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Radiology Presentation Schedule Sunday, Dec. 1 Monday, Dec. 2 - PDF document

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Radiology Presentation Schedule Sunday, Dec. 1 Monday, Dec. 2 10:45AM | S404CD 8:30AM | E353A Masoud Nakhaei, MD Diana Litmanovich, MD Scientifjc Paper SSA24-01: Educational Course RC203B: Safety of

  1. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Radiology Presentation Schedule Sunday, Dec. 1 Monday, Dec. 2 10:45AM | S404CD 8:30AM | E353A Masoud Nakhaei, MD Diana Litmanovich, MD Scientifjc Paper SSA24-01: Educational Course RC203B: Safety of Shortened Observation Time Pericarditis Without Radiographic Follow-Up for Patients After CT-Guided Lung Biopsy 10:40AM | S504AB 10:55AM | N228 Da Zhang, PhD Scientifjc Paper SSC12-02: Adrian M. Jaramillo-Cardoso, MD Impact of Imaging Conditions on Localizer- Scientifjc Paper SSA10-02: Based Water Equivalent Diameter Estimation The Additional Value of Expertise and and on Dose Modulation Structured Reporting in Pelvic MRI Assessment of Endometriosis: A Comparison of Three 3:30PM | S406A Review Methods for Diagnosis and Staging Diana Litmanovich, MD 2:00PM | N226 Multisession Course MSMC24C: Coronary Artery Disease Muneeb Ahmed, MD and Incidental Non-Cardiac Findings Educational Course RC131: Tumor Ablation Beyond the Liver: Practical 3:50PM N230B Techniques for Success (Hands-on) Khoschy Schawkat, MD Scientifjc Paper SSE09-06: 2:00PM | E260 Texture Analysis and Machine Learning for Quantifjcation of Liver Fibrosis in MRI: Vandana M. Dialani, MD Correlation with MR Elastography Educational Course RC150: and Histopathology MR Imaging-Guided Breast Biopsy (Hands-on)

  2. Pg. 2 Monday, Dec. 2 Tuesday, Dec. 3 8:30AM | E353C 8:30AM | S402AB Koenraad J. Mortele, MD Olga R. Brook, MD Educational Course RC209: Gastrointestinal Multisession Course MSQI31: Series: Pancreas Imaging Quality Improvement Symposium: Stafg Wellness and Development 10:40AM | E353C 12:45PM Alejandro Garces-Descovich, MD Scientifjc Paper RC209-08: Sonia Gupta, MD Intraductal Pancreatic Mucinous Neoplasm HP Community, Learning Center with Main Duct Involvement: How Ominous Scientifjc Poster HP234-SD-TUB4: are the Current Worrisome Features Research Authorship and Gender Parity: and High-Risk Stigmata? Are We There? 12:15PM 12:45PM Da Zhang, PhD Evguenia J. Karimova, MD PH Community, Learning Center BR Community, Learning Center Scientifjc Poster PH229-SD-MOA2: Impact of Education Exhibit BR207-ED-TUB9: Imaging Conditions on Localizer-Based Water Help Your Pathologist Help You: Equivalent Diameter Estimation Successfully Arriving at a Diagnosis and on Dose Modulation on Breast Biopsy 3:20PM | E260 4:30PM | N228 Jefgrey Weinstein, MD Olga R. Brook, MD Scientifjc Paper SSE26-03: Educational Course RC453: Hand Motion Analysis of Radiologists Structured Reporting: Performing Simulated Radial Arterial How Can We Make it Better? Access: Discerning Difgerences in Operator Experience Using Kinematic Analysis 4:30PM | N228 Olga R. Brook, MD Educational Course RC453E: Debate: Simple-Structured vs. Disease-Specifjc Structured Reporting: Disease-Specifjc Is Better

  3. Pg. 3 Tuesday, Dec. 3 Tuesday, Dec. 3 8:30AM | N227B 1:00PM | S405AB Koenraad J. Mortele, MD Muneeb Ahmed, MD Educational Course RC329C: Educational Course VSIO31: Hilar/Perihilar Interventional Oncology Series: Cholangiocarcinoma From Bench to Bedside 8:30AM | S402AB 1:55PM | S405AB Bettina Siewert, MD Muneeb Ahmed, MD Multisession Course MSQI31A: Educational Course VSIO31-05: How to Foster Dignity Post-Ablation Tumorigenesis and Respect in Radiology 3:20PM | E260 10:30AM | S402AB Fady El-Gabalawy, MD Bettina Siewert, MD Scientifjc Paper SSJ12-03: Multisession Course MSQI32: Analysis of Kinematic Difgerences in Quality Improvement Symposium: Hand Motion Between Novice and Patient-Centered Care Experienced Operators in Interventional Radiology 12:15PM 4:30PM | N227B Kimberlee A. Hashiba, MD HP Community, Learning Center Deborah Levine, MD Education Exhibit HP124-ED-TUA5: Educational Course RC410C: Benefjts of a Near-Miss, Peer-Learning Ovarian Cysts and Masses Conference Tailored for Residents Wednesday, Dec. 4 12:45PM 7:15AM | E350 Evguenia J. Karimova, MD Koenraad J. Mortele, MD BR Community, Learning Center Special Course SPSC40A: Education Exhibit BR207-ED-TUB9: Incidental Pancreatic Cyst Risks: The Facts Help Your Pathologist Help You: Successfully Arriving at a Diagnosis on Breast Biopsy

  4. Pg. 4 Wednesday, Dec. 4 Wednesday, Dec.4 11:30AM 3:30PM | E451B Marta Braschi Amirfarzan, MD Christina S. Konstantopoulos, MD Scientifjc Paper SSM01-04: Scientifjc Paper SSK09-07: Contrast-Enhanced Mammography: Characteristic Radiographic Patterns of Does Acquisition Time Matter? Biopsy-Proven, Immune-Related Colitis in Melanoma Patients Treated with Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Antigen-4 (CTLA-4) Inhibitors 3:30PM | S406A Diana Litmanovich, MD 11:50AM | S104A Multisession Course MSCT42: Case-Based Review of Thoracic Ammar Sarwar, MD Radiology (Interactive Session) Scientifjc Paper SSK12-09: Early Admission and Mortality Rates for Common Outpatient Interventional 4:30PM | E353A Radiology Procedures Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD Special Course SPSC45: 11:50AM | S402AB Controversy Session: Radiologist Burnout: How Should We Help Mitigate? Giulia Sprugnoli, MD Scientifjc Paper SSK17-09: Reduction of Intratumoral Perfusion in 4:30PM | N226 Brain Cancers Patients by Noninvasive Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD Electrical Stimulation Special Course SPSC43C: Benefjts Versus Risks of Rapid Release 12:45PM of Imaging Reports and Data to Patients Chi Wen C. Huang, MD HP Community, Learning Center Thursday, Dec. 5 Scientifjc Poster HP222-SD-WEB2: Radiological and Clinical Outcomes of 8:30AM | S102CD Emergent Spine MRI Scans Performed Olga R. Brook, MD | Educational Course for Spinal Cord Compression RC602B: Disease-Specifjc Structured Reporting: Necessary Next Level to Stay Relevant

  5. Pg. 5 Thursday, Dec. 5 Thursday, Dec. 5 10:30AM | E450A 4:30PM | S403B Robin B. Levenson, MD Seth J. Berkowitz, MD Multisession Course MSES52B: Educational Course RC754B: Gynecologic Emergencies Using Informatics to Transform Radiology to Patient-Centered Practice 12:45PM 4:30PM | S403B Georgios A. Maragkos, MD NR Community, Learning Center Olga R. Brook, MD Scientifjc Poster NR414-SD-THA6: Educational Course RC754: Segmentation and Measurement Patient-Centric Radiology: How to Do It of Ventricular and Cranial Vault Volumes in 15, 223 Subjects Using Artifjcial Intelligence Education Exhibits Yukun Gao 12:45PM BR163-ED-X: Breast Injectables: James L. Smith The Aunt Minnies and the Head-Scratchers MK Community, Learning Center Education Exhibit MK008-EB-THB: Khoschy Schawkat, MD Hands Up! Systemic Diseases with GI225-ED-X: Pancreatic Ductal Characteristic Imaging Findings in the Hand Adenocarcinoma and Its Variants: Pearls and Perils from the Radiologic 2:10PM | S405AB Pathology Archives Muneeb Ahmed, MD Kevin Sun, MD Educational Course VSIO51-08: BR129-ED-X: Adding Value: An Easy Guide MSK Immuno-Oncology: Talk the Talk to the FDA’s EQUIP Initiative 3:00PM | S404AB Jonathan Hecht, MD, PhD Special Course SPSH53B: What We Know of Pathophysiology of PAS Disorder in 2019

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