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Growing the Future . Leading the World. Undergraduate Admission & Recruitment Presentation Historically Black College/ University was founded in 1867 as Centenary Biblical Institute renamed Morgan College in 1890 became a

  1. Growing the Future . Leading the World. Undergraduate Admission & Recruitment Presentation

  2. … Historically Black College/ University … was founded in 1867 as Centenary Biblical Institute … renamed Morgan College in 1890 … became a state institution in 1939 … established as an university in 1975 History & Background

  3. Ranked in the top 25 schools for women and Hispanics. Centralized campus in residential area of Baltimore City. Medium sized institution, Excellence Driven, Access to world class faculty about 8,000 students. Familial, Exciting. and to campus leadership. 18:1 About MSU

  4. Fully accredited individual courses, South African online degree programs & Universities Hubei University (in China) workforce development & Morgan State University 3 rd in Engineering 1 st in Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees to AA 4 th in Architecture 2 nd in Doctorates degrees to AA 5 th in Hospitality Management Innovation & Excellence

  5. Catherine Pugh Kweisi Mfume Politician NAACP Earl G. Graves Tanya Bell Visanthe Shiancoe Black Enterprise Actress/Musician NFL Player Joe Clair David Talbert Kevin Liles Comedian Movie Director Former President “Baggage Claim” Def Jam Recording Notable Alums

  6.  College of Liberal Arts  School of Engineering Ranked 3 rd  Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management Ranked 12 th  School of Education and Urban Studies Ranked 19 th  School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences Ranked 9 th  School of Community Health and Policy  School of Architecture and Planning  School of Social Work Earl S. Richardson Library Academic Programs

  7. Pre-Medical Accounting Hospitality Management Pre-Dentistry Actuarial Science Information Systems Mgmt Pre-Physical Therapy Architecture & Environmental Design Journalism Pre-Law Biology Marketing Broadcast & Integrated Media Prod Management Business Administration Mathematics African Studies Chemistry Medical Technology Cinematic Studies Computer Science Music Comics & Graphic Novel Storytelling Construction Management Nursing Computer Animation Economics Nutritional Science/Dietetic Criminal Justice Elementary Education Philosophy & Religious Studies East Asian Studies English Physical Ed./Sports Administr Earl S. Richardson Library Environmental Studies Engineering, Civil Physics & Engineering Physics Fashion Merchandizing Engineering, Electrical & Computer Political Science Film & Digital Storytelling Engineering, Industrial Psychology French Entrepreneurship Secondary Education Journalism Family Consumer Sciences Social Work Latin American & Caribbean Studies Finance Sociology & Anthropology Museum Studies Fine Arts Speech Communications Religious Studies Foreign Languages Theater Arts Screenwriting & Animation Health Education/Administration Transportation Systems Spanish History & Geography Women’s & Gender Studies

  8. First Time Freshmen  Online application  $35 application fee or fee waiver  Official high school transcript  SAT or ACT scores  500 word essay  2 letters of recommendation (counselor & teacher) Transfer Students  Online application  $35 application fee  Official transcript from all colleges/universities  Official high school transcript (< 24 credits)  SAT or ACT scores (< 12 credits) Admission Requirements

  9. Academic Criteria  Academic performance  Rigor of academic program  Strength of curriculum  Honors and AP courses  Progression of Performance  Class rank  Quality of essay Academic Criteria (con’t)  Extracurricular activities  Recommendations  Leadership  Unique talents and/or abilities  Personal experiences and background  Residency Admission  Alumni affiliation Requirements

  10. Freshmen Scholarships  Highest at 3.5 GPA  1300 SAT (CR & MATH) or 27 ACT MD Residents  1400 SAT (CR & MATH) or 29 ACT non-MD Residents  Full tuition, fees, room, board & $500 per semester for books Transfer Scholarships For more information visit  Starting at 3.5 GPA  $1,500 per semester university_honors_program.html Students are automatically considered for all programs at the time of application. Honors Program

  11.  Alternative Admissions  6 weeks summer program  Must be referred by Admissions  Limited spaces (300)  Free for MD Residents & $550 for non-MD Residents (last year) Students are automatically considered for all programs at the time of application. Alternative Programs

  12.  CCBC Student  Live on campus at Morgan  Start during fall semester  Duration: 1 or 2 semesters  Cost is split between MSU & CCBC  Attend MD Community College  Earn 12-24 transferrable credits Students are automatically considered for  Receive Morgan Bear Card all programs at the time of application.  Go to games, events, library, etc.  Liaison at MSU & Community College  Smooth transition to Morgan Alternative Programs

  13. Resident $ 3,821 Tuition & Fees $ 2,930 On-Campus Housing $ 1,633 Regular Meal Plan $ 8,384 Total Per Semester Non Resident $ 8,528 Tuition & Fees Prices are subject to change $ 2,930 On-Campus Housing $ 1,633 Regular Meal Plan $ 13,091 Total Per Semester Cost

  14. Step 1: Complete the FAFSA School Code: 002083 Step 2: Financial Aid will begin awarding in February Step 3: Accept your aid online via WebSIS For more information call us at: 443-885-3170 or visit online: Financial Aid

  15. Gates Millennium Scholarship  3.3.GPA (unweighted)  Average Award $11,500  Separate application process ( Private Sector  Wal-Mart  McDonald’s Fastweb Government   Congressman  Senators  Delegates Unusual College Scholarships  Scholarships college-scholarships.aspx  Scholarships

  16. Office of Student Success & Retention  Disability Support Services  Advise first year students  Academic development CASA  First-Year Student Program  Resource/Tutoring Center Academic Enrichment Program  Advise exploratory students  Tutoring in residential halls  Develop strengths-based  Identify Learning Styles education program  Develop academic plans & study habits Resources

  17. University Writing Center  School papers  Writing proficiency exam  Internship applications  Graduate school essays Counseling Center Individual & Group Counseling Center for Career Development  Embracing Morgan’s diversity  Major and career matches  Beating procrastination  Internship and job searches  Dealing with grief or loss  Resume Workshops  Substance abuse  Interview preparation  Surviving a breakup  Men of power  For Senior’s only sessions Resources

  18. Extra-Curricular Programs

  19. Greek Life Women’s Sport Men’s Sport Most Popular A Φ A Basketball Basketball SGA AKA Bowling Football Choir KA Ѱ Cheerleading Tennis Band ΩѰΦ Volleyball Cross Country ROTC ∆∑ϴ Cross Country Track & Field Morganettes ΦВ∑ Softball Foxy Dancers Z ΦВ Tennis ∑Γ P Track & Field I Φϴ For more information , please visit online at: Extra-Curricular Programs

  20.  2 Traditional High Risers o Blount Towers (Females) – 315 capacity o Rawlings Hall (Males) – 208 capacity  Traditional Halls o O’Connell Hall (Freshmen Males)  Double Occupancy Rooms o Baldwin Hall (Upper-class Males) o Cummings Hall (Males) o Harper-Tubman (Honors Females)  Suites o Thurgood Marshall  Off Campus Apartments o Marble Hall Gardens o Morgan View Housing

  21. Monday – Friday Open House 10 AM or 12 PM Friday, November 1, 2013 To Register go to: Click on “Campus Tours” Come Visit Us

  22. Morgan State University Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment 1700 East Cold Spring Lane Baltimore, MD 21251 Website: Phone: 443-885-8500 Email: Fax: 443-885-8260 Questions

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