 4. Over ‐ all Impact of AVP – Visuals should be creative and effective with a professional 20% appearance. It should be engaging to target audience. B. Qualification of Team Members (to be rated based on the 20% requirements submitted) Total 100% **Passing rate is 85 percent

  5. Annex C: Project Team Composition and Qualifications, with Duration of Service Expertise Minimum Qualifications Duration of Service (in person/man months) Director With at least 5 years experience related to graphic design, fine arts, motion graphics, and other creative industry fields 28 days Preferably a Film Major or a graduate of multimedia course Script Writer With at least 3 years experience in script writing for AVPs or similar 28 days projects Production Manager With at least 3 years experience in conceptualization, planning and 28 days coordination of similar projects Producer With at least 3 years experience in managing AVP projects including 28 days reading, researching and assessing ideas Researcher With at least 2 years experience in 28 days video research Cameraman With at least 3 years experience in 28 days photography and videography Lightman With at least 1 year experience in setting up and operation lighting 28 days equipment. Familiar with various lighting techniques Audioman With at least 1 year experience in setting up appropriate audio 28 days equipment Production Assistant With at least 1 year experience in 28 days working on similar projects Transcriptionist With at least 1 year experience in 28 days producing transcript for TV or AVPs Music Scorer Must have at least 1 year experience in 28 days musical scoring for AVPs Voice Over Talent Must have done at least 5 voice over 28 days projects for commercial or corporate AVPs

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