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The NCD Alliance & the Global NCDA Forum Cary Adams, CEO UICC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The NCD Alliance & the Global NCDA Forum Cary Adams, CEO UICC and Chair NCD Alliance Caribbean Civil Society Regional Preparatory Meeting, 6 June NCD Alliance: Who We Are A Unique Civil Society Network Leading the way to a world free of

  1. The NCD Alliance & the Global NCDA Forum Cary Adams, CEO UICC and Chair NCD Alliance Caribbean Civil Society Regional Preparatory Meeting, 6 June

  2. NCD Alliance: Who We Are A Unique Civil Society Network Leading the way to a world free of preventable NCDs Founded in 2009 - by UICC, IDF and WHF Now 7 global federations / organisations A network of 2,000+ member associations in 170 countries Plus 29 national / 5 regional NCD alliances

  3. The Global Political Response to NCDs 1 3 Global Commitment Global Coordination UN High-Level Summit on UN Task Force on NCDs NCDs and adoption of UN 4 Political Declaration on NCDs 2 Post-2015 Agenda Adoption of UN Post-2015 Global Action & Development Agenda Accountability “25 by 25” NCD targets and Global Action Plan 2013- 2020 2015 2014 2013 2011

  4. . But insufficient progress at national level.... “The report underscores the face that as national progress has been insufficient and highly uneven , continued efforts are essential for achieving a world free of the avoidable burden of NCDs” UN Secretary General Report, 2014

  5. Global NCD Alliance Forum A Significant Opportunity

  6. Growing network of national/regional alliances

  7. Regional/National Alliances EUROPE European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) AFRICA Consortium for NCDs in sub-Saharan Africa (CNCD-Africa) CARRIBBEAN Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) LATIN AMERICA Healthy Latin American Coalition (HLAC) AUSTRALIA Australians for Global Action on NCDs BANGLADESH Non-Communicable Diseases Forum (NCD-F) CANADA Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada DENMARK Danish NCD Alliance ETHIOPIA Ethiopian NCD Consortium FINLAND Finnish NCD Alliance GERMANY German NCD Alliance ITALY Italian Wellness Alliance JAPAN Japan NCD Alliance KAZAKHSTAN Kazakhstan NCD Alliance KENYA NCD Alliance Kenya (NCDAK) MALAYSIA NCD Alliance Malaysia MEXICO Mexico Salud-Hable NEPAL NCD Alliance-Nepal NIGERIA Nigerian NCD Alliance NORWAY Norwegian NCD Alliance PORTUGAL National NCD Alliance-Portugal RWANDA Rwanda NCD Alliance SLOVAKIA Slovak NCD Alliance SOUTH AFRICA South Africa NCD Alliance (SANCDA) SYRIA Syria NCD Alliance TANZANIA Tanzania NCD Alliance (TANCDA) UGANDA Uganda NCD Alliance (UNCDA) URUGUAY National Alliance for the Control of NCDs ZANZIBAR Zanzibar National NCD Alliance (Z-NCDA)

  8. Global NCD Alliance Forum 2015 Host: Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) and the NCD Alliance Dates : 13-15 November 2015 Location : Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Theme: NCD Advocacy and Accountability in the Post-2015 Era

  9. Where is Sharjah?

  10. Global NCD Alliance Forum Overview: - First ever global forum to convene representatives from growing network of national and regional NCD alliances ; - Platform for knowledge exchange , capacity building , priority setting , and facilitating north-south and south-south cooperation. Audience: - 80+ national and regional NCD alliance representatives (3 per regional alliance; 2 per national alliance) - 100 key NCD stakeholders from across sectors

  11. Global NCD Alliance Forum The forum objectives are (1): • To convene the network of national/regional NCD alliances for the first time to share experiences, lessons learnt, challenges, priorities and good practice in joint NCD advocacy efforts and multi-sectoral partnerships; • To strengthen the capacity of national/regional NCD alliances in organizational priority areas of need for optimal functioning and effective advocacy; • To stimulate cross-country (both South-South and North-South) networking and collaboration in NCD advocacy;

  12. Global NCD Alliance Forum The forum objectives are (2): • To develop common advocacy objectives for national/regional action, aligned with existing global NCD commitments (e.g. UN Political Declaration and Global NCD Action Plan, Outcomes of the UN NCD Review and Assessment, Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals); •To develop advocacy objectives for national/regional alliances’ contribution towards agreed global NCD advocacy priorities; • To generate interest and promote high quality applications for the forum follow-up NCD Alliance grant program.

  13. Global NCD Alliance Forum Some Questions to be answered: • Organisational development. What do civil society organisations and their NCD alliances need to function optimally and enable effective and sustainable NCD advocacy efforts? • Twinning – collaborations for success. How can collaborations between alliances maximize their advocacy impact? • Advocacy and accountability – driving change and demanding action. What are concrete examples, challenges, best practices and opportunities in advocating for accountability; NCDs as a priority issue; National NCD plans/targets and multi-sectoral mechanisms

  14. Global NCD Alliance Forum Provisional Programme: Day 1 • site visits in Sharjah; welcome reception hosted by the King of Sharjah and his wife. Day 2-3 • packed with plenary sessions, interactive workshops, and networking sessions. • Workshops cover 3 themes: advocacy; organisational development; and accountability. • Focus will be on interactive sessions, with practical case studies, examples, good practice.

  15. Global NCD Alliance Forum Preparations

  16. Preparations for the Forum 1. Situational analysis of national and regional NCD alliances 2. Regional preparatory meetings

  17. Situational Analysis The objectives of the situational analysis are as follows: • To be a participatory exercise between NCDA and national/regional NCD alliances, providing them with an opportunity to explain their plans and needs, and their ideas for how their development can be accelerated • To capture details of the range of organisational models and advocacy activities of national/regional NCD alliances • To assess the organizational and advocacy capacity of the current network of national/regional NCD alliances

  18. Situational Analysis • To analyse the main needs for support to inform NCDA’s capacity building and the agenda of the Global NCDA Forum • To identify key assets and opportunities for potential collaboration between countries including for South/South and North/South twinning partnerships • To identify key assets and opportunities for global advocacy on national/regional priorities for alliances • To Inform the development of the NCDA national strategy and the next strategic plan for NCDA

  19. Preparatory Meetings Objectives: 1. To share experiences, challenges, lessons learnt, best practices ; 2. To stimulate a multisectoral approach to NCD prevention and control by fostering collaborations between CSOs and other key NCD stakeholders in the region; 3. To explore, nurture and support incipient national alliances; 4. To identify the regions main capacity building needs to inform the Global NCD Alliance Forum and other civil society strengthening initiatives.

  20. Preparatory Meetings 5. Strengthening regional NCD advocacy capacity : - To map out NCD advocacy activities per country - To define NCD advocacy priorities for the region and develop common objectives for national/regional action - To stimulate regional collaboration in advocacy

  21. Preparations for the Forum Planned Regional Preparatory Meetings: - Caribbean : 6 June, Barbados - Latin America: 8 -10 June, Panama - SEARO : 9 -10 July, India - EMRO : TBC August, Egypt - AFRO: October, Uganda - WPRO: TBC

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