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INVESTOR PRESENTATION Executive Summary 2 2 Financials FY19 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

INVESTOR PRESENTATION Executive Summary 2 2 Financials FY19 Company Overview Consolidated (INR Mn) Camlin Fine Sciences Limited (CFS), formed in 2006 after demerging the Operational fine chemical business from Camlin Ltd., is a


  2. Executive Summary 2 2 Financials FY19 Company Overview Consolidated (INR Mn) • Camlin Fine Sciences Limited (CFS), formed in 2006 after demerging the Operational fine chemical business from Camlin Ltd., is a vertically integrated company Revenue engaged in research, development, manufacturing, commercializing and 8,922 marketing of specialty chemicals and blends, which are used in a wide array of sectors. • CFS is global leading producer of food antioxidants, such as TBHQ & BHA, and the world’s 3 rd largest producer of Vanillin. EBITDA FY19 Business Mix (Revenue Share %) 693 * • Shelf Life Solutions (54%) : Includes Anti-oxidants, Blends and Additives • Performance Chemicals (27%): Includes Specialty Chemicals • Aroma Chemicals (17%): Includes Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin Manufacturing Facilities, R&D Centres and Application Labs Net Worth 4,303 # Manufacturing Facilities in R&D Centres at Application Labs in India, India, Brazil, China, Tarapur(India) and Brazil, North America, * Excluding Other Income &Foreign Mexico and Italy Ravenna (Italy) Italy and Mexico Exchange Fluctuation Gain/ (Loss) # Including non controlling interest

  3. Snapshot 3 Leading Manufacturers of One of the few 3 rd Largest producer of Antioxidants in the world Vertically and with more than 25 years Vanillin in the world Backward of experience Integrated player Serving more than 80 Preferred Partner for Strategic move to start manufacturing blends which have countries with over 100 products customized products higher margins 5 Manufacturing Strong management Facilities, 2 R&D Global expertise, local team with experienced Centres and 5 solutions industry professionals Application Labs


  5. About the Company 5 • In 2006, Camlin Fine Sciences Limited (CFS) was formed after de-merging (mirror Total Operational Revenue (INR Mn) shareholding) the fine chemical business from Camlin Ltd. • The Company has over 30 years of experience providing innovative solutions with a 10,000 8,922 competitive advantage in fine sciences. 7,563 7,228 8,000 • CFS is a vertically integrated company, engaged in research, development, 5,469 5,042 6,000 manufacturing, commercializing and marketing of specialty chemicals and blends, 4,000 which are used in a wide array of sectors. 2,000 o o Food, feed, animal and pet nutrition Petro chemicals - o o Flavours & Fragrance Dyes and Pigments FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19 9M-FY20 o o Pharma Polymers 9M-FY20 Operational Revenue Breakup Others o o Agro Chemicals Bio Diesel 1% Performance • CFS categorizes their business into 3 different verticals based on their product portfolio, Aroma Chemicals namely: Shelf-Life Solutions (which include anti-oxidants, its blends and additives), 22% 22% Performance chemicals and Aroma Chemicals. • Shelf-life CFS has subsidiaries in Mexico, North America, China, Europe and Brazil serving in more Blends 31% Extension than 80 countries with more than 100 products and over 1,000 satisfied customers. 24% • CFS markets its products in Europe, Asia Pacific (including India), North Africa, Middle East, South, Central and North America.

  6. Board of Directors 6 Mr. Dilip Dandekar - Chairman Mr. Nicola Paglietti - Independent Director • Been with the Company since 2006 and has long and vast experience in • Masters in Law and member of the Bar of New York and Rome and Marketing, Administration and overall Management. possesses over 20 years of professional experience in Contracts and Corporate law. Mr. Ashish Dandekar – Managing Director • BA in Economics and Management studies form Temple University, USA. Mr. Amol Shah - Independent Director • Wide experience over 28 years in Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemical Products • Bachelor of Science (Electronics Engineering) from University of Kent, including Business Planning, Information Systems, Research & Development, Canterbury and MBA from University of Southern California. Product Development and Marketing. • Currently the Managing Director of the MJ Group with more than 25 years of Mr. Pramod M. Sapre – Independent Director experience in the industry covering Human Healthcare, Flavors/Fragrances • BSc and Diploma in Marketing Management with varied experience in compounds, Plant protection and water treatment chemicals. Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products. Mr. Sharad M. Kulkarni - Independent Director Ms. Anagha Dandekar – Non-Executive Director • MBA in Finance from University of South Carolina, USA. • Degree of Engineering from University of Pune. • President, co-founder of Hardware Renaissance, a manufacturer of high- • Acts as a Business Advisor and Management Consultant to several Indian and end, hand crafted door hardware and accessories International companies and his areas of expertise covers Business Development, International Alliance Management, Strategic Planning. Mr. Nirmal V. Momaya - Non-Executive Director • CA with over 25 years of experience in Finance, Taxation, Audit and Ms. Sutapa Banerjee- Independent Director • Gold medalist in Economics from the XLRI school of Management in India, and Management consultancy. an Economics honours graduate from Presidency College Kolkata. • Founder at Pagoda Advisors Pvt. Ltd. with a focus on consulting for various • Over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry and currently businesses as well as advising CFS on important business and strategic serves as an Independent Director on the boards of several companies matters since 2009. Mr. Atul R. Pradhan - Independent Director Mr. Arjun Dukane – Executive Director - Technical • Holds Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering and MBA. • Chemical Engineer with 31 years of experience in the Chemical Industry and • Senior business advisor with more than 25 years of experience in Management has been associated with CFS for about 12 years. Consultancy industry.

  7. Key Milestones 7 7 • Commencement of production and marketing of antioxidant • Camlin Fine Chemical division incorporated in 1993 2015 blends in Brazil through 100% subsidiary ‘CFS do Brasil Ltd. ’ . Camlin Ltd. to manufacture antioxidants for the • Setting up of application laboratories, fully supported by a global market. • Ultra-modern manufacturing plant was set up in group of technical team. Tarapur, Maharashtra. • Acquired 65% stake in Dresen Quimica C.V., 2016 • Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. was formed after de- 2006 Mexico along with its 5 subsidiaries in Mexico, Peru, merging (mirror shareholding) the fine chemical Guatemala, Columbia and Dominican Republic to expand its business from Camlin Ltd. market reach in Central & South America along with few parts of Latin America. • Launch of CFS North America, LLC. • Acquired Borregaard Italia SpA, a manufacturing 2011 facility in Italy producing Hydroquinone and 2017 • Acquired 51% stake through SPA in Ningbo Wanglong Catechol. Flavours and Fragrances Company Ltd. and became the 3 rd • Integrated manufacturer of Diphenols. largest producers of Vanillin in the world. • Entered into a preferred supply agreement with Lockheed • Introduced 2013 extensive range of performance Martin Advanced Energy Storage for manufacture and chemicals like MEHQ, Vetratrole, Guaiacol, etc. supply of a specialty chemical. • Joint Venture with Pahang Pharma Pte. Ltd., Singapore to • Launched Aroma and Flavoring Compounds - 2014 2018 foray its presence in Animal Nutrition in ASEAN market. Vanillin • Commenced construction of the Dahej Plant for Diphenols.

  8. Current Entity Structure 8 8 Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 51% 65% CFS do Brasil Indústria, CFS International CFS Pahang Asia Pte. Dresen Quimica Comércio, Importação E CFS North America Solentus North Trading (Shanghai) Ltd. CFS Europe SPA. (Italy) S.A.P.l. de Exportação De Aditivos LLC. (U.S.A.) America Inc. (Canada) Ltd. (Singapore) C.V. (Mexico) Alimentícios Ltd. (Brazil) (China) 100% 95% 94.08% 5% Chemolutions CFS Argentina SA. CFS Chile Chemicals Ltd. (Argentina) (Chile) (India) 51% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% CFS Wanglong Industrias Nuvel, S.A.C Britec, S.A lnovel, S.A.S. Grinel, S.A Flavours (Ningbo) Co. Petrotec de Mexico, (Peru) (Guatemala) (Columbia) (Dominican Republic) Ltd. (China) S.A. de C.V. (Mexico) Subsidiaries/ Step-down subsidiaries pursuant to Subsidiary w.e.f. July 12, 2017 – Parent company Step-down subsidiaries Mexico acquisition CFSL acquired 7.65% stake & CFSE 43.35%

  9. Major Clients 9 9

  10. Key Strengths 10 Global player in shelf-life solutions across food, feed, pet-food and biodiesel 1 Preferred Partner for manufacturing Local presence in global markets 8 2 customized products Experienced promoters and Advanced R&D facilities & 3 7 professional management team Application Labs Proven ability to acquire and improve 4 6 Diversified customer base business performance 5 Vertically integrated across the value chain


  12. Geographical Presence 12 12 Denmark Dahej Ravenna, Italy Iowa, USA Tarapur Yuyao, Zhejiang, China Mexico city Cuba Guatemala Khopoli Colombia Mahad Mumbai Peru Indaiatuba, Brazil Chile Owned Plants Argentina Outsourced Manufacturing Blending Facility R&D/ Food Labs Marketing offices


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