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Virtual Annual General Meeting 17 July 2020 Corona: well prepared - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

EnBW Virtual Annual General Meeting 17 July 2020 Corona: well prepared for the crisis early on Protecting health as the number one priority Secure supply of electricity, gas, water and heating at all times Investment in IT and

  1. EnBW Virtual Annual General Meeting 17 July 2020

  2. Corona: well prepared for the crisis early on » Protecting health as the number one priority Secure supply of electricity, gas, water » and heating at all times » Investment in IT and digital infrastructure has paid off » Social responsibility beyond the area of energy supply 2

  3. » Increase in earnings for the third year in a row Financial target for 2020 achieved one year » early » Tangible progress towards 2025 3

  4. Figure in 2012 Target for 2020 €0.2 €0.4 Sales +100% billion billion EnBW 2020 €1.0 €0.8 Grids 25% billion billion Financial target €0.7 €0.2 already achieved in 2019 Renewable Energies 250% billion billion €1.2 €0.3 Generation and Trading -80% billion billion » €2.4 billion €2.4 billion Adjusted EBITDA 4

  5. 20.815 2.433 18.765 2.158 Significant increase +12.7 % -9.9 % 787 in earnings 438 Measures have had an impact +79.5 % 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 Adjusted Revenue Adjusted Group net profit* EBITDA in € million in € million in € million *Profit/loss shares attributable to the shareholders of 5 EnBW AG

  6. Sales Increased number of customer » contracts for EnBW, Yello and NE+ brands E-mobility: market leader for » quick charging in Germany » Highest growth rate for private PV/storage solutions » Rapidly expanding broadband business significantly strengthened 6

  7. Grids » Grid stability and security of supply ensured Interruptions to supply reduced by a » further 12 percent » Netze BW participation model for local authorities launched » Preparations for Ultranet and SuedLink are on track 7

  8. Renewable Energies » Hohe See/Albatros offshore wind farms completed Successful entry onto the French » and Swedish markets » Four solar parks built, well stocked project pipeline » First solar park without state funding under construction 8

  9. Generation and Trading » Coal exit: ammendments to the brown coal contract required Inauguration of the converted gas » power plant in Stuttgart-Gaisburg » Gas: Number one in Germany in the profitable biomethane business » Philippsburg nuclear power plant shut down on schedule 9

  10. Growth: Main focus of investment is on sustainable projects Sales Generation 12% 3.315 Grids and Trading 4% 1.786 37% 2018 2019 47% Gross Renewable Energies investment in € million 10

  11. Dividends Adjusted Group Total dividend Proposed Dividend » » net profit* payout dividend 2019 for 2019 payout ratio €787 million €189.6 40 %** €0.70 /share million Increase to €0.70 *Profit/loss shares attributable to the shareholders of EnBW AG 11 **Adjusted for the valuation effects of IFRS 9 in the financial result

  12. 325 Sales to 400 Forecast 2020 1,300 Grids to 2,750 1,400 Earnings target still Group to achievable despite coronavirus 2,900 825 Renewable Energies to 925 425 Generation and Trading to 500 Adjusted EBITDA in € million 12

  13. Sustainable System critical generation infrastructure EnBW 2025 infrastructure strategy €1.3 €1.3 billion billion Increasing the €0.6 operating result billion to €3.2 billion Smart infrastructure for customers 13

  14. Increase in earnings and early achievement of » EnBW 2020 target » Viewing the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity » Further development based on the 2025 strategy 14

  15. » Disclaimer All of the figures refer – unless otherwise stated – to the EnBW Group “potential”, “continued” and similar expressions. and are – unless otherwise indicated – calculated according to IFRS. › By nature, forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that cannot be controlled or accurately predicted by EnBW. Actual events, future results, the financial position, No offer or investment recommendation development or performance of EnBW and the companies of the EnBW Group may therefore diverge considerably from the forward- › This presentation has been prepared for information purposes only. It looking statements made in this presentation. Therefore, it cannot be does not constitute an offer, an invitation or a recommendation to guaranteed nor can any liability otherwise be assumed that these purchase or sell securities issued by EnBW Energie Baden- forward-looking statements will prove complete, correct or precise, Württemberg AG (EnBW), a company of the EnBW Group or any other or that expected and forecast results will actually occur in the future. company. This presentation also does not constitute a request, invitation or recommendation to vote or give consent. All descriptions, examples and calculations are included in this No obligation to update the information presentation for illustrative purposes only. › EnBW assumes no obligation of any kind to update the information contained in this presentation or to adjust or otherwise update Forward-looking statements forward-looking statements to future events or developments. › This presentation contains forward-looking statements which are based on current assumptions, plans, estimates and forecasts made by the management of EnBW. Forward-looking statements of this kind are therefore only valid at the time they were first published. › Forward-looking statements are indicated by the context, but may also be identified by the use of the words “can”, “will”, “should”, “plans”, “intends”, “expects”, “thinks”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, 15


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