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Medical tourism in the Yaroslavl Regional Perinatal Center About us The state budgetary institution of the Yaroslavl region Regional Perinatal Center opened its doors to patients on July 12, 2011. Today it is the largest Perinatal Center in

  1. Medical tourism in the Yaroslavl Regional Perinatal Center

  2. About us The state budgetary institution of the Yaroslavl region “Regional Perinatal Center” opened its doors to patients on July 12, 2011. Today it is the largest Perinatal Center in the region, which provides specialized and high-tech medical care in obstetrics and gynecology, including the provision of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). All departments of the Center are equipped with advanced medical equipment, the park of which is regularly updated. Our staff is highly qualified specialists with modern knowledge and the latest technology. More than 2000 gynecological surgeries are performed at the Center annually, 87% of high-level surgeries. Every year we carry out more than 450 cycles of IVF, the effectiveness of which is 30%. All our patients are provided with comfortable conditions of stay and staff support during their stay in the clinic. We invite you to undergo examination and treatment in comfortable conditions for patients from all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign citizens. With care for mother and baby!

  3. Our advantages High professionalism Modern equipment Individual Strict quality control approach of the medical service provided A ll our specialists own a We work on the equipment of Our patients undergo System of quality and full range of modern world leaders: Karl Storz treatment in single safety of medical techniques of operative endoscopic racks, Aesculap and double rooms, activity gynecology and ART, laparoscopic instruments, always surrounded regularly undergo Medtronic ultrasonic by care and attention, training at the leading dissectors, ORIGIO laminar staff with knowledge Russian and foreign flow cabinets, Binder of the English clinics, participate in incubators, Nikon Eclipse Ti2 language participate international seminars microscope with Eppendorf in the treatment. and conferences micromanipulation system

  4. Our unique specialists • Kabeshov Alexander Mikhailovich - Head of the Operating Unit. • Gynecologist/Oncologist. • Specialization - endoscopic surgery within the field of gynaecology. • Member of ESGE. • Internships at CICE (Clermont-Ferrand, France), IRCAD (Strasbourg, France), MIG (Wendisch-Rietz, Germany). • Gainullin Dmitry Gennadievich - head of the gynecological department, obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category.

  5. Our unique specialists • Zabolotnov Vladimir Stanislavovich - obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, internship in the clinic Mario Malzoni (Italy). • Smirnova Olga Aleksandrovna - reproductologist, obstetrician- gynecologist of the highest category, member of ESHRE and RARCH, chairman of the Yaroslavl regional branch of RARCH

  6. Our unique specialists • Melnikova Nadezhda Vikentievna - reproductologist, obstetrician- gynecologist of the first category, member of RARCH. • Maltzova Julia Yuryevna reproductologist, obstetrician- gynecologist of the first category, member of RARCH • Dybin Alexander Viktorovich - urologist andrologist of the highest category.

  7. Unique treatments Gynecological surgery • Expert level of laparoscopic surgery for deep infiltrative endometriosis with damage to the urinary tract, intestines, pelvic cell spaces, nerves and plexuses. • Reconstructive, reproductive oriented laparoscopic surgery of the uterus with multiple large fibroids with any localization of myomas using temporary occlusion of the internal iliac vessels. Bloodless surgery and quality restoration of the uterus for women oriented to subsequent natural births. • Genital prolapse surgery with individual access planning and applied technologies. Rational use of approved meshes materials and methods: transobturator sling, intravaginal sacrospinal colpocervicosuspension, colposacropexy. Sling and own tissue surgery of stress incontinence (TVT-O, TOT, Burch procedure). Infertility and assisted reproductive technology • Rapid examination of the causes of infertility; • Screening to determine the male factor in infertility; • Intrauterine insemination; • Examination and preparation for IVF (in vitro fertilization); • IVF and ICSI (sperm injection into the oocyte cytoplasm); • cryopreservation of germ cells; • cryopreservation of embryos.

  8. Hospitalization Procedure 1. Before hospitalization, you must send an e-mail extract from the medical documentation in English or Russian. 2. During the day (our specialist will answer you and state the date and time of hospitalization). 3. On the appointed date, you must contact office 817 (reception of the director). 4. When hospitalizing, a foreign citizen must have: • - Passport with a valid visa and migration card (for citizens from foreign countries); • - Passport with a migration card (for citizens from neighboring countries); • - Translation of a passport; • - Comfortable clothes, replaceable shoes, personal hygiene items, medicines (constantly taken), a mobile phone with a charger.

  9. Payment order • Payment for medical and services is made on the day of hospitalization at the rates of the GBUZ YAO “Regional Perinatal Center” after the conclusion of the agreement in rubles in cash or by credit card at the cash desk of the institution, by bank transfer to the personal account with the details specified in the contract.

  10. Contacts opc.yaroslavl@yandex.ru You will be answered within 24 hours. At the origins of life!


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