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Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement UPR-PRISE Program NIH-NIGMS #R25-GM-096955 * UPR-PRISE is the acronym for University of Puerto Rico in Ponce Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (UPR-PRISE). UPR- Ponce is the only

  1. Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement UPR-PRISE Program NIH-NIGMS #R25-GM-096955

  2. * UPR-PRISE is the acronym for University of Puerto Rico in Ponce Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (UPR-PRISE). UPR- Ponce is the only four-year co-educational higher education undergraduate public institution in the coastal southern region. By implementing the proposed activities, UPR-PRISE will advance UPRP mission and goals by fostering competitive research at this 100% Hispanic-serving undergraduate institution.

  3. * The research training activities contemplated in this proposal, will serve to: * Build up intellectual and technical capacity that will create a pipeline of well-mind trained students that will succeed in achieving a Bachelor in Sciences and further in pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. The activities contemplated in this proposal, will serve to promote Student development, including Sponsorship for summer research internships at research-intensive institutions, GRE courses, conversational English novel practice strategies, promoting of responsible conduct in research, and community based learning. This project also endorses students’ interest in research topics by means of seminars workshops and conferences, and focus on increasing retention.

  4. * The UPR-PRISE project will improve research experiences required to initiate and promote interest in UPRP students towards competitive research. * In addition, the organization and integration of the administrative component along with training of students, will assure the success of the program for increasing retention, graduation, and interest in graduate school.

  5. * Edu Suarez-Martinez, Ph.D., Program Director email: * José O. Albelo Vega, B.S, Program Coordinator email: * Nuestros estudiantes

  6. Arias, Yvette Morales Silva, Roberto J. Torres, Cesar Cedeño, Yessenia Rivera Lugo, Rafael J Vargas Zapata, Valerie Chamorro, José Rivera Pérez, Luis Vergne, Ralphdy Cintrón Arroyo, Kevin Rosado Alicea, Jamie Muñoz, Kevin Rodríguez, Carla Gomez, Francisco Figueroa, Lysmarie Jusino Cotto, Shirley Bernard, Faviola Manoharan, Michael Lilybeth Lugo Otaño, Victor E. Ortiz, Melanie Michael Plaza Gemilly Rosado Ortiz, Carlos J. Collazo, Marielys Acosta, Shirely Sheilymar Rivera Ian Maldonado Jose Sanchez Nicole Martinez Negron, Stacy Mayra Gonzalez Ernie Diaz Rivera Abdon López Kermel Montalvo Ayala, Crystal Yoheilly Velázquez Bryan Torres

  7. Personal: Genuine interest in Scientific Research and Graduate Studies in the Biomedical Field (Ph. D.) Academics: • First Year Students (Recently Accepted to a Biology Baccalaureate Program. High School recently graduated students) • General Point Average (GPA) of 3.50 or more in Sciences and in General Classes • Second Year Student (Student already in UPR) - 3 0 approved credits with a GPA of 3.50 or more in concentration courses (Biology, Chemistry and Math classes) and in non concentration courses - Completion of the Application Electronic Form - Two (2) letter of Recommendation - Two (2) written essays (Motivation and previous research experiences & Graduate Studies plans)

  8. * 2-4 year of tutoring to promote academic excellence * Saturday academies * Conferences * Seminars

  9.  Scientific Meetings and Gatherings, on Local and National Forums  English, written and talked support  Community Service Based Activities  Welcoming Future Scientists  Science Fair Mentoring  Scientific Research!

  10. * Laboratory rotations participation at Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences. * Summer Internship participation at local and US mainland Institutions * Bioethics in research and English Vocabulary for Standardized Tests * Economic Compensation for participating in Program activities

  11. *

  12. * Dress Codes * Community Based Activities * Attendances * Meetings * Activities * WFS * Conferences * Hours * Tutoring * Workshops * Office Use * Freshmen vs Sophomores * Courses * Fax and up * Congresses * Copies * Rules of Research * Sheets * Scans * Rotations * Jornal * Class responsibilities * Evaluations * Attendance * Schedule (semester) * Materials to purchase * Travel Principles * Withdrawals * Wages * Presenters vs Non- * Conduct presenting * Semester * Travel Rules * Ethics * Summer & Christmas * Dates * Admissions Process (MD vs * Travels Ph.D.) * After Graduating * Responsibilities * Warnings vs Memorandums * Probation and Expulsion

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