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ASN OVERVIEW DATE Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

ASN OVERVIEW DATE Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential ASN the global leader in the submarine networks business Breaking new Thought The leading light A fully integrated ground in the World

  1. ASN OVERVIEW DATE Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential

  2. ASN the global leader in the submarine networks business Breaking new Thought The leading light A fully integrated ground in the World renowned leadership through in submarine global provider after-sales service Oil & Gas, Defense our people telecoms & Security sectors Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 2

  3. Full turnkey supplier Route Planning Marine Survey Permits Design Manufacturing Support & Maintenance Marine Lay Installation & Commissioning Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 3

  4. Offering full turnkey submarine systems across all markets and locations INSTALLATION SERVICE LIFE CONCEPTION & PRODUCTION Marine Installation & Permits Design Manufacturing Marine lay Civil works After sales support & maintenance survey commissioning MARINE ENGINEERING 3 CABLE SHIPS 25-YEAR LONG-TERM SUPPORT • In-house capabilities (routing, permitting, etc.) • Installation of submarine cable systems • Complete system coverage: marine and land route, station equipment, NOC, spare depots • Worldwide marine maintenance, marine NETWORK ENGINEERING CIVIL WORKS & land cable repair services • Technical expertise and 30,000km of fiber • In-house civil works experts • Preventive maintenance, AIS active cable for lab test protection services • Recycling FULL CONTROL OF WORKS MANUFACTURING • Dedicated experts for technical support • End-to-end management of the whole system • Full control of manufacturing process, with & 24/7, 365 days hotline from installation to commissioning 3 factories in Calais, Greenwich and Trondheim • A dedicated commercial interface Highly flexible organization with proven Same operating process Strong control of quality to deliver Cost optimization throughout track-record to control risk of in all geographies highly reliable system the project lifetime implementation and deliver on time Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 4

  5. More than 160 years of experience 18 1854 4 Cable factory established in Greenwich (UK) 1891 18 1 Cable factory established in Calais (France) 19 1994 Alcatel France acquires STC (UK) and becomes Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) 201 2014 ASN acquires Optoplan (Norway) 5 Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential

  6. Worldwide presence 1,800 Employees & contractors worldwide Trondheim, Norway R&D, Commercial Office Calais, France 650,000 Manufacturing, R&D, Cable depot, Port Base Greenwich, UK Paris-Saclay, France km of optical cables deployed Manufacturing HQ, R&D, Commercial Office Taiwan Cable depot, Port Base Hong Kong Miami, USA 330,000 Commercial Office Commercial Office Cape Verde Cable depot, Port Base km of submarine cables maintained Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Commercial Office 6 Sydney, Australia 3 cable ships for installation Commercial Office 3 maintenance vessels Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 6

  7. Our pillars Leading and reliable Comprehensive portfolio optical technology Telecom systems High capacity Oil & Gas Networking flexibility Defense & Security 25-year long-term support 50,000 km per year 650,000 km The largest manufacturing capability of optical cables deployed in the industry Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 7

  8. Our strategic areas of expertise Telecoms Oil & Gas Defense Services Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 8

  9. innovation and reliability are an integral part of ASN’s DNA Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 9

  10. Internet players (OTTs) Telcos Private investors • Cost optimizing solutions SDM • Fiber pair business granularity • An enabler for capacity & highest distance Telecoms POP-TO-POP • Extension of submarine services up to PoP* Pop-to-Pop • Allowing optical transparency • Low cost solution for short distance (< 400km) UNREPEATED Connectivity / Capacity Unrepeatered • Can be fully integrated with a repeated system Reliability Full Turnkey & Open Systems • Allowing maximisation of fiber pair capacity Capacity • Unique project team experience Upgrades • Bringing capacity to any network • Fully integrated PoP: Point of Presence Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 10

  11. Architect of e-field* • An enabler for remote operations Platform • Allowing real time, high bandwidth, reliable communications Connectivity • Irrespective of weather conditions • Permanent reservoir and overburden monitoring Oil & Gas Sensing • Pipeline and downhole monitoring (DAS* & PRM*) • Asset integrity Remote operation of O&G • Infrastructure standard for subsea control Powering fields • Enabler for all electric fields (DC/FO*) • Powering unmanned platform e-field: Digitalization and electrification of offshore fields DAS : Distributed Acoustic Sensing PRM : Permanent Reservoir Monitoring DC/FO : Direct Current and Fiber Optics Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 11

  12. Military Applications Anti-submarine & electronic warfare Civil Applications Infrastructures, oil & gas, utilities • Critical asset protection (harbor, pipeline, submarine cables) Defense Passive Acoustic • Coastal security (submarine and surface threats) Reliable Cable Systems for • Power for subsea supervising station Subsea Surveillance (drone docking stations, multi-sensor platform, Powering active/passive sonars…) Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 12

  13. Telcos Private Investors OTTs O&G • Technical Assistance • Hardware Repair • Technical Assistance • AIS • NOC Global Services Contracts (GSC) • Hardware Repair • Land Cable • A-DCN • Equipment upgrade • Training • Training • Equipment upgrade On-Demand Services Services (ODS) • Wet plant testing • Coaching • Wet plant testing • Coaching • Atlantic agreement • Ad-hoc solutions* Marine Dry-Wet • Asia Pacific • Depot, spare Maintenance • Ad-hoc solutions • Atlantic agreement agreement management Integrated Services • Depot, spare management • Asia Pacific agreement • Dry recycling Innovative Support (station equipment) Recycling Unrivalled Expertise • Decommissioned cable recycling Ad-hoc solutions: tailored solutions just in case standard solutions (APMA or APMMSA) can’t be used. Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 13

  14. Customer-focused project implementation Support throughout the Project 25-year long-term support Dedicated Teams of Experts Technical, project management, maintenance and finance ASN is Focused on Customers’ Requirements and Expectations Helping our customers meet their requirements and expectations by adjusting them throughout the project life cycle when deemed necessary . Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 14

  15. Delivering reliability and quality Reliability, Quality, Safety & Environment ASN equipment is reliable and complies with all the key international standards • Quality Certificates ISO 9000 / TL9000 (Paris-Saclay, Calais and Greenwich) ISO 90001 (ASN Norway) • Environment Certificates ISO 14001 (Calais and Greenwich) • Health and Safety Certificates OHSAS 18001 (Calais, Greenwich and ASN Norway) • QHSE Organization Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 15

  16. ASN: a worldwide leader in submarine networks SUBCOM ASN 22% 33% NEC 18% Others 27% Submarine networks market shares from 2013 to 2018 Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 16

  17. OTTs are becoming the largest investors in submarine networks OTT Long Haul projects 45% 39% 40% Faster, GTT 2014 35% 8 30% Monet, AEConnect, NCP, Tannat 2015 23% 25% Hawaiki, Marea, Brusa 19% 2016 18% 20% 5 x1.7 Indigo, HK-Guam, PLCN, 15% 2017 11% Jupiter, HKA 4 10% 3 Havfrue, SJC2, JGA, Curie, Dunant, 2018 5% Equiano, Malbec, Havhingsten 2 0% 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 XX% Share of OTTs (as % of total orders) # of OTT long haul projects Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 17

  18. Innovation is ASN’s DNA 4 Research & Development sites Paris-Saclay, Greenwich, Calais and Trondheim, with a team of more than 300 experts Recognitions 2018 - Platform connectivity with GBOOC, ExxonMobil 2017 - Calais training school certification 2016 - Awarded AFIAP Prize with Total 2016 - Medal of Innovation from the city of Calais 2015 - Bell Labs President Award for “Agile Branching Unit” 2014 - CSR Medal for the cable recycling activity 8 Queens Awards for export and technology since 1983 Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 18

  19. An innovation house SDM DC/FO Best-in-class technology upgrades Distributed Acoustic Sensing SOFTNODE Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 19

  20. ASN leading design shift towards SDM 1 Disruptive and Innovative Solution Cable Capacity Increase Fiber Pair Management System • Spatial Division Multiplexing • Highest FP count repeater on the market (16FPs) • New conductor with the same performance: Aluminium Products cable • Fiber with the best tradeoff Quality vs. Cost: 80µm² • Highly reliable technology with pump farming • Doubling of the number of FPs: 16FPs Technologies • Low effective area leading to the best tradeoff Quality vs. Cost • 2 nd conductor source Alcatel Submarine Networks - Confidential 20


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