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Introduction DT HUB Home page : Digital Technologies Hub - Auditing capacity D Digital literacy grants: G rants of between $1 0,000 and $50,000 The DTH is part of the AG sNational Innovation and Science Early

  1. Introduction DT HUB Home page : Digital Technologies Hub - Auditing capacity � D Digital literacy grants: G rants of between $1 0,000 and $50,000 The DTH is part of the AG ’sNational Innovation and Science � Early learning projects: U niversity of C anberra, E LS A, Let’s Agenda’s Inspiring all Australians in digital literacy and STEM . C ount Little S cientists � National online computing challenges –G rok Learning and It is one of a range of initiatives to ensure opportunities for S ydney U ni (Years 5-7) all students all supporting The Australian C urriculum: Digital � C SER : M O O C S , Lending libraryand PL in Box Technologies. � Digit: residential camps and mentoring Yrs 8-9, algorithmic thinking and coding � IC T professional in Schools : a mentor working in schools Knowledge set Mindset t Skillset Toolset The DTH is a free site By the end of this session Growth, Analysis, DTHub, we will… Creative, listening, asking GoToWebinar � Have an understanding Connecting, questions Supports New DT curriculum that is to be implemented in of the tech needs of the analytical most places around Australia this year DT curriculum � Have thought about different models A quick tour (integrated/ explicit) of designing the DT curriculum � Have ideas about how to build teacher capacity and seek outside support

  2. Digital Technologies specifically aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that, individually and collaboratively, students: � design, create, manage and evaluate sustainable and innovative digital solutions to meet and redefine current and future needs � use computational thinking and the key concepts of abstraction; data collection, representation and interpretation; specification, algorithms and implementation to create digital solutions Digital Technologies � confidently use digital systems to efficiently and effectively automate the transformation of data into information and to creatively communicate ideas in a range of settings � apply protocols and legal practices that support safe, ethical and respectful Curriculum communications and collaboration with known and unknown audiences � apply systems thinking to monitor, analyse, predict and shape the interactions within and between information systems and the impact of these systems on individuals, societies, economies and environments. Integr ated Develop STEAM thinking pr ojects skills Enhance numer acy Authentic # Digital audience Wor ld for liter acy Auditing Technology iPads Chromebooks Laptop Trolley BYOD BYOB

  3. McKinnon Secondary Bertram Primary School College 900 iPads 2500 managed C hromebooks Digital Learning Now! Blended Learning Implementation Guide � W hat kind of learning are we designing this infrastructure for – collaborative, E xplicit creative, consumption of resources? � What are the minimum viable and maximum desired device ratios – computer Integrated labs, laptop trolleys or BYO(M)D (bring your own multiple devices)? � How do we fund access – leasing, purchasing, BYOD… ? � How do we fund support – external provider, in-house technical support? � What level of access to the Internet do learners need? � How does our infrastructure help to keep our learners safe online? What else Auditing Curriculum would we need to do? Explicit or Integrated? E xplicit - Integrated - “IF TE TR IS HAS TAU G HT U S ANYTHING , IT IS THAT U NC O NNE C TE D C U R R IC U LU M C AN PILE � Lifts level of � Less time pressure UP, BUT LINKING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM CAN BE A BIG WIN AND RELIEVE TIME � Learning in context importance PRESSURE” � “Easier” to assess (?) � Merging on knowledge, � More resources mindset, skillset and available for explicit toolset teaching

  4. Hexagonal C urriculum Planning - St Mel’s C ampsie Integrated STEAM Unit at Minimbah Primary - Survivor Auditing Expert Capacity Other sources of expertise Resour ces Parents and the school community! / Scootle Student mentors Case Lesson studies sequences & advice

  5. � D Digital literacy grants - http:/ / digital- literacy-school-grants-dlsg � Early learning projects - https:/ / nisa- early-learning-initiatives � National O nline C omputing challenges –info coming later this W e would love more of your year feedback & suggestions! � C SER MO O C S https:/ / moocs/ � Lending library https:/ / library/ digitaltechnologieshub@ � PL in a Box https:/ / pdbox/ � digit (http:/ / information/ for-students/ digit) THANKS! Any questions? You can contact us at � � Or contact Chris Harte on �


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