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This is UCLH Introduction for prospective governors Liz Rose, Membership Manager We deliver our VISION UCLH is committed to delivering top-quality patient care, excellent education and world class research Through our VALUES We put your safety

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  1. This is UCLH Introduction for prospective governors Liz Rose, Membership Manager

  2. We deliver our VISION UCLH is committed to delivering top-quality patient care, excellent education and world class research Through our VALUES We put your safety and wellbeing above everything We offer you the kindness we would want for a loved one We achieve through teamwork We strive to keep improving

  3. UCLH Key Facts 9,000+ 21,796

  4. UCLH (University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

  5. Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital University College Hospital & Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Eastman Dental Hospital Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery Hospital for Tropical Diseases Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine University College London at Westmoreland Street

  6. UCLH staff and patient feedback 2016 84% 70% 83% would recommend would recommend agree that care of patients is UCLH’s top UCLH as a place to UCLH as a place to Staff would receive treatment to a work priority friend or family recommend UCLH member National acute trust National acute trust National acute trust average: 70% average: 62% average: 76% Friends and Family Test % patients who would recommend UCLH as a place to be treated (February 2017) 95% 95% 95% 90% A&E Inpatients Maternity Outpatients

  7. Our Chairman and the Executive Board Richard Murley Prof Marcel Levi Chairman Chief Executive Neil Griffiths Tim Jaggard Flo Panel-Coates Deputy Chief Executive Finance Director Chief Nurse Prof Geoff Bellingan Prof Tony Mundy Dr Gill Gaskin Dr Charles House Medical Director Surgery and Corporate Medical Medical Director Interim Medical Director Cancer Board Director Specialist Hospital Board Medicine Board

  8. UCLH NHS FOUNDATION TRUST - Governance Structure Council of Governors

  9. UCLH NHS FOUNDATION TRUST - Governance Structure Council of Governors Board of Directors

  10. UCLH NHS FOUNDATION TRUST - Governance Structure Council of Governors Board of Directors Executive Board Finance & Contracting Committee Quality & Safety Committee Workforce Committee Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Investment Committee

  11. Our strategic and annual objectives for 2017/18 Provide the highest Improve patient Support the Achieve financial Generate world-class quality of care within pathways through development of our sustainability clinical research our resources collaboration with staff to deliver their partners potential Align all clinical staff to Deliver earlier Improving staff Achieve financial Deliver the promises of work towards reducing diagnosis for cancer experience targets including the Biomedical avoidable harm patients across the delivery of a £42m Research Centre bid sector through the Improving the quality cost improvement Improve how we learn Cancer Vanguard of education and programme Give as many of our from mortality, morbidity development patients as possible the Improve our patients’ and serious incidents to Deliver clinical opportunity to be part of sustain excellent experience of waiting, Demonstrate that we productivity research trials outcomes both from referral to are an employer of efficiencies in line with diagnosis and choice the Carter agenda Progress clinical Improve patient treatment; and waiting academic appointments experience in the building Improve working Take a leading role within UCL and other conditions for junior within the NCL and academic partners Ensure all contact with Shorten waiting times doctors and other staff specialist STPs to patients and GPs is at all stages of the in training support financial Work with partners, timely, accurate and pathways for cancer objectives including HSL, to professional including a patients Collaborate with STP develop academically streamlined booking and others to design Improve management linked, advanced process Work with system and develop the future of commercial diagnostics and embed partners to shorten health and care relationships genome testing waits for patients in workforce Start implementation of our emergency Achieve value for Improve utilisation of an Electronic Health department and avoid Develop our staff to money from our our clinical research Record System and admission where achieve assets and estate facilities successfully implement possible transformational prerequisite systems change Develop and encourage Deliver phase 4, phase Deliver more efficient research opportunities 5, ED and Queen use of non-pay for junior doctors, Achieve hospital Square development resources nurses and all other acquired infection targets milestones staff across UCLH Work with local and specialist STP partners to develop new pathways and support preventative care for our local patients 11

  12. Council of Governors and the Governor role

  13. How are Foundation Trusts Accountable? Membership – the Members Elect governors Council of Governors Appoint non- executive directors’ and hold them to account for performance Board of Directors Authorisation & regulation by Monitor – Sector Regulator

  14. What is the Council of Governors? Our Council of Governors has 33 governors: • 23 are elected from three membership constituencies • 10 are nominated representatives from partner organisations such as local authorities and universities - they are known as stakeholder governors The Council of Governors and Board of Directors are both chaired by Richard Murley, Chairman. Governors represent the views of members

  15. What is the Membership? UCLH has over 21,000 members, of which 9,977 are staff. The remaining are public members; who are residents of London, and patients The Membership elects 23 governors to the Council of Governors - 13 patient governors, including a carer governor - 4 public governors - 6 staff governors

  16. Public and Patient Constituencies Public A London resident London patients A patient who is a London resident Non-London patients A patient who lives in the UK but not in London Patient carer Is an unpaid carer of a patient e.g. a spouse, parent or other relative.

  17. Staff Constituency Categories Doctors and dentists Nurses and midwives Other clinical staff - physiotherapists, pharmacists, dental nurses, nursing assistants, etc Non-clinical staff - managers, admin and clerical, porters, domestics etc

  18. What do the governors do ? Statutory role: • Appoint or remove the Chairman and the other non- executive directors • Approve the remuneration, allowances, and other terms and conditions of non-executive directors • Appoint or remove the Trust’s auditor • Approve the appointment of the Chief Executive • Give the views of the Council on the UCLH forward plan annually • Represent the interests of members • Approve an application to enter into a merger, or acquisition • Approve (or not) increases of more than five per cent a year to non-NHS Income

  19. What else do the governors do? • Represent the voice of members and help UCLH improve the quality of the service it provides (Mid Staffs report) • Recruit new members • Contribute to the MembersMeet programme • Participate in local community meetings • Helps improve the patient experience eg multiple sclerosis and stroke pathway project • Work with UCLH on committees and projects • PLACE (Patient led assessment of the care environment)

  20. Seats for election in 2017 This year there are 7 seats for election: 2 in the public 4 in the patient constituencies: - 2 London-based patients - 1 non-London based patients - 1 patient carer 1 in the staff constituencies : - 1 nurses and midwives

  21. Diana Scarrott Patient Governor (Lead Governor)

  22. Governors • Being able to understand experiences of a patient in the broadest sense • An opportunity to bring to the attention of those in office the issues which enhance patient care • Willing to give your time for the benefit of UCLH 22

  23. Opportunities for involvement • High Quality Patient Care Group (HQPC): A group which helps influence improvement in patient experience and care through small project groups. • Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Being involved in engaging and recruiting Non-executive directors (NEDs) and choice of chairman together with Board members • Reviewing the care environment across our hospitals through annual patient led inspections and monthly walkrounds. • Engaging with members at community events and chairing MembersMeets 23

  24. About Governors • Not an operational role • Challenge and hold NED’s to account for UCLH performance • Represent members interests • Buddies are assigned to new governors to help within their roles • The lead governor is there to support the Council of Governors 24

  25. • Governors from all constituencies are needed in order to progress the best outcome for patients • All are equal and respected • Good listening & observational skills really help to focus on the issues important to patients – an opportunity to do this is through the walkabouts 25

  26. And finally There are exciting times ahead for UCLH Consider what contribution you would like to make within the Council of Governors - it is a privilege and enhancing experience 26

  27. Governor Election Process ●

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