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STGCD/BU Internship - Research program The Southern Trinity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

STGCD/BU Internship - Research program The Southern Trinity Groundwater by Conservation District partnered with Joe C. Yelderman Jr. 10-26-18 Baylor University to establish a mutually beneficial program Economical help Educate future

  1. STGCD/BU Internship - Research program The Southern Trinity Groundwater by Conservation District partnered with Joe C. Yelderman Jr. 10-26-18 Baylor University to establish a mutually beneficial program

  2. Economical help Educate future and expertise water managers Why The STGCD internship program Geoscience Baylor STGCD provides economical assistance . students faculty The students have relevant science knowledge and technical skills. Research opportunities 2

  3. What is the Internship program? a qualified student working with the STGCD BU provides tuition STGCD provides Part – time (20-hrs/wk) Efficient stipend and resources management 3

  4. Amy Price Stephanie Wong Andrew Worsley Environmental Sci. 2011 Geosciences 2011,12,16 Environmental Sci. 2012 Legacy Michelle Diehl was the first intern. Geosciences. May 2010 to May 2011 Josh Kirby Jim Tucker Jacob Jarvis 4 Geosciences 2013 Geosciences 2014-16 Geosciences 2017-18

  5. Michelle 2 3 1 Studied the Trinity aquifer in McLennan County. Trinity aquifer Hensell and Hosston MS Geology management zones Oil Co. lab/ consulting firm 5

  6. 3-D Water level surfaces 6

  7. Drawdown Managed as One Unit (combined) calculations Managed as Two Units (separate) 7

  8. Josh 2 3 1 Studied Arsenic in the Trinity Aquifer Trinity aquifer Arsenic MS Geology locations Oil Co. / consulting firm and trends 8

  9. Where the Arsenic occurs 9

  10. Where the Arsenic occurs 10

  11. Water quality and pumping trends 11

  12. Jim 2 3 1 Hensell Formation of the Trinity Aquifer Trinity aquifer Water quality MS Geology Hensell Formation 12

  13. Hensell Water Quality McLennan and Bell Counties 13

  14. Table 3.5: McGregor Aquifer Test values compared to GAM values in McLennan County Source Lowest T value Highest T value Lowest S value Highest S value McGregor (ft 2 /day) (gal/day/ft) (ft 2 /day) (gal/day/ft) Aquifer Test 427 3194 575 4301 3.3 x 10 -5 3.9 x 10 -5 GAM 101 756 560 4189 1.0 x 10 -5 3.0 x 10 -4 McLennan County 14

  15. Jacob 2 3 1 Brazos River Alluvium Aquifer Brazos River Alluvium Compartmentalization (MS Geology) Aquifer 15

  16. Geoprobe descriptions 16

  17. Brazos River Alluvium aquifer cross section 17

  18. Compartments Brazos River Alluvium Aquifer 18

  19. The aquifer flows toward the river • Groundwater flows from the aquifer toward the Brazos River. • The Brazos River is a gaining stream. • Recharge comes from local rain. The aquifer is compartmentalized • The river acts as a hydrologic boundary. • Bedrock separates sections of the Brazos River alluvium aquifer. 19

  20. Awards and Outstanding recognition Presentation Ph.D. in Geology Elan Allen National Groundwater Texas A&M University Safety Award Association 1 PhD 1 publication 3 outstanding presentations 3 additional student projects 5 Elan Allen safety awards Elan Allen Published MS thesis Glasscock 5 Glasscock excellence awards Gulf Coast Association Environmental Safety Award 20 of Geological Societies Excellence Award

  21. Erin Noonan Salinity in the Brazos River Alluvium Aquifer $47, 500 extra dollars in research for the Brazos River alluvium through the United States Geological Survey, Texas Water Resources Institute and The Brazos River Authority 21

  22. STGCD Internship Program A WIN-WIN-WIN! Win - Cost effective management labor assistance McGregor aquifer test Win - Helpful research 2 Trinity management zones Arsenic descriptions Win -Training future water managers Graduate degrees Jobs 22

  23. Thank You Land owners Cities Agencies STGCD Board, Staff and associates Need info or help? Let us know 23

  24. Questions? Comments? Criticisms? 24

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