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Cancure Limited Investor Presentation Series A Capital Raise Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise DISCLAIMER Cancure and its officers, employees, consultants and advisors: Do not make any guarantee, representation or warranty, either

  1. Cancure Limited Investor Presentation Series A Capital Raise Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  2. DISCLAIMER Cancure and its officers, employees, consultants and advisors: • Do not make any guarantee, representation or warranty, either expressed or implied concerning the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information contained in this Investor Presentation or accept any responsibility for errors or omissions in any information contained in this Investor Presentation or the future performance of Cancure; and • Disclaim and exclude all liability for losses including consequential loss, claims, damages and costs of whatever nature arising in any way out of or in connection with the provision of the Investor Presentation (or any accompanying or other information) and any inaccuracy or incompleteness or reliance by any person on any of it. Specifically, Cancure does not warrant or represent that the information contained in this Investor Presentation has been audited, except where specifically stated otherwise and where required by law. The Investor Presentation is intended for review in conjunction with Cancure’s complete Information Memorandum. Recipients should seek appropriate professional advice in reviewing the Investor Presentation and the Information Memorandum, and in evaluating the suitability of the investment. The Investor Presentation may include forward-looking statements, which reflect various assumptions. Those assumptions may or may not prove to be correct. Actual results may be materially affected by changes in economic and other circumstances. The reliance that recipients place upon such information is a matter for their own commercial judgement. All warranties, conditions, liabilities or representations in relation to information or advice contained in this Investor Presentation are expressly negated and excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. The recipient agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law that he/she shall not seek to sue or hold Cancure or its officers, employees, consultants and advisors liable in any respect by reason of provision of the Investor Presentation. Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  3. CONTENTS (* indicates content redacted for website publication) Investment Highlights Summary of SERIES A Offer * Oncology Drug Market Market Positioning of Cancure’s Pipeline Lead Product Candidates CNC118, CNC225, CNC332 Board & Management Use of Funds * Value Realisation & Growth Projections * Offer Timetable * Contact Details High magnification image of a cancer-fighting human T cell (US NIH). Appendices Development Plan & Financials * Ownership Interests & Corporate Structure * Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  4. INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS • Cancure Limited is a clinical-stage cancer drug development company. • Over A$15 million of investment and R&D funding in the past decade. • Three drug candidates in the pipeline, each with billion dollar potential. • Pilot Phase 1 human clinical trial completed for therapeutic cancer vaccine. • Ideally positioned in the immuno-oncology revolution. • Robust roadmap to commercialisation. • Experienced scientific experts and business team. • Dr. Ian Nisbet (CSL, Millennium) appointed CEO. • Opportunity for significant value uplift in 3-5 year time horizon. • IP protected by worldwide patents covering major markets. • Investment leveraged by up to 45% with Australian R&D tax incentive. Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  5. ONCOLOGY DRUG MARKET • Oncology is the top selling drug category in developed markets at ~ US$100 billion per annum. • Average cost per month for a branded oncology drug in the United States is ~ US$10,000. • Targeted and immunotherapy gaining market share, eroding dominant share of conventional chemotherapy. • Cancer vaccines to see a compound annual growth rate of over 27% through 2019 (Infiniti Research). 143.7 135 126.9 Surge of Biologics and US$ billions 105.4 112.2 119.3 Targeted Therapies Rising disposable incomes High drug development costs 99.1 and consumer healthcare coupled with risk of failure 93.2 87.6 expenditures Increasing Investment Adverse effects of from Government, Public chemotherapy and Private Sectors Collaborations and Fast Track Designations Acquisitions Approvals and Clinical Trials 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 The global oncology drugs market is expected to reach Shifting of key drivers of growth in the global oncology US$119.3 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of drugs market from 2014 (grey) to 2020 (red). approximately 7% between 2015 and 2020. Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  6. IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY REVOLUTION Conventional Chemotherapy Targeted drug therapies Immunotherapies (1950s – present) (late 1990s – present) (Revolution happening now) • Cancure is developing two immunotherapy drug candidates and one targeted cancer drug candidate. • Ideally positioned in the current immuno-oncology revolution – from cancer treatments to cancer cures. Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  7. IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY REVOLUTION “This year marks a turning point in cancer, as long -sought efforts to unleash the immune system against tumors are paying off. That's what made Science's… Breakthrough of the Year. In celebrating cancer immunotherapy… harnessing the immune system to battle tumors… to transform biological insights into lifesaving drugs…” Jennifer Couzin-Frankel, Staff Writer Science Magazine, 20 Dec 2013 Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  8. RECENT ONCOLOGY DEALS BIOTECH PHARMA YEAR MODALITY INDICATION STAGE PRICE (US) Jiangsu Hengrui Incyte 2015 Antibody Solid tumours Ph1 $25M Upfront (L) $770M Milestones Intrexon Merck 2015 CAR T-cell Immuno- Discovery $115M Upfront (L) oncology $826M Milestones Flexus BMS 2015 Small molecule Immuno- Preclinical $1.25B (TS) oncology discovery $800M Upfront Aurigene Curis 2015 Small molecule Melanoma, Ph1/2 $30M Upfront (L) NSCLC $52M Milestones* Aduro Biotech Novartis 2015 Small molecule Immuno- Preclinical $200M Upfront (L) oncology $500M Milestones Cellectis Pfizer 2014 CAR T-cell Immuno- Preclinical $80M Upfront (L) oncology $185M Milestones* Definiens Medimmune 2014 Biomarkers Immuno- Discovery $150M (TS) oncology + Milestones Aduro Biotech J&J Janussen 2014 LADD vaccine Mesothelioma, Preclinical $365M Upfront (L) Prostate + Milestones Oryzon Roche 2014 Small molecule Acute myeloid Ph1 $21M Upfront (L) leukemia >$500M Milestones * Per drug candidate; (L) = License; (TS) = Trade Sale Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  9. CANCURE PIPELINE • Series A to fund the first 18 months of development; planned Series B to fund the next 18 months of clinical trials for each lead product candidate to achieve maximal value uplift. • CNC118 has completed a pilot Phase 1 human clinical trial. Series A will fund the manufacturing of CNC118 for entry into a Phase 1/2 human clinical trial; Series B will fund that clinical trial. • CNC225 and CNC332 have demonstrated efficacy in animal models. Series A will fund their formal preclinical development for entry into Phase 1 human clinical trials; Series B will fund both clinical trials. Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  10. LEAD PRODUCT CANDIDATES Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  11. GENVAX PROGRAM LEAD CANDIDATE - CNC118 • Genvax cancer vaccines “train” natural immune T -cells to detect and eliminate cancer cells. • Generates many T-cell populations against various cancer cell targets, with potential for immunological memory to prevent cancer recurrence. • Being developed for the treatment of advanced-stage malignant melanoma. • Off-the-shelf therapy due to high genetic compatibility with cancer patients. • Designed for combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors such as Keytruda and with other cancer drugs to increase patient response rates. • CNC118 was well tolerated in a pilot, Ph1 human clinical trial with nine patients. • As a single agent, CNC118 showed 44% clinical benefit. • Proprietary manufacturing methods and broad patent coverage. GENVAX VIDEO - Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

  12. RECENT CANCER VACCINE DEALS Year Biotech Pharma Vaccine Indication Stage Deal VC Funding Gritstone 2015 n/a Neoantigens Lung Preclinical US$102M Oncology (Versant Ventures) Licence 2015 Bavarian Nordic BMS Prostvac Prostate Ph3 US$60M Upfront US$915M Milestones Acquisition Dendreon Valeant Provenge Prostate Market 2015 US$495M IPO 2015 Aduro n/a GVAX CRS-207 Pancreatic Ph2 US$119M IPO VC Funding 2015 Northwest Bio n/a DCVax-L Glioblastoma Ph3 US$65M (Neil Woodford) Licence Boehringer 2014 CureVac CV9202 Lung Preclinical US$45M Upfront Ingelheim US$556M Milestones Licence 2013 Inovio Roche INO-5150 Prostate Preclinical US$10M Upfront US$412M Milestones Head & neck, Acquisition 2011 BioVex Amgen T-Vec Breast, Colorectal, Ph3 US$425M Upfront Pancreatic US$575M Milestones Cancure Limited Series A Capital Raise

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