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HUMANS EVOLVED TO EXERCISE Unlike our ape cousins, humans require - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

HUMANS EVOLVED TO EXERCISE Unlike our ape cousins, humans require high levels of physical activity to be healthy. Exercise is not optional; it is essential. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SPECIAL EDITION FALL 2019 Exercise that emulates the

  1. HUMANS EVOLVED TO EXERCISE Unlike our ape cousins, humans require high levels of physical activity to be healthy. Exercise is not optional; it is essential. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ǀ SPECIAL EDITION ǀ FALL 2019 “Exercise that emulates the way we evolved is the most naturally engaging and efficient. Therefore it is more likely to be successful.” C athi Lamberti, founder and CEO, SMARTfit Inc. By Herman Pontzer Illustration by Bryan Christie

  2. Failure to Keep Moving is Already Having Consequences • Cognitive/Brain/Neurological Issues now the leading cause of skyrocketing health costs • Endocrine health – Type 2 Diabetes rapidly on the rise • Structural Health – Falls, back pain and inflammation rapidly on the rise • Risk to Human DNA – Science clearly shows that if we don’t use it we lose it - at a DNA level. Humans took millions of years to develop larger brains and strong leg muscles as we adapted to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Evidence shows that reversal through lack of use will be much faster.

  3. We Know Solid evidence shows that exercise can help to prevent, delay and treat many diseases and conditions that affect We Should Ex Exercise and individuals as they age . Exercise has been shown to: Exercise, Ag Aging • Help preserve bone mass and strength but Do We? • Strengthen muscles and joints • Stimulate appetite • Prevent or alleviate symptoms of chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes • Improve cognition

  4. Exercise – Where Does it Fit in Most People’s Lives? Want to Have To

  5. Acting Early Prolongs Enjoyment of Life

  6. We Need a Big Solution and Gamification is the Key Emulates movement reflecting • the way we evolved FUN and Social • Highly Engaging – for the kid in • everyone Motivating - instant feedback • Quick results • Goal Oriented - engages the • brain effectively Combines Cognitive and Motor • - “Neurons that fire together wire together.” Hebbian Theory 6

  7. Older Adults Require Specific Focus Prevent: • Dementia • Falls • Social Isolation • Depression

  8. Exercise - Needs to Address Key Parts of the Brain

  9. Exercise – As We Age, It Takes More Effort to Get Results


  11. Exercise – Needs to be Efficient and Address All Parts of the Brain Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Cognitively Demanding Activities Sensory – Rich Activities Open Skill Activities Visual – Spatial Demands Resistance Training Object – Based Activities Mind-Body Exercise Occipital Lobe Visual – Spatial Demands Visual – Attention Demands Motor Control & Stimulation Cerebellum Temporal Lobe Coordinative Exercise Cardiovascular Exercise Skill & Motor Learning Closed Skill Activities Open Skill Activities Generalized Physical Activity

  12. Exercise – Needs to Deliver Sustained Results

  13. SMART fit – Powerful Yet Easy to Customize High Quality Hardware Proprietary Operating System Customized Content iOS/Android App User Interface 13

  14. SMARTfit has the Program for You Regardless of Age or Ability!

  15. Programming Can Be Set to Deliver Specific Outcomes

  16. A Single Session Can Address Key Parts of the Brain

  17. Significant Benefits for the Aging Population Memory Balance Social Connection 17

  18. Rehab & Wellness for At-Risk Populations Balance & Vestibular Visual-Motor Visual Dual-tasking Cognitive Motor 18

  19. SMARTfit Creates a fun, social and engaging Group environment Exercise Programs

  20. Case Study on a 70-year-old with 1.5 years of SMARTfit experience, after 5 weeks of targeted training 18% increase in Impulse Control 11% increase in Planning Skills 83% increase in Executive Function 13% increase in Visuospatial Memory

  21. The SMARTfit • Dedicated specifically to the aging population Solution • Research-proven exercise assessment and • Programming clinically designed by specialists on aging Opportunity • Engaging, fun, progressive, results-oriented and social

  22. THANK YOU!

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