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Mis The Office of Community Resource Development (CRD) serves as a facilitator for the Framingham Public Schools in providing multifaceted, comprehensive, and holistic learning opportunities to all students through programming that

  1. Mis���� The Office of Community Resource Development (CRD) serves as a facilitator for the Framingham Public Schools in providing multifaceted, comprehensive, and holistic learning opportunities to all students through programming that addresses social and emotional development and provides academic supports that complement the school day.

  2. Abo�� �� Equity, Diversity, and Community CRD operates under the Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Diversity, and Community Community Development. Our Partnerships work operates through the lens and practices of Equity, Our community partnerships Inclusion, and Access. bring additional resources to the schools, programming, and family engagement Out of School Time Before and After School Vacation Weeks Summer School Enrichment Clubs

  3. 2018-19 Go�l� Out of School Time ● Roll out Explorers at Barbieri ● Create a 5-year rollout plan and include other schools ● Lights on Afterschool Celebration (a national initiative) ● OST roundtable ● Prepare Explorers rollout to McCarthy and Stapleton ● Marketing and branding for OST programs ● Family Engagement Community Partnerships ● Increase Out of School Time partnerships per site ● Further develop professional development for OST staff ● Family day in Spring 2019 ● Support back to school picnic planning ● Apply for grants to enhance OST with community partners ● Create a Nightlife program for FHS and pilot for Spring 2019

  4. Barbieri Brophy King Woodrow Wilson Over 20 clubs offered so far! Clubs offered to Explorers and Non-Explorers this year include: ● Theatre Arts ● Kano computer building ● Coding ● Ozobots ● Sports Clinics ● Science and Beyond ● Random Acts of Kindness ● Teachers assistant ● Yoga ● Crazy 8’s ● Comic Book ● Chess ● Think like a programmer ● Robogals

  5. Mid��� Sc��o� Cameron Middle School- Increased to 4 days per week till 5 PM, servicing 180 students. Fuller Middle School- No longer funded by 21st CCLC. CRD sustained funding and servicing 220 students. Walsh Middle School - Currently in year 2 of a 3 year 21st CCLC program. Servicing 320 students. Over 50 clubs offered so far! ● Graffiti arts ● Robotics ● No cook cooking ● YogaFit ● Dungeons and Dragons ● Media Making ● Latinas en Accion ● Kano computer building ● Archery ● Gardening

  6. Hig� ��ho�� ● Increased late bus transportation to 4 days per week ● New OST Coordinator will support after-school stipends clubs and develop community partnership to bring in additional clubs like girls who code ● Supporting Resiliency for Life (as well as middle school RFL) ● CRD Funding Tenacity, SIM Club, and Ultimate Frisbee ● Partnership with Downtown Framingham Inc. for a community mural ● Partnering with Advocates to provide respite 101 training for HS students ● Collaborating with 2Life Community to create intergenerational programming.

  7. November 2018 District Strategy Actions Next Steps Goal 3.0.1 Review ● Continue Explorers rollout to elementary schools and Blocks (FY 20- ● Continue meeting with Strengthen school McCarthy, Stapleton, Blocks) principals to discuss Family and improvement ● Support planning of Back to School Picnic Explorers roll out at Community plans to ● Awarded $50,000 for DESE Quality Enhance grant in partnership elementary sites as well Partnership assess the with Christa McAuliffe Center for Fuller Middle School (2-year grant) as needs for community s needs of ● Partnership with Wellesley College for Girls who code at FHS, involvement within the individual Robogals at King, Wilson, and Brophy school day and OST schools as ● Co-sponsoring an Americorps Vista with Wellesley College to ● Meet with PTO related to facilitate OST enrichment and volunteerism presidents to discuss the community ● Implement grant with Wayside Youth and Family Support Network for vision for strengthening partners social-emotional support groups before school at Woodrow Wilson community partnerships ● MOU with Girl Scouts to provide financial literacy, health and ● Apply for additional wellness, and STEM workshops for students at King, Woodrow grants with community Wilson, Brophy, and Barbieri partners to enhance ● Met with all principals to discuss OST priorities overall offerings ● Community presentations by conservation commission and ● Gather potential creature teachers on early release days to engaged students in sketches for mural engineering and animal safety awareness project that will be done ● Partner with Downtown Framingham on an art mural downtown by at Tesoro Supermarket High School OST art club in downtown ● Microsoft partnership, they will facilitate STEAM programming 1x per Framingham month at different schools

  8. November 2018 District Strategy Actions Next Steps Goal 3.0.1 Review Strength school ● Media literacy curriculum with Access TV for middle school ● Identify students through en improveme National honors Society, students as a feeder OST program for high school media Family nt plans to Capstone and Guidance program and assess the department who are ● OST and community partners participated in Genius Hour at Commu needs of interested in respite training Stapleton nity individual ● Identify clubs after school ● Partnership with Advocates to provide respite 101 training for Partners schools as that are interested in high school students, allowing students to work with families who hips related to intergenerational work, have children with a disability to bring them to Framingham High community either going to Shillman School quarterly for a night of programming partners house or having residents ● Partnership with Shillman (2Life Community) house on come to school for planned intergenerational work with their residents and high school events students. Running an art based program or game night at ● Identify space for yoga and Shillman house, as well bringing their residents to nutrition class and start Framingham High School to speak to history classes on their student sign up, limit class experiences during the war size to 15 students ● Partnership with One Spirit to provide yoga and nutrition classes to high school students in an afterschool setting ● Creating a working group with city departments and co-led with Conservation Commission

  9. November 2018 District Strategy Actions Next Steps Goal 3.0.2 Formalize ● Facilitated 1:1 conversation with community partners and ● Continue convening Improve channels of departments on creating OST Roundtable OST Roundtable Communic communication ● Updated web/media presence ● Roll out community ation with that can meet all ● Drafting Fall CRD 2018 Newsletter to include programming partner meetings Stakeholde needs of families updates and partnerships for families and community ● Refine internal rs and stakeholders database to organize Families ● Met with community groups like Big Brother, Avidia Bank, community partners Wayside, YMCA and discussed strategies to increase communication ● Met with Friends of RFL board to discuss their partnership with FPS ● Convened Out of School Time Managers Network(includes all OST providers). New this year: invited PTO presidents ● Creating a PD for PTO members to create video PTO meetings and create a youtube channel for meetings and cataloging workshops ● Drafted internal database for community partnerships

  10. November 2018 District Strategy Actions Next Steps Goal 3.0.3 Create a Nightlife ● Survey students during lunches and after schools ● Create a proposal for Increase Program at the ● Emailed survey district-wide nightlight programming to Adult high school that ● Surveyed families at back to school picnic be presented to the Learning provides ● Visited Assabet after dark and Cambridge Nightlife planning committee Opportuniti opportunities and ● Visiting Newton Community Adult Education and Brookline ● Pilot programming in es access for Adult and Community Education November with a full families to ● Pilot a course or courses in March 2018 rollout in Spring like yoga participate in ● Partnering with C2C (Careers to Credentials) to provide life for adults, coding for enrichment and skill coaching, career advancement workshops, financial elementary, resume additional plans and one on one coaching. They also provide a stipend building for high school learning for participants who are actively taking roles in their students. opportunities programs ● Identify participants with Associate Principal and Social workers at Framingham High School ● Allocate space and schedule for meetings to happen at the same time of evening enrichment programs


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