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What is Site Waste Clearance.com Site Waste Clearance was initially set up in 2012 to help manage the ongoing issues with sub-contractors waste left on site. Site Waste Clearance .Com has now been fully overhauled and made into a sharper more

  1. What is Site Waste Clearance.com  Site Waste Clearance was initially set up in 2012 to help manage the ongoing issues with sub-contractors waste left on site. Site Waste Clearance .Com has now been fully overhauled and made into a sharper more convenient process.  This system can be used at no cost by all Investors, Developers, Main Contractors, Management Companies , Facility Managers and estate managers and in doing so keeping accurate evidential records of any site contravention and indeed any works and clearances that may have been carried out on behalf of a sub - contractor on your site or indeed in your work place.

  2. How does SWC work – Website and App SWC runs simultaneously via a website and mobile application to ensure efficiency… Web Application The web app’s main use is for the offending contractor to acknowledge his notice. The notice will show the type, time, location and urgency required to rectify the contravention. Depending on access levels, the web app allows you to manage Owner/Clients, Projects, Sub-contractors, notices and contra charges Mobile Application The app’s main use of the app is for the project team to use their camera within the app to take a photo of the waste that needs to be cleared. The photograph will then be uploaded direct to both the website and the mobile app and forwarded onto the offending contractor.

  3. System Functionality SWC.COM – Managing the system: Ability to create and manage owner / client system accounts along with Financing and Marketing of the system. Owner / Client – Entry Point for all systems: SWC will sell a o project licence to each company and will be able to use the system independently. The Project :Owners/Clients will create a project and assign o the relevant sub-contractors working on the project. The Company: This can be classified as being the end user/ o investor that acts as the project title. For example “John Lewis” “ Sainsburys ” “Primark” “Ikea”… Sub – Contractor : Owner/Clients will be able to issue notices o to the correct sub-contractor on site. Sub-Contractors can be assigned to any projects which are live .

  4. SWC Login Each user will be given a unique username and o password to login to the website application. Access to the application can be controlled via the o user management section. There will be different access levels (For example o admin) and their dashboard will be catered towards their access levels. If you have multiple logins with the same email – o there is a drop down list to select the correct user.

  5. SWC Dashboard The dashboard layout and menu options will be presented in relation to the user’s access level. The user will only have access to the specific sections they need. The Menu: The menu will be located to left hand o side of the web application. It will link all the areas of the system together. The links consists of: Navigation Bar: This allows the users to navigate o around the web application and will be able to go back to previously viewed pages via a series of hyperlinks and HTML codes.

  6. SWC Mobile App The mobile app’s dashboard displays all live projects that o you are involved with including the number of notices issued. The app allows you to create a notice that is sent off to the relevant office contact and site based personnel from the offending contractor by an automated email or upload on your mobile device. If you have no data or are not connected to a network you will be able to save notices for later via the syncing function. The app allows you to acknowledge notices on the go. o The app can be downloaded on all android and apple o operated smart phones and devices. To download the app, you can either use the relevant link on www.sitewasteclearance.com or visit either the google play store or apple store to download.

  7. Automated Email Facility User accounts: Once a user has been assigned – they will be sent an automated o email from admin@sitewasteclearance.com providing them with log in details. Each email is unique and is depending on their role within the o project. Notices & Contra Charges: Once a notice has been issued, an automated email will be sent o to the offending contractor and the project team. When evidence is uploaded they will also be sent a following o email to say the waste has been cleared successfully or unsuccessfully. Once the main contractor has filled out their contra charge they o will press “email contra charge” within the web app and this automatically sends it off to the offending contractor. The emails will be sent from notices@sitewasteclearance.com o

  8. Live Notices Table The notice table will categorise notices that have been acknowledged by the subcontractor and those that haven’t ordered by the expiry date (the ones expiring soonest will appear at the top), paginated on 20 records each. By default, this will list all notices for all subcontractors o but if the user has arrived at this page by clicking on a subcontractor then this list will be filtered to just show them. The offending sub-contractor will be able to o acknowledge a notice both on the mobile app & web app. By acknowledging the notice it will automatically move the status of the notice to “Acknowledged” on both the web & mobile app notices table if a data connection exists

  9. Sage Pay Facility Assigned sub-contractors will be automatically diverted to Sage pay upon login to pay a licence fee to gain access. They will login using the details on the o automated email. Once they have logged on they simply click on “Projects requiring access” or by clicking “Project Management” and then the shopping cart to the right hand side of the project. .The licence fee is priced at £420 including VAT o which can be paid by most debit/credit cards. The billing and contact details is integrated from the system and a receipt will be sent the contact’s email upon successful payment.

  10. Reports The reports area will allow users with access to view key stats regarding the number of notices issued by project and notices issued as a group and the total number of contra charges by subcontractor by project and the total issued by project. Total Notices issued for Project: Returns all the notices o issued for the selected project for the selected period by subcontractor as a % and number . o Total Contra Charges Issues for Project: This report will return all the contra charges issued for the selected project for the selected period by subcontractor as a value. o Total Notices Issued for all projects : This report will return all the notices issued for the owner/client by project for the selected period o Total Contra Charges issued for all projects: This report will total all the contra charges issued for the owner/client by project for the selected period.

  11. Cost Tracking An important factor in the process is giving both client and contractor the option to monitor and track the costs incurred for not only the individual project but all projects that are currently being utilized on SWC.com. There will of course be costs incurred in the whole process which at the time will be determined by the Principle Contractor or Management Company. All works carried out by the Management Company's Logistics Company on behalf of the contractor will be accurately recorded of all labour, plant, tools, lifting equipment, and waste disposal that are required to complete the works. The costs of which will be agreed, in the pre-sign up meeting, with the mutual client and will be made available for deduction from the monthly valuations by the projects Commercial Manager or Project Director .

  12. User Management The user management section is used by the owner/client to view all the users of the live system . The owner/client can add any additional users that o haven’t already been added when setting up a project and can select the access levels they require the user to have. They’ll be able to edit any details that may have o changed and they’ll be able to delete a user if necessary. User accounts table will display all live users with the o relevant details.

  13. Project Management All Projects will be set up via the web application prior to the project starting. This information will then be used on the mobile application to issue the notice. Project Team : The project team will be given access to o manage the project and will receive notifications on notices and contra charges. Sub-Contractors: The sub-contractors will be assigned in o this section. The offending sub-contractor will have a Lead contact whom will be able to view notices Live projects table: Displays a list of all live projects (30 o per page). It will also allow the user to add or edit the selected project as well as being able to view/add/edit notices and contra charges.

  14. Sub-Contractor Management The onus is placed upon the subcontractor to pay a licence to use the system for the project they’ve been awarded to work on, complete their profile and add anyone working on the site to their area of the system. This is done via the Sage Pay Facility. The sub-contractor will have access to view notices issued against themselves via the mobile or web app.

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