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Tutoring Matters Webinar Series Personal Tutoring Personal Tutoring Designing a Designing a Purposeful Purposeful System ystem Welcome! Todays seminar starts at 2pm BST. Please MUTE your microphone. You can introduce yourself and ask

  1. Tutoring Matters Webinar Series Personal Tutoring Personal Tutoring – Designing a Designing a Purposeful Purposeful System ystem Welcome! Today’s seminar starts at 2pm BST. Please MUTE your microphone. You can introduce yourself and ask questions in the Zoom chat window. Tutoring Matters is sponsored by Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  2. Webinar Presenters Alicia Prowse Stephen Powell Clair Zawada Presenter Presenter Host Manchester Metropolitan Manchester Metropolitan Birmingham City University University University Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  3. Personal Tutoring – Designing a Purposeful System Stephen Powell & Alicia Prowse University Teaching Academy Manchester Metropolitan University Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  4. Q. What is your institution’s approach to Personal Tutoring - centrally mandated or locally determined? Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  5. Soft Systems Methodology 6. Devise actions 5. Identify feasible to improve and desirable problem situation changes 1. Find out about the problem situation 4. Use models for Real world structured debate Systems thinking 2. Root definition 3. Build activity (descriptions of models for purpose of systems) implementation Soft Systems Methodology (Peter Checkland, 2006) Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  6. Context ● Purpose of personal tutoring is unclear making it hard to ‘sell’ to tutors and students, and to evaluate for impact. ● Personal tutoring is often seen as the ‘answer’ to a myriad of key higher education challenges such as progression, employability, and differential attainment but to address these complex issues it is under resourced - ‘the answer’ to a question that is in fact ill defined! ● Personal tutoring is seen as a low status activity by academics that they feel ill equipped to perform and that is under resourced. ● It is unclear how personal tutoring and auxiliary support services provide a cohesive experience. Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  7. Context A sample of 130 students said... 11% did not feel they needed or wanted a personal tutor; 18% felt the personal tutoring ‘system’ worked well; and 71% of students suggested improvement was required with half of these perceiving no or limited value in the PT system they experienced. However some also said... • Meaningful interactions between students and their tutor can enable students to feel supported, motivated and sometimes, inspired • 3 facets of a fruitful relationship are: ‘the tutor cares about me’; ‘helps me improve my work’; and ‘values me as a learner’ But... They can spot when the personal tutoring offer is insincere, this could be because staff are not committed to the role or because it is under resourced relative to its stated aims Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  8. Prior to 2019 Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  9. Q. Does your work focus on the activity of PT or designing a system for PT? Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  10. The system of PT The activity of PT EVALUATION EVALUATION Career Community Course (Planning and D Belonging, (Progress and confidence and goal setting) attainment) e Programme Review support Annual Review s cycle process i Coaching approach g What is the programme approach to PT? n How is this evaluated? P r o What is the PURPOSE of your PT system? c e s RESOURCES s Training workshops : e.g. Coaching skills for tutors Programme Management plan Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  11. Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  12. University framework for Personal Tutoring Define PURPOSE Intentionally design the PT system you want to meet that purpose (using 3 Cs) EVALUATE Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  13. Purpose statement for personal tutoring was developed and refined by input from academics across the institution: What Facilitate students' personal development and academic progress, achievement, career readiness, aspirations and transitions into and out of university education over time, by encouraging the formation of purposeful relationships with clear boundaries, between students and academic staff, How to help students to navigate their own pathways towards autonomy and success. Why Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  14. Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  15. Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  16. The Grow Model Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  17. Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  18. Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

  19. See you again soon at our next event: Tutoring Matters Webinar Series

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