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the end of surveillance VISION Promether marks the end of - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

the end of surveillance VISION Promether marks the end of surveillance and brings about a new era of online privacy and security. By merging blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and state-of-the-art encryption, Promether gives

  1. the end of surveillance

  2. VISION Promether marks the end of surveillance and brings about a new era of online privacy and security. By merging blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and state-of-the-art encryption, Promether gives control and power back to the users.

  3. PROBLEMS PRIVACY IS FADING 01 Companies and governments watch over us and control all of our data. Having lack of alternatives, participation requires compliance. TOO MANY SOLUTIONS 02 There is an abundance of isolated projects. There are no all in one solutions - usage is scattered across blockchains. SECURITY IS DIFFICULT 03 Applications must implement their own security, which is costly and time consuming. Mistakes are unforgiving and often exploited. RESOURCES ARE WASTED 04 Blockchains incentivize network growth, but have difficulty using system resources. Bandwidth, storage, memory, and processing are under-utilized. DECENTRALIZED NETWORKS ARE LACKING 05 Decentralized networks know how to make use of system resources, but have difficulty incentivizing network growth.

  4. CONSEQUENCES DROPBOX CLOUDFLARE PETYA YAHOO 3 billion Yahoo accounts 68 million email addresses Massive leakage of private Petya malware spread to hacked and data stolen and passwords leaked. 2/3 session keys and other highly FedEx, WPP, Rosneft, Maersk, after massive server breach of all customers exposed sensitive information of clients. etc. Users' data exposed. TARGET EQUIFAX SNAPCHAT UBER 110 million peoples' highly Tax IDs, driver's licence, social 90 000 Private Photos and Data of 57 million Uber personal credentials breached. security numbers, etc. of 145 9000 Hacked videos leaked customers stolen. Uber paid Information sold and leaked. million customers exposed. off the mobile app Snapchat $100 000 to cover it up. LINKEDIN SONY PICTURES TELEGRAM DNC Personal credentials of 6.5 15 million user's accounts, Massive leak of confidential Internal emails hacked million users stolen and phone numbers, IDs and materials. Data exposed to within DNC servers. U.S. leaked by cybercriminals. messages exposed. malicious actors. Presidential Election altered. OPM ICLOUD IPHONE NSA+WANNACRY Records of 21 million people Over 500 private pictures of All devices affected by major NSA Cyber weapon leaked, exposed, including breaches celebrities leaked due to Intel bug. All customers' allowing hackers to compromise in government data. iCloud API and phishing. sensitive data could be read. over 300 000 machines MYSPACE SWIFT TUMBLR ADULTFRIENDFINDER Usernames, passwords, emails, $81 million stolen. A typo by Reports of 360 million users' 65 million passwords exposed and other sensitive information hackers avoided further $1 passwords and emails after a massive data breach. of 412 million users exposed. billion in damages to SWIFT. hacked and leaked. Data sold on the darknet. These are just some of the hacks that have occurred recently...

  5. SOLUTION Create a more resouce efficient, scalable, and feature-rich blockchain and merge it with a secure decentralized network that supports dApps and protects the privacy of all participants. Allow everyone to build or use scalable blockchain applications free of per-usage transaction costs, while enabling existing miners, and other devices, to execute multiple resource monetization strategies.

  6. FEATURES Enable everyone access to decentralized networking and the benefits of No Per-Usage Transaction Fees blockchain solutions, regardless of financial position or status. Decentralized VPN and Privacy Network Create secure and anonymous connections to other networks, access region- restricted websites, and shield browsing activity from prying eyes. Decentralized Sharing and Storage Secure and share data safely without interception by corporations and governments, exposure to hackers and rogue employees, or systemic failures. Scalable PoS and Hashed Graph Architectures Allow blockchain network scalability and performance at all times, as well as adapt to emerging technologies when needed. Secure Instant Communications and VOIP Communicate instantly and effortlessly without the threat of surveillance or the risks of private data and content exposure. Mutable and Immutable Smart Contracts Have flexibility in how smart contracts are deployed and managed, enabling the matching of contract type with specific usage scenarios. Supports Existing Blockchains and Integrate with existing applications and blockchains, old or new, and benefit from state-of-the-art security protocols without added costs. Applications Runnable on Existing Miners and IoT Devices Make more money from unused system resources on any device without being forced to stop current mining or other monetization operations. Cutting Edge End-to-end Encryption Strengthen all online traffic by ensuring confidentiality of data and removing interception or risks of exposure.

  7. THE PRODUCT Promether is more than just another blockchain... Application Building Fully configurable Decentralized Privacy Block - API Modular Network Network - VPN Secure Communications Self-Sustainable Decentralized Sharing Application - Contact Rewards-Based Ecosystem and Storage Solution Promether is multiple solutions in a single product.

  8. THE TEAM Eric J Anderson (Eijah) - creator of Demonsaw, lead programmer for Activision and Rockstar Games, DEFCON speaker, CTO of MGT, College Professor, and a security portfolio architect for American Express - has brought together a diverse team of leaders in a variety of technical fields, including: Hacking Programming Network Administration Cybersecurity Executive Leadership Marketing and Sales Strategy, Planning and Execution With a collective experience of more than 200 years, we have a proven track-record to execute to the highest standard.

  9. WHY NOW? THE INTERNET IS A SCARY PLACE 01 As our lives become more digitized, the risks and consequences of exposure and data hacks become greater. It is time for a solution that mitigates this risk. BLOCKCHAINS TOOK THE WORLD BY STORM 02 They solve problems that we could not before, but face scalability issues that need to be fixed for adoption and growth. Innovative solutions are now necessary. DECENTRALIZED GROWTH IS NOW SUSTAINABLE Decentralized networks have promised to change the 03 world for years, but always came up short. Blockchain was the missing link in growth incentivization.

  10. THE MARKET INFORMATION SECURITY $165.2 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 10.7% CLOUD STORAGE $88.91 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 23.7% GLOBAL VPN $106 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 13% CLOUD COMPUTING $550 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 17.3% INSTANT MESSAGING Over $300 billion at a CAGR of 4.89% CYBERSECURITY $231.94 billion at a CAGR of 11% MESSAGING APPS Over 5 billion monthly active users (MAU) ALTCOINS 150 billion combined total market cap INSTANT MESSAGING STORAGE SOLUTIONS WHATSAPP FACEBOOK WECHAT ONEDRIVE AMAZON AWS 1.3 billion 1.3 billion 980 million 18.6 billion 17.46 billion TELEGRAM SKYPE SIGNAL IBM CLOUD GOOGLE CLOUD 200 million 300 million 410 thousand 17 billion 4 billion ... monthly active users ... annual revenue in 2017

  11. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Siacoin Ethereum Substratum MaidSafe Microsoft AWS 102M 681B 190B TBD 360M 39B 122M Marketcap (03.31.2018) All in One Solution Fully Configurable Decentralized VPN Platform as a Service Secure Communications Diverse Monetization Resource Efficient

  12. BUSINESS MODEL Private sale and Initial Coin Offering Open source license. Community driven development minimizes operational costs and accelerates progress Promether earns network fees from outside parties Company owned miners generate block-rewards White-label and license software, API, and infrastructure Consultancy and support services Customized enterprise and government solutions


  14. TERMS OF DEAL Promether is currently in private placement, with the following bonus structure: Phase 1 - 100% bonus - COMPLETED Phase 2 - 70% bonus - ONGOING Phase 3 - 20% bonus - PENDING After private rounds, Promether will enter a public ICO Initial Coin Offering - 0% bonus NOTE : Neither the private sale nor the ICO will be offered to residents of the U.S., Canada or China.

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