2016 iceh alumni workshop presentation summary

2016 ICEH Alumni Workshop - Presentation Summary Summary of alumni - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

2016 ICEH Alumni Workshop - Presentation Summary Summary of alumni Goals for the next 2-3 Name Challenges Positive outcomes presentation years Desiree Murray Caribbean has highest prevalence of Translating research Influencing the

  1. 2016 ICEH Alumni Workshop - Presentation Summary Summary of alumni Goals for the next 2-3 Name Challenges Positive outcomes presentation years Desiree Murray Caribbean has highest prevalence of  Translating research  Influencing the next  National eye care Trinidad & Tobago POAG in the world. 20% of persons recommendations into generation to pursue PHEC. coordination. with POAG in the 30-39 year age policy change.  Guidelines for group. Persons aged 30-39 are management of glaucoma. under diagnosed. For every unit  Start PhD. increase in age – 10% increase risk of blindness. 13% of persons with glaucoma already blind at first visit to eye clinic. Emmanual  Optometry services in Ashanti  Being able to implement  I have been appointed as  To publish my Kobia-Acquah Region and patient referral the skills acquired has board member of voluntary dissertation. (Kobby) patterns at the optometric clinics been different due to the optometric services for  Improve research output Ghana affiliated to KNUST. existing status quo. Humanity (VOSH-Ghana). by engaging more in eye  Department representative health epidemiological for VAO. studies. Also, to be able to  Partnership with Optical effectively supervise my Foundation. student’s undergraduate project work to a standard that can be published.  To enrol in a PhD programme. Irfan Khattak  Situation analysis of DR services  Finding time for  Better say in the affairs of  Develop my hospital to a Pakistan in Pakistan. publishing of submission my institute. tertiary eye care facility.  Cross sectional descriptive study. of work for publication  A step closer to the  A thorough SA of DR  Structured questionnaires for  Transition towards being a development of my hospital services in Pakistan. assessment of skills, training and public health care worker from being secondary care  Followed by the workload of DR patient on Eye besides being a clinical towards a tertiary eye care development of a care professional, equipment, ophthalmologist. facility. comprehensive DR infrastructure. Referral pathway.  Involvement of  Inspiring others for getting screening & management  Results: governmental eye care involved in community eye programme for the  8 eye care facilities facilities in developmental health. country at some stage.  9 ophthalmologists programmes.  Only 1 functional laser  Poor referral pathway  HMCS almost non-existent

  2. 2016 ICEH Alumni Workshop - Presentation Summary Selben Penzin  The learning process at LSHTM,  Writing up summaries  Being able to teach resident  Enrol in a PhD or Drph Nigeria epidemiology, biostatistics and with poor internet doctors on academic writing programme. computer skills. connection. especially the aspects of  Become a full-time  Rationale and aims of my  Working with an already correct referencing and lecturer and researchers. dissertations. established institution plagiarism.  Establish a pathway of  Results from my dissertation with set regulations –  Being able to put together a collaboration with  Recommendations for a positive being able to sell new proposal for cost- traditional eye change. ideas. containment measures in practitioners.  Transitioning from my hospital.  Strengthen eye care paperwork / classroom to services – encourage actual implementation of surgeons to improve on lessons learned. surgical outcomes and boost the confidence of the communities in hospital care. Dorothy Mutie  Life before PHEC – clinician,  Disappointment with my  Opportunity to use learning  Enhanced e-learning Kenya surgeon, trainer. marks: qualitative portion and teaching methods in among my students.  Life during PHEC & lessons learnt not well done. my training job.  Publish my dissertation – networking, critiquing research,  Apathy in getting round to  Drafted into the committee and findings of EHSA exposure to eye programmes summarising my spearheading the eye Kenya, present at  Life after PHEC – transition into dissertation in preparation health systems assessment COECSA, OSK teaching middle level eye health for publication. for Kenya. (Ophthalmological Society workers.  Involved in partnership of Kenya).  Acknowledgement of support – talks at my new place of financial, institutional, social, work. academic, divine.  Published article in CEHJournal. Islam Elbieh  Presenting my dissertation’s  Restoring my life & job.  MoH changes its priority list  Publish my dissertation. Egypt methodology and results:  Commencing policy concerning outreach, HR,  Career shift towards public “Evaluation of performance of makers with my progress equipment. health. ca taract services in Egypt” findings.  Establishing protocol of  Achieving VISION 2020  Presenting my experience in  Raise the awareness of cooperation between “NEC” and GAP in my country. LSHTM. public health and research and university for  Presenting the impact of my value in national eye supporting research. degree and dissertation. centre (NEC)  Starting department of community ophthalmology in NEC.

  3. 2016 ICEH Alumni Workshop - Presentation Summary Jacquelyn Validation of screening parameters  Balancing clinical & public  Implementation of my  Establishment of global O’Banion for URE in children in Swaziland. health work. findings by the partner ophthalmology fellowship USA  Being overwhelmed by NGO. with a strong focus on the number of breadth of public health. projects with ICEH  Carry out & publish a support. quality research project.  Develop an impactful DR screening programme for Georgia. Nnenne Onu  There is a great need for policies  Having the right approach  Different perspective to  Help improve the quality Nigeria that will encourage redistribution to making decisions. work and improve teaching of graduates passing of optometrists and refraction to  Difficulties with getting method. through my institution. rural areas in Nigeria. This will partnerships & funding.  Effective advocacy for eye  Forming meaningful reduce the rate of migration  Writing up publication and health. partnerships and links across borders. By engaging with getting funding for it.  Gained more confidence with organisations on eye policy makers and the  Getting funding for 10GA and skills which I am using health. government, this can be achieved. conference. positively.  Presenting my work at a The quality of training provided to  Better engagement with conference and getting it optometrists need to improve on senior colleagues (though published. the practical based aspect too. it’s still a work in progress).  Liaising with stakeholders on placements for students.  Effectively starting up externships/placements outside while training students.

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