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CONTEMPORARY SILK ROAD ARTHUR GEORGALAS AIBO ENTERTAINMENT ROBOT 1999 DESIGNER HAJIME SORAYAMA CONSUMERIST SYSTEMS The Artifjcial Intelligence Robot, is a robot dog toy that is designed to react to changes in its environment and interact


  2. AIBO ENTERTAINMENT ROBOT 1999 DESIGNER HAJIME SORAYAMA CONSUMERIST SYSTEMS The Artifjcial Intelligence Robot, is a robot dog toy that is designed to react to changes in its environment and interact with humans. This futuristic looking toy was designed as a consumer ‘entertainment robot’, it became a successful product as it was marketed as a robot pet and was defjnitely the most advanced robot animal toy of its time. It’s appeal was felt throughout both Asian and Western markets.

  3. X&I SCISSORS 1983 DESIGNER KAZUO KAWASAKI CONSUMERIST TRADITIONAL These stainless steel scissors are a challenge to the standard conventions of how a pair of scissors should look. This striking rectangular design allures to a sense of strength and accuracy. The scissors are designed to be a high end kitchen appliance. The handmade quality and brand recognition means that these scissors weren’t available to many people at the time due to their price range.

  4. FILM CARD SOLAR CALCULATOR 1982 DESIGNER CASIO COMPUTER CO. CONSUMERIST SUSTAINABLE A very thin calculator that is able to fjt into a wallet and also runs on solar power, negating the need for charging batteries. These Film Card Calculators are a product that were designed for almost everyone, of course the main appeal was to provide a small portable calculator that could be carried around and work at any time on the job, however having a small reliable calculator around the house also made this a very useful product in the 1980s.

  5. BUBBLE BOY SPEAKERS 1986 DESIGNER TOMOYUKI SUGIYAMA CONSUMERIST PROCESS Playful speakers that stepped away from the ‘speaker box’ design and made a much more appealing and organic shape for a speaker enclosure. The Bubble Boy Speakers were designed to offer a less serious product for consumers who wanted small speakers around their household. Although not as remarkable by today’s standards, one should compare these speakers to those from computers in the late 90s, which were much bigger and bulkier 10 years later.

  6. TAMAGOTCHI 1996 DESIGNER YUJI KIMURA CONSUMERIST Handheld digital pet. Tamagotchi toys took the world by storm as they gave children a digital ‘pet’. Emotional connections were made to Tamagotchis as their owners had to take care of them through feeding and playing games. Although offjcially designed for ‘all ages’ the Tamagotchi is largely seen as a children’s toy, being a simple consumer product that any child could play with and enjoy.

  7. HOUSE IN CHIBA 2014 DESIGNER YUJI KIMURA SUSTAINABLE GEOGRAPHICAL A galvanised sheet covered house, designed to make full use of its site. Containing a car parking space and balcony. Owner who purchased the land. Their requirements were: Bright and large living, Balcony with privacy and a simple appearance like a factory.

  8. IMAI 2014 DESIGNER KATSUTOSHI SASAKI SUSTAINABLE GEOGRAPHICAL A two story, three metre wide house designed to fjt into its oddly shaped site, which resides in a residential district of Aichi Prefecture, Japan Katsutoshi and his associates designed this house as a reinterpretation of scale and the uses of rooms.

  9. SPLINTER COLLECTION 2013 DESIGNER NENDO CONSUMERIST TRADITIONAL A simple use of the fmexibility of wood. Timber dowels are split apart and branch off to form elegant style yet also providing function by reducing the amount of joinery needed. This plays off the idea of a splinter in timber, which is generally regarded as unfortunate when it occurs, however in this case a splinter is desirable and attractive.

  10. ACE CHAIR 2012 DESIGNER NIRAV SHAH SYSTEMS Executive chair range designed to address the CONSUMERIST needs of modern working environments. Organic form derived from nature, along with a user friendly adjustment system of knobs, makes this chair desirable and ergonomic for a large variety of clients. This range is designed for high end offjce buildings, which have an established feel and look of quality and advancement. The mesh backing of the chairs allow them to fjt in with their surroundings without standing out too much, or affecting the feel of the room. They are a nice and functional compliment to an already designed offjce interior.

  11. DURON BREEZE 2012 DESIGNER VENKATESH KANNAN SYSTEMS A small, effective and affordable solar charged SUSTAINABLE power generator. The Breeze can be set up anywhere and comes with a fan, two LEDs and a mobile phone charger adapter. It was designed in rural India, ensuring that this is indeed a product that could be used to great effect to improve the lifestyle of families that have no access to electricity. The Duron Breeze is designed to be affordable for Indian families or shopkeepers. The ABS casing is a good example of a user centred design, for the Breeze will surely see some opportunities to prove it’s ruggedness and not fail in the heat and dirt of India.

  12. MUSHROOM COLLECTION 2012 DESIGNER SWATI GAKKHER CONSUMERIST TRADITIONAL This serve ware range is inspired from nature, using traditional Indian craftsmanship combined with modern technology. The Mushroom range was designed for JSL Lifestyle, which caters to high end silver and kitchenware. These products are often very fmattering in design, yet not too expensive to make, and the high sales prices come from the ‘image’ and ‘brand’ that the customer is buying.

  13. INTERACTIVE SPLIT AIR CONDITIONER 2012 CONSUMERIST DESIGNER CHANDRASHEKHAR NADGOUDA SUSTAINABLE An air conditioner that is designed to work within a ‘smart and energy effjcient’ home. The high tech control pad interacts wirelessly with the air conditioner to provide an elegant solution to managing the climate at home. It features advance controls that allow the unit to be suited to an individual’s or family’s lifestyle.

  14. EDIBLE BRANDING 2014 DESIGNER VIPUL SLVI SYSTEMS CULTURAL Rotis, (Indian fmat bread) with printed advertisement for soap on it, ‘Have you washed your hands with Lifebouy today?’. Using a hot iron with the letters extruded on it, the message can be stamped onto rotis and is completely edible. These imprinted rotis were designed for the Kumbh Mela in India, which is attended by 80 million Hindu pilgrims over 55 days. Choosing the rotis specifjcally was the best way to reach out to as many people as possible, for it is served alongside most Indian dishes.

  15. KATRAN SERIES 2012 TRADITIONAL DESIGNER SARTHAK SAHIL DESIGN CO SUSTAINABLE Bringing new life to old furniture by weaving left over fabric strips throughout them, completely changing the look and feel of these conventional pieces to something bright and colourful. These pieces are designed to test a concept, that old products should continue their life cycle through reinvention, in regards to that, they are not designed for any particular country. They fjt into current Indian design well enough to suit established styles and fjt into many homes or businesses. However, the colourful and cultural design could easily see its way into a western home to spruce up and be the main attention piece of an area.

  16. ‘ISH’ WATCH 2012 DESIGNER SWATI GAKKHER CONSUMERIST CULTURAL The watch itself is designed to be quirky and interesting, but not to operate as a dependent watch. it is something that could be bought as a gift for someone who is interested or has traveled to India.

  17. AMONDA SPA-BAR 2014 DESIGNER SWATI GAKKHER CONSUMERIST CULTURAL Interior design of an establishment that is to operate as a spa during the day, and as a lounge- bar at night. This spa-bar is targeting locals or tourists. By separating the operations depending on the time of day, they can target each market when they are most active, i.e. people who go out to clubs at night, and those that want a relaxing spa during the day.

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