2019 interim joint committee on appropriations and revenue


2019 INTERIM JOINT COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS AND REVENUE June 4, 2019 1:00 p.m. President Neeli Bendapudi, University of Louisville Introduction Neeli Bendapudi: 18 th president of the University of Louisville 2 Overview Mission

  1. 2019 INTERIM JOINT COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS AND REVENUE June 4, 2019 1:00 p.m. President Neeli Bendapudi, University of Louisville

  2. Introduction Neeli Bendapudi: 18 th president of the University of Louisville 2

  3. Overview • Mission • Becoming a premier metropolitan research university • Strategy • Developing our new strategic plan • Learn. Work. Invest. • Learn: Serving our Students • Who we serve • Accomplishments and successes of student body • Work: Enhancing the research enterprise • Top tier research university • Improving the quality of life in the Commonwealth • Invest: Connecting the University to the City, the Commonwealth and beyond • Additional ways UofL can serve the Louisville region and Commonwealth • Innovation and business connections driving growth and success 3

  4. 1997 HB 1 “UofL is to be a premier, nationally-recognized metropolitan research university” 4

  5. Learn. Work. Invest. 5

  6. Student Overview Enrollment (Fall 2018) • Total: 22,471 • Full-Time 16,780 • First Generation College Students**: 15.8% • Pell-Eligible Students**: 38.4% • Underrepresented Minorities***: 20.9% *As defined by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education ** Indicates all first-time, full-time, baccalaureate degree-seeking students entering Summer/Fall 2018 *** Per CPE definition of underrepresented minorities. 6

  7. Extraordinary Achievements 1998 2008 2018 REPORTING YEAR REPORTING YEAR REPORTING YEAR 21.4 24.4 Freshman ACT score (average) 25.6 6-year graduation rate 30.1% 45.7% 56.6% Baccalaureate degrees awarded 1,734 2,298 3,040 Doctoral degrees awarded 76 151 165 7

  8. Learn. Work. Invest. 8

  9. Premier Metropolitan University • Recognized as a Carnegie Research I University • 1994 – Classified as Carnegie Research II University • 2005 – Achieved Carnegie Research I (retained this status to the present) • One of only 69 universities classified as both a Research I and Community Engagement Institution (Very High) by Carnegie • Significantly increased total research expenditures • $33.4 Million in 1997 • $177 Million in 2017 • UofL Dental School Ranked 13 th in the nation for Medical Research (Highest in the state) • UofL Medical School Ranking in NIH Funding • #79 in 2001 • #63 in 2018 9

  10. Improving Quality of Life Through Research UofL Programs of Distinction • NIH-Designated Research Centers Kentucky Biomedical Research Informatics Networks (Dr. Cooper, SoM; >$18M) • Center for Excellence in Diabetes and Obesity Research (Dr. Bhatnagar, SoM; >$17M) • Functional Microbiomics, Inflammation and Pathogenicity (Dr. Lamont, SoD; >$11M) • Hepatobiology and Toxicology (Dr. McClain, SoM; >$11M) • Alcohol Research Center (Dr. McClain, SoM; >$7.5M) • Superfund: Environmental Exposure and Cardiometabolic Disease (Dr. Srivastava, SoM; >$6.5M) • • National Science Foundation (NSF)-Designated Center NNCI: Kentucky Multi-Scale Manufacturing and Nano Integration Node (Dr. Walsh, SSoE; >$3M) • National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) Center: 1 of only 16 sites in US • • Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center Epidural Stimulation Program (Dr. Harkema, SoM; >$13.5M, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation ) • • Center of Excellence for Research in Infectious Disease Dr. Ramirez, SoM; >$15M, Pfizer, Inc. • • PREVENT (Pre-exposure prevention of Viral ENTry) Dr. Palmer, SoM; ~$15M, NIH • • AHA Tobacco Regulations and Addiction Center Dr. Srivastava, SoM; >$10.5M • 10

  11. Learn. Work. Invest. 11

  12. Innovation and Economic Opportunities • Only university in the country to receive 5 of the most prestigious innovation research grants • Total awards >$12M • 2015 Ranked Top 100 Worldwide Universities granted U.S. Utility Patents by the National Academy of Inventors • Innovation successes • $100M Venture Capital investment in Talaris (Dr. Suzanne Ildstad start-up) • $625M exit by Ariosa Diagnostics to Roche Diagnostics (Dr. Aoy Tomita-Mitchell) • Partnered with the Cabinet for Economic Development • RISE Initiative: Louisville Entrepreneurship Acceleration Partnership (LEAP) • Partnerships with Industry • IBM • Cardinal Health • Kindred Healthcare • GE FirstBuild • Maker Faire 12

  13. Extraordinary Achievements 1998 2008 2018 REPORTING YEAR REPORTING YEAR REPORTING YEAR 1 22 Startup companies (cumulative) 97 Patents applications filed (cumulative) 151 710 2,060 Research expenditures $39.1M $148.9M $176.6M Intellectual property income $90K $142K $3M 13

  14. Funding Requests 1. Meeting marketplace demand a. Alleviating critical nursing shortage b. Educating cutting-edge engineering students c. Tech workforce needs 2. Increase in state performance funding 3. New round of Bucks for Brains funding 4. Maintaining high quality instructional, research, and student spaces 14

  15. STEM + H focus • Improve and expand Speed School of Engineering instructional and research spaces • Expand School of Nursing instructional and simulation training spaces • Establish nationally-renowned Multidisciplinary Institute for Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing • Enhance cybersecurity and computer science programs • Request: • Funding to support growing and advancing the number of STEM + H degrees 15

  16. Performance-based funding • UofL outperformed the sector average: • STEM+H degrees • Student progression at 30 hours • Student credit hours earned • Number of FTE students • UofL also improved in the following metrics: • Bachelor's degrees: 1.6% increase • URM bachelor's degrees: 2.7% increase • Student progression at 90 hours: 0.8% increase • Request: • New state funds allocated to performance funding pool 16

  17. Return on Investment: Impact of Bucks for Brains Program at UofL • Request: • New round of state funding to be matched by university funds 17

  18. Asset Preservation Why Maintaining Infrastructure Matters • Economic growth of the region and state dependent upon skilled labor • To meet market demand, higher education must train the labor force • Fast-paced technology changes require higher ed to quickly adapt and, in many cases, lead change • Estimated deferred maintenance and renovation needs at UofL are more than $1 billion • Request: • Establish funding pool to renovate and update instructional, research, and student spaces 18

  19. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT AND INVESTMENT IN The University of Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky ! Neeli.Bendapudi@Louisville.edu 19

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