quarterly presentation q3 fy18

Quarterly Presentation Q3 FY18 January 2018 Important Disclosure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Quarterly Presentation Q3 FY18 January 2018 Important Disclosure No representation or warranty, express or implied is made as to, and no reliance should be placed on, the fairness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of such information or

  1. Quarterly Presentation – Q3 FY18 January 2018

  2. Important Disclosure No representation or warranty, express or implied is made as to, and no reliance should be placed on, the fairness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of such information or opinions contained herein. The information contained in this presentation is only current as of its date. Certain statements made in this presentation may not be based on historical information or facts and may be “forward looking statements”, including those relating to the Company’s general business plans and strategy, its future financial condition and growth prospects, and future developments in its industry and its competitive and regulatory environment. Actual results may differ materially from these forward-looking statements due to a number of factors, including future changes or developments in the Company’s business, its competitive environment and political, economic, legal and social conditions in India. This communication is for general information purpose only, without regard to specific objectives, financial situations and needs of any particular person. This presentation does not constitute an offer or invitation to purchase or subscribe for any shares in the Company and neither any part of it shall form the basis of or be relied upon in connection with any contract or commitment whatsoever. The Company may alter, modify or otherwise change in any manner the content of this presentation, without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes. This presentation can not be copied and/or disseminated in any manner. 2

  3. Key Highlights ▪ Successfully consummated the acquisition of the partner’s entire stake in Cayman Islands Hospital, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of NH and thereby creating value for all our stakeholders ▪ Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre (MSMC), Bengaluru successfully separated conjoined twins. This medical problem is a rare event, occurring once in ~100,000 births and the survival rate is also very low ▪ SMVDNSH, Jammu performed the first case of Endovascular Aortic Repair. This is the first case of its kind in the Operational and region. This establishes our pre-eminence in performing cutting edge cardio-vascular procedures Clinical highlights ▪ MSMC treated a rare cancer called Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma of Pelvic Bone. The affected part of the pelvic bone was removed and replanted after sterilizing it via radiation through a technique called Extra Corporeal Radiotherapy ▪ NH won “The Health Brand of the Year in Healthcare” at the India Health & Wellness Awards in December 2017 ▪ NH was recognized in various fields at International Healthcare Summit and Awards in Deçember 2017 ✓ SRCC Children’s Hospital, Mumbai won “The Best Superspeciality Hospital of the Year Award in Paediatrics ” ✓ RTIICS, Kolkata won “The Best Cardiac Science Institute of the Year Award” Awards and Honors ✓ NSH, Howrah won “The Best Superspeciality Hospital of the Year Award in Oncology” ▪ NICS, Bengaluru won “The Medical Value Travel Specialist Hospital Award in Interventional Cardiology” at the Advantage Healthcare India Summit in October 2017 ▪ Operating revenue of INR 5,538 mn, an increase of 21.7% YoY ▪ EBITDA of INR 552 mn, reflecting an EBITDA margin of 10.0% Financial ▪ Net debt of INR 3,100 (1) mn as on December 31 st , 2017, reflecting net debt to equity ratio of 0.31 Performance (1) As on January 3 rd , 2018, the consolidated net debt was INR 6,973 mn (out of which, debt worth INR 3,648 mn is USD denominated) after the Cayman Islands’ transaction representing a net debt to equity ratio of 0.69 3

  4. Leading Pan-India Multispeciality Healthcare Group As on 31 st December 2017 NH’s footprint in India 50 Healthcare Facilities Operational beds 20 Owned / Operated Hospitals (1) 4,836 Beds Kakriyal, Jammu 3 Managed Hospitals (2) 587 Beds Northern Region 2 hospitals and 1 upcoming 7 Heart Centres 351 Beds facility in NCR Operational beds: 344 19 Primary Healthcare Facilities (3) 10 Beds Delhi NCR 1 Hospital in Cayman Islands 105 Beds Western Region 5 hospitals Jaipur 6,888 Capacity Beds Operational beds: 902 Guwahati Durgapur 5,889 Jamshedpur Operational Beds Palanpur Ahmedabad Raipur Average Effective Capital Cost per 2.8 mn (4) Kolkata Operational Bed Mumbai Eastern Region 9 hospitals, 1 heart centre 30+ Specialities Hospital operational beds: 1,966 Bellary Shimoga Heart centres operational beds: 49 Kolkata has 6 hospitals (3 are acquired) Bengaluru Karnataka Region 7 hospitals, 6 heart centres 360 (5) Daily Average Surgeries and Procedures Hospital operational beds: 2,211 Mysore Heart centres operational beds: 302 Bengaluru has 4 hospitals Full-time Employees and Associates 15,906 including 3,388 doctors (1) NH owns the P&L responsibility Planned Facility Existing Hospital (2) NH manages 3 rd party hospitals for Management Fees (3) Includes clinics, information centres, etc (4) Based on (Gross Block for Fixed Assets (adjusted for non-cash government grant provision, non-cash financial lease for Dharamshila unit )+ Capital Work in Progress (CWIP)) / Number of operational beds as of December 31 st 2017 but excluding Managed Hospitals and Cayman facility 4 (5) Daily average calculated on 92 days basis

  5. Revenue Mix Operating Revenue Business Mix INR mn 16,341 13,946 94% 5% 1% 5,538 4,553 (1) Owned / Operated Hospitals Heart Centres (2) Other Anciliary Businesses Q3 FY17 Q3 FY18 9M FY17 9M FY18 Speciality-Profile (7) Payee-Profile (3) Maturity-Wise (5) Cluster-Wise (5,6,8) 14% 11% 10% 7% 4% 12% 5% 8% 18% 42% 46% 53% 15% 9% 66% 10% 35% 19% 16% Cardiac Sciences Gastro Sciences Walk-in patients Oncology Neuro Sciences (4) Karnataka East Insured Patients Over 5 years 3 to 5 years Renal Sciences Orthopaedics (4) Schemes Less than 3 years Acquired facilities West North Others International patients (1) NH owns the P&L responsibility (2) Includes managed hospitals, clinics, learning and development, teleradiology, etc (3) As percentage of IP and OP revenue, excludes Jammu VGF, Dharamshila and clinics (4) Insured Patients include Insurance-covered patients, corporate patients (including public sector undertakings); Schemes include CGHS, ESIS, other state government schemes (5) Calculated on operating revenue of owned / operated hospitals (6) Western cluster include units at Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Raipur and SRCC; and Northern cluster include units at Jammu and Delhi 5 (7) Calculated on IP revenue; 6 core specialities (cardiac sciences, renal sciences, oncology, neurosciences, gastroenterology and orthopaedics) account for~89% of IP revenue in Q3 FY18, excludes clinics data, Jammu VGF (8) Figures might not add up to 100% due to rounding off

  6. Operational Review Operational Beds Occupancy Rate (1,2) 60.9% 56.7% 5,889 5,576 31st Dec 2016 31st Dec 2017 Q3 FY17 Q3 FY18 ARPOB (1) ALOS (1) INR mn Days 8.0 7.7 4.2 3.9 Q3 FY17 Q3 FY18 Q3 FY17 Q3 FY18 (1) Excludes Managed Hospitals & Cayman facility (2) Occupancy calculated on census beds 6

  7. Regional Split Region Hospitals (1) % of Hospital % of Hospital Operational Parameters (2) Operating Revenue (2,5) Operational Beds (1) ARPOB (INR mn) YoY Growth Occupancy Karnataka 46% (3) 41% 7 8.3 62% Region 18% Eastern 9 7.5 71% 35% 36% (3) Region 21% Western (3) 12% 17% 7.6 49% 5 Region 18% Northern 2 7% 6% 9.3 51% (4) Region 201% (1) Include Managed hospitals and excludes Cayman facility Karnataka cluster includes NICS, MSMC, units at Shimoga, Mysore, HSR, Whitefield and Bellary • (2) Exclude Managed hospitals and Cayman facility Eastern cluster includes RTIICS, RNN, RTSC, Barasat, Guwahati, 2 units of MMRHl, Jamshedpur and Durgapur • (3) Karnataka, Eastern and Western clusters include 1 managed hospital each Western cluster includes units at Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Raipur, SRCC and Palanpur • (4) Dharamshila unit was not a part of NH in Q3 FY17 Northern cluster includes units at Jammu and Delhi • 7 (5) Figures might not add up to 100% due to rounding off

  8. Maturity Profile Maturity (1) Hospitals (2) % of Hospital % of Hospital Key Performance Indicators (3) Operational Beds (2,6) Operating Revenue (3) YoY Growth ARPOB (INR mn) Occupancy (5) EBITDAR Margin (4) Over 5 years 8 66% 53% 8.4 65% 24.1% 18% 3 to 5 Years 6 18% 15% 7.1 55% 6.2% 14% Less than 3 (3) 5 15% 5% 7.0 59% -28.7% years 91% (7) Acquired 4 14% 13% 7.5 61% 10.6% Operations 70% (8) Maturity determined as on 31 st March’ 17 (1) - Over 5 years include NICS,MSMC, RTIICS, units at Jaipur, Raipur, Jamshedpur and 2 other units at Kolkata viz. RNN, RTSC (2) Include Managed hospitals and exclude Cayman facility - 3-5 years include units at, Ahmedabad, Mysore, Shimoga, HSR, Whitefield and Guwahati (3) Exclude Managed hospitals and Cayman facility - Less than 3 years include 3 managed hospitals and 2 units at Jammu and SRCC (4) EBITDA before rental/revenue share and before allocation of any corporate expenses - Acquired facilities include 2 units of MMRHL, Kolkata, units at Barasat (Kolkata) and Dharamshila (5) Occupancy is calculated on census beds 8 (7) SRCC was not a part of NH in Q3 FY17 (6) Percentages in pie might not add up to 100% due to rounding off (8) Dharamshila was not a part of NH in Q3 FY17


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