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INNOVATION INSPIRED BY NATURE Todays Digital Nature Hike What is - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

INNOVATION INSPIRED BY NATURE Todays Digital Nature Hike What is Biomimicry? Biomimicry in the Market Who is Great Lakes Biomimicry? Biomimicry Ecosystem in NEO Opportunities Reflection / Q&A What is Biomimicry?


  2. Today’s Digital Nature Hike • What is Biomimicry? • Biomimicry in the Market • Who is Great Lakes Biomimicry? • Biomimicry Ecosystem in NEO • Opportunities • Reflection / Q&A


  4. What is Biomimicry? Innovation through the emulation of biological forms, processes, patterns and systems.

  5. Innovation Inspired by Nature

  6. Value of Implementation

  7. Value of Implementation “If you’re not incorporating the most brilliant ideas from the natural world into what you sell, you’re leaving money on the table.”

  8. “Wow” Factor


  10. Shinkansen Bullet Train New design: train is more quiet, is 10% faster and uses 15% less electricity.

  11. Formaldehyde-free Plywood

  12. Moen Inspire Showerhead

  13. Lotusan Paint

  14. WhalePower

  15. Bird Collison Prevention

  16. Parker Hannifin Snake Hose Pipes holding corrosive materials: life from 2 weeks to 6 years (and counting)

  17. NuFlors SetaGrip Technology

  18. Inspiration from Dragonfly Wings


  20. Great Lakes Biomimicry We help organizations learn from nature to accelerate innovation.

  21. The Team Co-Directors Collaborators

  22. The Ecosystem University of Akron Government Business Colleges & Philanthropy Universities Informal Science Institutions

  23. Professional Education Value of Biomimicry • 2- to 4-hour workshop • Example: for Tremco @ the Zoo Fundamentals of Biomimicry • 3-day workshop Design Lab • 8-week custom workshop

  24. Innovation Services Great Lakes Biomimicry Innovation Playbook™ • Problem Definition 1 • Function Specification 2 • Biological Model Identification 3 • Extraction of Design Principles 4 • Concept Generation & Refinement 5

  25. Biomimicry Fellowship Program

  26. Biomimicry Fellow Sponsors

  27. Heart-inspired Soap Dispenser 4 D-Cell Batteries 40 Refill Pumps [kg CO2-Equiv.]

  28. Heart-inspired Soap Dispenser

  29. Value of Implementation 2x intellectual property More NOVEL ideas More ELEGANT ideas 2x energy savings 🔍 More SUSTAINABLE IDEAS 1/6 the resources Personnel and financial Sources: 1- 1. Kennedy, E.B., Miller, D.J., & Niewiarowski, P.H. 2018. Industrial and Biological Analogies Used Creatively by Business Professionals. CRJ 30(1):54-66. 2- Kennedy, E.B. & Marting, T.A. 2016. “Biomimicry: Streamlining the Front End of Innovation for Environmentally Sustainable Products.” RTM 59(4): 40 -48.

  30. Hedgehog-inspired Impact Protection

  31. Hedgehog-inspired Impact Protection

  32. Biomimicry Fellows Avon Lake Regional Water • Prediction of HABs (harmful algal blooms) and dead zones in Lake Erie and drinking source water

  33. Biomimicry Fellows Biohabitats • Shoreline stabilization • Coastal aquatic habitat enhancement • Urban stormwater management

  34. Biomimicry Fellows Cleveland Water Alliance and Ohio Department of Natural Resources • Improve coastal ecosystem resiliency on Lake Erie and other nearshore waterways • Boost water innovation

  35. Biomimicry Fellows Erie Open Systems

  36. Past Biomimicry Fellow Sebastian, from Germany, investigated wastewater desalination and purification inspired by biological processes, such as active trans-membrane water transport by aquaporin protein channels.

  37. Past Biomimicry Fellow Sebastian’s new project: Develop a process, using aquaporins, to reabsorb the water of the urine of the cavers into a drinkable sugar draw solution in order to cut the weight and volume of the urine the cavers excrete over long duration cave explorations.


  39. Embrace Biomimicry Go outside. Be curious. Look more closely at nature. Appreciate nature’s brilliance. Ask “What Would Nature Do?”

  40. Nature-inspired Leadership Cultivate cooperative relationships Adapt to changing conditions Incorporate diversity Integrate the unexpected Maintain integrity through self-renewal Evolve to survive

  41. Biomimicry Belongs in Your Innovation Toolbox

  42. NEO is a Global Biomimicry Leader

  43. Biocene 2018 Annual Bio-inspired Symposium • August 14 – 17, 2018 • At Ohio Aerospace Institute • Three tracks: Business, Education & Technology • Website with registration live next week:

  44. Connect With Us Value of Biomimicry Workshop for your team Innovation Services Biomimicry Fellow Sponsorship

  45. Reflections & Questions

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