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Health Insurance Claims Management Dr. Muhammad Mustafa 1 Allianz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Health Insurance Claims Management Dr. Muhammad Mustafa 1 Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited Agenda Definition of Claims Management Claim Types Claims Management Process Top 5 Reasons for Claims Denials &

  1. Health Insurance Claims Management Dr. Muhammad Mustafa 1 Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited

  2. Agenda ▪ Definition of Claims Management ▪ Claim Types ▪ Claims Management Process ▪ Top 5 Reasons for Claims Denials & Deductions ▪ Challenges for Claims Management ▪ Tips for effective claims management

  3. Definition of Claims Management The fulfillment by an insurer of its obligation to ▪ receive and act on a claim. Involves multiple administrative processes such ▪ as review, investigation, adjudication, payment or denial of a claim. 3

  4. Types of Health Insurance Claims Network Hospital Reimbursement Claims Claims Received from Received from Insured member Hospitals on Panel after taking of Insurance treatment Companies Pre-authorized or Evaluation and pre approved by verification after insurer receiving claims

  5. Network Hospital Claims Reimbursement Claims • Medical details are available • Medical details not always available • TAT is usually longer • TAT is short • • Average cost per claim is less Average cost is more • • Moderate level user expertise Advanced level user expertise required required • • Requirements are readily fulfilled Requirements are not readily fulfilled • • Have no direct impact on client- Have direct impact on client-insurer insurer relationship relationship

  6. Claims Management Process Requirement submitted by client/provider Evaluation Claim Receiving Notification Sufficient Incomplete Information Information Requirement Letter dispatched Requirement to client/provider Letter Generated

  7. Claims Management Process Approved Payment Decision taken Rejection Letter Rejected sent to client

  8. Claim Rejection/Denial

  9. Top 5 Reasons for Claim Rejection q Admissions which are not medically necessary q Pre-existing Disease. q Exclusion q Policy not effective at the time of treatment. q Incorrect Details on the claim form.

  10. Reasons for Claim Deductions q Excess services. q Irrelevant tests and medicines. q Costs of consumables and non medical goods q Items purchased before policy inception or after policy expiry q Charges in excess of reasonable and customary charges

  11. Claims Management - Challenges High I.T Costs Rapid Advances in Medical Technology Lack of Law/ Fraudulent Claims High Customer Demand Regulation

  12. Claims Management - Challenges Up to date information necessary: ü Stem Cell Therapy ü Genetic Testing ü Endoscopy Capsule Rapid Advances in ü Robotic Surgery Medical Technology ü Artificial Pancreas

  13. Claims Management - Challenges Allow user to: ü Input/process claim with ease ü Good rules engine with built in logics ü Accurate High I.T Costs ü Secure ü Scalable Mainframe Solutions vs Cloud Computing

  14. Claims Management - Challenges Paying a claim is not enough! ü Cell phone apps ü Online claim submission High Customer ü Real time clam tracking Demands

  15. Claims Management - Challenges ü Essential Services ü No Standard Fees ü Medicines w/o Prescriptions ü No Documentation Lack of Legislation and Regulations

  16. Claims Management - Challenges A. By Claimant § Exaggerating the amount of the claim § Creating an incident that never took place § Medical identity theft B. By Provider ▪ Unnecessary Treatments/Services Fraudulent ▪ Billing for services that did not take place Claims ▪ Over charging patients ▪ Falsifying Diagnosis

  17. Effective Claims Management 1. Robust data organization and analysis 2. Documentation and recording each task 3. Use of auto adjudication tools 4. Raising red flags for suspicious claims 5. Promoting customer involvement

  18. There was a very cautious man Who never laughed or played He never risked, he never tried, He never sang or prayed. And when he one day passed away, His insurance was denied, For since he never really lived, They claimed he never really died. Anonymous 18

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