june june 9 9 2014 2014 plena plenary presenta y

June June 9, 9, 2014 2014 Plena Plenary Presenta y Presentati - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

June June 9, 9, 2014 2014 Plena Plenary Presenta y Presentati tion, Academ , Academia: Working with Industry : Working with Industry Mathworks Mathworks Facul aculty Summit ty Summit 1 UConn: UConn: John Chandy, Afshin Ghiaei, Ripi

  1. June June 9, 9, 2014 2014 Plena Plenary Presenta y Presentati tion, Academ , Academia: Working with Industry : Working with Industry Mathworks Mathworks Facul aculty Summit ty Summit 1

  2. UConn: UConn: John Chandy, Afshin Ghiaei, Ripi Singh UTC: UTC: Trevor Bailey, Sandor Becz, Clas Jacobson, Scott Kaslusky Institute Executive Committee: Institute Executive Committee: Michael McQuade (Senior VP of Science & Technology, UTC), Mun Choi (Provost, UConn), Kazem Kazrounian (Dean, SOE) Institute Governing Committee: Institute Governing Committee: Manfred Morari (ETH), Peter Smith (UTAS), Michael Regelski (BIS), Yaakov Bar- Shalom (UConn), Steven Suib (UConn), Ali Andalibi (UConn) 2

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  4. UTC-UConn Partnership UTC-UConn Partnership UTC Products & Needs UTC Products & Needs  UTC’s Systems Leadership  More Integration, More Software and More  UConn’s Strong SE Core Complex Operating Modes  Exceptional Investments in  Shorter Development UConn (NextGen, Tech Cycles Park, P&W Additive Manufacturing Institute,  Reduce Design Flow CHASE, CEI, COE in Burden on Integration & Advanced Materials ) Testing  Favorable Proximity  Need for Trained Systems Engineers  85-Yr Rich Partnership 4

  5. • Systems Systems engineering ngineering is a methodology for product design, optimization and verification that: o Provides guarantees of performance and reliability against customer requirements requirements o Produces modular, extensible architectures architectures for products o Exploits model-based analytical tools model-based analytical tools and techniques o Coordinated execution of a prescriptive, repeatable and measurable design process design process 5

  6. Where we want to be? Where are we? How it happened? Vision Today Incubation Institute Themes Groundbreaking Research Transformative Education Industrial collaboration 6

  7. 10/13 RFP Multi-disciplinary Commitment Research & Education 11/13 Opportunity 6/13 Workshop 9/12 Need Trained Enhance technology & processes for design • Systems & development of engineered systems, Engineers Consistently bridge the gap between • practical problems and analytics, and Create prototype tools for Industry use • 7

  8. $5M in Salaries & Benefits for $5M $2.25M $2.25 M for Endowed UTC • • 5 Faculty & 2 Full Professors Chair & Professorship $1M $1M in Tuition for Endowed $3.5M $3.5M for 4 Endowed UTC • • UTC Graduate Fellows Graduate Fellows $4M in Tech Park Equipment $4M $1.75 $1.75M M for Operations & • • Match Curriculum Development Faculty in Supervisory Control Synthesis, $2.5M $2.5M in UTC Sponsored • Embedded System Design and Verification, Research Dynamic Modeling (Thermal Fluids, Electromechanical), Robust Design,…. We are Actively Searching for an Internationally Recognized UTC Chair for Directing the Institute 8

  9. Advancing the state-of-the-art in the specification, design, verification, validation, and operation of complex and network-embedded systems operating at multiple time scales and under uncertainty and multiple criteria. 2014 UTC Launch projects : 3 2015 RFP Topics 2015 RFP Topics 2014 RFP Topics 2014 RFP Topics Thermal Fluid Systems Modeling  Embedded System Design  and Design Verification Control Synthesis & Design  Supervisory Control Synthesis  Embedded Systems  9

  10. Rigorous 6 month cycle Selection & Award Proposal 1 Review 2 Proposals 3 RFP with ? Challenge Problems Red Team Technology and Capability +TAC +TAC Needs 10

  11. Providing a multidisciplinary environment enabling students to develop experientially-based expertise in model based systems engineering as applied to complex cyber-physical systems. Anticipated benefits include regional workforce development, on-the-job and continuous education leading to superior product design and functionalities, and new business startups. Spectrum of options Awareness Training Degree •Seminars •Short Courses •Graduate degree •Distinguished •Certificates •Undergrad Minor Lectures & Visitors • System Design • Controlled Systems • Embedded Systems With Distance delivery 11

  12. Rigorous 6 month cycle Content Creation Content Outline Curriculum Red Team Design Reviews Competency Needs 12

  13. Enable application of systems engineering concepts, principles, processes and tools to solve practical problems. Engage industry in developing an impactful curriculum, identifying research challenges, and creating internships/jobs for graduates. Multi-disciplinary Real Problems Tools Focus areas & Rare skills Talent Challenges Jobs Solutions 13

  14. Premier research and teaching establishment, revolutionizing the design of functionally superior, easy-to-use and maintain, safe, reliable, secure and trustable Cyber-Physical Systems. Executive Team Governing Board UTC UCONN Other Corp. UConn Government Research UTC Other Suppliers Schools UTC-IASE Tools/Service Other Suppliers Companies Small INCOSE Business 14

  15.  Research Research ◦ Sustained growth in funding ◦ Research productivity (Publications, Citations, IP, ..) ◦ Leadership/membership in MBSE associations and groups ◦ Improved NRC ranking  Education Education ◦ M.S./Ph.D./M.ENG. degree programs ◦ Undergraduate SE minor ◦ Seminars/Short Courses/Training Programs/Certificate Programs ◦ High-profile conferences gathering top minds on specific subjects ◦ Distinguished lecture series  Industrial Coordination Industrial Coordination ◦ Interns/employees placed at Connecticut and national industries ◦ Training on systems engineering at CT and national industries ◦ Number and quality of researcher exchanges (in-residence) between industry and UConn laboratories carrying out MBSE R&D


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