the search for tomorrow s carlin type gold deposits


THE SEARCH FOR TOMORROW S CARLIN-TYPE GOLD DEPOSITS ( under cover ) Corporate Presentation March 2019 Disclaimer This Presentation contains certain "forward-looking statements" including, without limitation, expectations, beliefs,

  1. THE SEARCH FOR TOMORROW’ S CARLIN-TYPE GOLD DEPOSITS ( under cover ) Corporate Presentation March 2019

  2. Disclaimer This Presentation contains certain "forward-looking statements" including, without limitation, expectations, beliefs, plans and objectives regarding the timing and nature of estimated future exploration, success of exploration activities, and potential transactions and ventures discussed. Among the important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements are the risks inherent in mineral exploration, the need to obtain additional financing, environmental permits, the availability of needed personnel and equipment for exploration and development, fluctuations in the price of minerals, and general economic conditions. Wade A. Hodges, CEO of Nevada Exploration Inc., is the Qualified Person, as defined in National Instrument 43-101, and has prepared the technical and scientific information contained in this Presentation.

  3. 18.8 World #1 Production by Area (Au oz / km 2 / year) Nevada 10.6 7.6 3.8 3.8 4.3 0.5 0.8 1.2 1.4 1.5 1.8

  4. Nevada by the numbers > 100,000 prospects > 600 Au mines > 225 Moz Au prod. 5.6 Moz Au/year

  5. Barrick’s Cortez Complex (40 Moz) Annual Production: > 1 Moz

  6. Nevada February 28, 2019 26 mines in the world worth >$1B Impressive, but… …there’s more to the story.

  7. 10 Nevada Annual Gold Production 1998: 8.9 Moz - 40 % 9 (Moz/year) SOURCE: NBMG 8 7 2017: 5.6 Moz 6 5 4 107.8 Moz < 20 3 years Reserves 2 1 0 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025

  8. Carlin-type gold deposits Total CTGD endowment 250 85% Moz Au % of Nevada’s bedrock hidden beneath sand and gravel 55%

  9. Exposed vs. covered bedrock in Nevada When Carlin gold From 40 Ma Gold deposits formed, deposits to 25 Ma Nevada was flat Starting Tectonic events ~ 15 Ma pulled Nevada apart From 15 Ma Block faulting created to today mountains and valleys Erosion Erosion Erosion fills basins Today Erosion off mountains filled valleys with sand and gravel

  10. The challenge and opportunity Produced Conventional exploration to date tools don’t work where >200 you can’t see the rocks Moz Au NEED NEW TOOLS >200 Moz Au

  11. Exploration is a business (of scale reduction) Predict Detect Geophysics REQUIRED: geochemistry filters that can detect the presence of and Drones vector towards mineralization under cover ? AI STILL IMPORTANT: but…

  12. Building a new under cover toolkit Better Analytical Tools Lower Detection Limits New Sampling Media

  13. Building a new under cover toolkit Then Now HR-ICP-MS Footprint 10x > deposits GROUNDWATER New Lab Technology The universal solvent

  14. Bigger 10x 1/100 th footprints borehole cost 1/10 th Radical ↑ the samples Area evaluated / dollar

  15. Groundwater programs around the world Industry leaders AFRICA AUSTRALIA NEVADA CONTINENTAL-SCALE HYDROGEOCHEMISTRY FIRST QUANTUM Major Funding by: Namibia Rio Tino Botswana

  16. Nevada Exploration Regional-scale hydrogeochemisty Kelly Creek Collected >6,000 new samples Grass Valley Aggregated 50,000 historic samples South Grass Valley Tested around >30 known gold mines Built database of new exploration targets Advancing 3 new district-scale projects in the heart of Nevada’s other CTGDs How does it work?

  17. Cortez (44 Moz Au) Kelly Creek Grass Valley South Grass Valley GRASS VALLEY 500 km 2 Blind Search Space

  18. Kelly Creek Grass Valley Grass Valley South Grass Valley Project South Grass Valley Project

  19. SOUTH GRASS VALLEY PROJECT (September 2018) AIR MAGNETIC GEOPHYSICS GEOLOGY GRAVITY GEOPHYSICS INFILL GROUNDWATER SAMPLES Size of Cortez Hills Au Exposed Footprint Lower-Plate Carbonates Volcanics Projected Area of Lower-Plate Carbonates Intrusive Volcanics Based on Air Magnetics Roberts Lower-Plate Mountains Carbonates Thrust Upper Plate

  20. CTGD deposit footprints in surrounding bedrock MDRU: Cortez Hills 300 – 500 metres Gold 800 – 1,200 metres Arsenic Mercury Antimony Thallium

  21. PHASE 1 DRILLING PROGRAM PERMITTED LOCATIONS Objectives of Phase 1 drill program: 1. Widespread CTGD architecture North fence (favourable lower-plate + structures) Middle fence 2. Large CTGD footprint (alteration + thick intervals of pathfinders) South fence Size of Cortez Hills Au To test: Footprint (for scale) - Three fences of DH locations, approx. 1 km apart, with holes every 400 m - Plan to drill average of 2 holes per fence - Total approx. 4,500 metres (US$1.5M)

  22. PHASE 1 DRILLING PROGRAM PHASE 1 DRILL PROGRAM LOWER-PLATE BEDROCK PERMITTED LOCATIONS Goodwin   Butte 8 North fence  Middle fence holes   South fence Size of Cortez Hills Au Footprint (for scale)   

  23. SGVC002 SGVC003 SGVC004 LOWER-PLATE BEDROCK Goodwin 6 7 Butte 2 200 m 8 3 235 m Data review in progress 1 4 5 245 m GOLD AND PATHFINDER CONCENTRATIONS

  24. What’s next at South Grass Valley GOLD IN GROUNDWATER 1. Update geologic model - Good spread of data from three fences Goodwin - Regional stratigraphic section Butte - Within section, what are best units - Within the best units, highest pathfinders – provide vectors (E or W) 2. Define the edges of the system - Additional wide step out drill holes - Identify best places for infill drilling

  25. NEXT STEPS Phase 2 Drilling PERMITTED LOCATIONS Test north along strike PHASE 2 (soil mercury + groundwater) DRILLING FOCUS Based on updated exploration model, vector towards source of mineralized fluids Objectives 1. Establish where best host rocks intersect best fluid pathways (mineralizing controls) PHASE 1 2. Guide targeted Phase 3 in-fill drilling DRILLING FOCUS

  26. Proven technical team +37 Moz of Gold in Nevada Wade A. Hodges Sr. Exploration Manager, Santa Fe Pacific Gold M.Sc., P.Geo Involved in discovery +30 Moz of gold in Nevada CEO & Director Rosebud 35 years Nevada experience Twin Creeks James Buskard Leader in undercover exploration technologies Mule Canyon MBA, BES Elder Creek 14 years Nevada experience President Lone Tree Goldbar Kenneth N. Tullar Involved in discovery 7 Moz of gold in Nevada Easy Junior B.Sc., P.Geo 20 years Nevada experience Cove McCoy COO Wildcat Mtn. View Dr. John E. Larson Global Porphyry Copper Exploration Manager, BHP Goldfield Ph.D. 38 years of international experience New Aurora Director Simon Griffiths Chief Geochemist, Global, and Chief Geologist, South America, Barrick M.Sc. 28 years of international experience Technical Advisor

  27. Share Structure Issued and Outstanding 79,258,058 INSIDER OWNERSHIP Options 6,825,000 Warrants 9,576,995 (Acceleration clause) 33% Fully Diluted 95,660,053

  28. How to participate in the future of exploration With Nevada Exploration The future of gold in Nevada undercover The only explorer that has built complete under-cover exploration toolbox Exploring for large CTGDs in the covered half of Nevada Pipeline of 3 district-scale projects 33% (150 km 2 in heart of Nevada’s CTGDs) 55% Led by proven team of explorers (>37 Moz) High insider ownership: 33%

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