6s implementation project at synlait farms senior

6S Implementation Project at Synlait Farms Senior Leadership Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

InSynC Programme - 6S Implementation Project at Synlait Farms Senior Leadership Team on a Field Trip to North Island Feb 2011 SLT and PIT team training from February - May 2012 InSynC Launch on 23 rd February 2012 Training days for

  1. InSynC Programme - 6S Implementation Project at Synlait Farms

  2. Senior Leadership Team on a Field Trip to North Island Feb 2011

  3. SLT and PIT team training from February - May 2012

  4. InSynC Launch on 23 rd February 2012

  5. Training days for individual farm teams 1. Introduction to InSynC 2. Waste education 3. Message of empowerment to identify 7 wastes and consider removing waste to make work ‘easier, better, faster and safer’.

  6. Identifying Wastes - 6S Plan in action : Waiting for instruction for next job : data and surplus grass : Searching for things : Not taking all required tools for doing a job : plant wash procedure : An 8 th waste is the wasted potential of people : Not correct first time Storing the repetition or correction adequate amount of a process

  7. Waste Analysis (Waste Hunt completed by each individual) 50 Organising the work place is the key 43 45 40 35 31 30 25 24 25 19 20 15 9 9 10 5 0 Motion and Waiting Inventory Transport Defects Over Inadequate Searching production processes

  8. Defining 6S Areas and 6S Audit Training

  9. Dairy Shed 6S Scores - 6S Plan in Action We encourage and help teams to sustain or improve what they achieve!

  10. When using the other InSynC tools, always consider where your action plan fits in the 6S circle. Value Stream Map is an effective starting point

  11. 1.Engaging Our Teams

  12. 2.Developing Our Innovative Culture

  13. 3.Reduce waste and enhancing our financial performance Result of implementing 6S in dairy sheds Description Description Time saving on searching, 30min/0.5hrs waiting and motion /day/employee Saved hours spent by an 124.5hrs employee on average per year Total # of staff at Synlait 80 Potential value of labour saving (80*124.5*$21.14) per annum = $210,000

  14. 4. Adding Value for our Customers

  15. Reduction in Somatic Cell Count has saved us $ 585,000/year

  16. 5.Taking Care of Our Environment and Ourselves After Before

  17. Promote Process Improvement Recognition and PRIDE Reward Results Involve Team Members Deliver Excellence Educate

  18. 6 S is an important part of the InSynC journey Top to Change Bottom to top bottom management approach approach 6S Vision and InSynC Goals tools Process Possibility and improvement Project risk & data methodology assessment integrity Team Engagement Learning Innovation Empowerment

  19. InSynC projects for next 12 months Sustaining :  Keep organising 6S audits across all the dairy sheds. Continually improve 6S scores and sustain. Start implementing 6S across other areas of the farm as agreed.  Complete the Milking Efficiency Management project. Communication, recognition and reward :  Deliver a once a month InSynC Show Day – All farm teams should have a turn at hosting these events.  Visit farms and help them during their weekly InSynC meetings.  Once a month newsletter and weekly TV slides.  Idea management – no cost or low cost ideas are considered first. Recognise those team members coming up with ideas during show days and record number of ideas/team member/year.  InSynC award to be awarded once a 3 months under agreed criteria. Training  5 PIT team training sessions to be completed.

  20. Take Home Message Name of the Programme – InSynC - Duration - 2 years and 7 months Completed Project : Implementation of 6S at Synlait Farms – 14 sites Duration : 18 months (on going effort for sustaining) for 6S project – InSynC Results : Intangible  Improved team engagement, empowerment, team spirit and development of a new culture required for implementing lean principles.  Improved health and safety awareness with new procedures established.  Robust foundation for looking after our environment with the establishment of improved procedures for disposing of rubbish and shining schedules.  Happy customers as we improve product quality and quantity due to standardising our procedures within the dairy shed and enhancing the dairy surrounds.  Establishing a sense of urgency within the New Zealand dairy industry involving Dairy NZ from the start and supporting them with our learnings. Results : Tangible  Increased number of innovative ideas for reducing wastes – 56 ideas were recognised and shared.  Total estimated time saved across all the farms valued at $210,000/year.  Improved SCC has saved $585,000 /year

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