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Knowledgeable Independent Focused Healthcare (R)evolution BIONICS - Future Is Becoming Reality March 22, 2018 ATONR PARTNERS SA 12, rue Pierre Fatio - 1204 GENEVA - SWITZERLAND - Tel: + 41 22 310 15 01 2 Healthcare

  1. Knowledgeable Independent Focused Healthcare (R)evolution BIONICS - Future Is Becoming Reality March 22, 2018 ATONRÂ PARTNERS SA 12, rue Pierre Fatio - 1204 GENEVA - SWITZERLAND - Tel: + 41 22 310 15 01

  2. 2 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Bionics: Inspiration From Nature …to design engineering solutions and modern technology (“Biomimetics”) Bionics Is The Merger Between: Biology Mechanics Electronics …to restore or enhance body functions

  3. 3 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics We Are Living Longer But Not Necessarily Better… >120k people in the US are waiting 360 million people Source: AtonRâ Partners, WHO have disabling hearing loss for lifesaving organ transplants 285 million people About 15% of the global are visually impaired population has a disability A $113B MARKET BY 2023 CAGR 2017-2023 Exoskeletons ($2.8B) 45.2% Synthetic Biology ($37.2B) 27.7% AtonRâ Medical Robots ($17.6B) 22% Bionics Wearable Medical Devices ($14.4B) 18.3% Artificial Organs & Bionics ($38.7B) 9% Healthcare 3D printing ($2.5B) 7.5% MedTech ($522B) 5.6% 4.3% Source: Grand View Research, Marketsandmarkets, Mordor Intelligence, Chief Observer, Infoholic

  4. 4 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Surgery robots Exoskeletons Artificial organs Bionic limbs Synthetic biology 3D printing Medical wearables Artificial intelligence

  5. 5 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Brain implants Bionic Eyes Bionic Organs Bionic Ears Exoskeletons Bionic Limbs

  6. 6 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics The Mind-controlled Bionic Arm: The “Luke” Arm… The “Targeted Amputee: 3 Muscle The patient wants to Reinnervation” move his arm surgery: 4 1 Nerves transmit 2 Nerve 5 signals to the Nerves rerouted endings muscle Electrodes: to the muscle remain ✓ detect the muscle contraction ✓ send electrical signals to the processor 6 The processor interprets the signal to provide the movement through motors 7 Sensors detect texture, 10 9 pressure, and temperature This signal is transmitted to the brain’s Translation into a somatosensory cortex neurophysiological signal 8 Sensors generate an electrical signal

  7. 7 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Therapeutics Diagnostic Diagnostics Home Healthcare Home Healthcare Medical Wearable Devices Telehealth Artificial pancreas wearable The digital contact lens from Novartis and The Zephyr BioPatch is a devices : Medtronic, Insulet, Google measure blood glucose levels FDA-cleared small device partnership between Dexcom, monitoring the vital signs from tears Tandem, and TypeZero

  8. 8 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics The Bionic Pancreas 2 An algorithm defines the right insulin/glucagon doses ALGORITHM SENSOR 3 Dual pumps deliver the right level of insulin and glucagon GLUCAGON PUMP INSULIN PUMP 1 Sensor: glucose levels are monitored and wirelessly transmitted to a smartphone Blood Glucose Blood Glucose

  9. 9 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Faster recovery time ROBOTIC More visibility Smaller scars Less pain No involuntary movements SURGERY Less bleeding

  10. 10 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics A Look Into The Future of Robotics Nanorobots: The Miniature Doctors Gecko-Inspired Technologies Nanoscopic machines that, once injected, Gecko toes are made up of hundreds of roam through the body: microscopic bristles ➢ Cancer treatment, drug & gene delivery, diagnostics & sensing devices Robots that can climb or hang on various surfaces and work in extreme environments DNA-origami nanobots Bionic blood cells Waterproof adhesive bandage for Minimally Invasive Surgery (FDA approved)

  11. 11 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Virtual Reality Rehabilitation is performed in the form of a video game ▪ Set-up according to patient’s specific abilities ▪ Different therapeutic games ▪ Progressive difficulty ▪ Strong involvement from the patient vs. traditional therapies ▪ Rewards for patient’s performance FDA clearance/approval: ▪ MindMotion Pro platform (MindMaze) ▪ SaeboVR rehab system (Saebo) ▪ VRPhysio (VR Health)

  12. 12 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Virtual Reality Fight the fear of heights, spiders… FDA clearance/approval: ▪ VRReliever (VR Health) ▪ Precision VR (Surgical Theater) ▪ D2P Software Solution (3D Systems) Schizophrenia, paranoia, anxiety… Pain management Medical and Surgical visualization student training and planning

  13. 13 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics 3D Printing: A Bit Of Me Objects are made by depositing materials such as plastic, metals, ceramics, powders, liquids, or even living cells, in layers Blood vessels Plaster Casts Fast & Precise Bones Synthetic skin Ears Drugs Prosthesis 85 medical devices & one 3D printed drug already approved/ cleared by FDA

  14. 14 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Synthetic Biology The transfer of genes from one organism to another in order to (re-)design systems that do not already exist in the natural world Gene Therapy Used to replace defective genes with healthy ones ✓ Against Tumors, AIDS, HIV, Genetic Disorders etc. ✓ One FDA approved therapy for a rare inherited eye disease (Spark Therapeutics) Medical Product Synthesis Human genes are put into bacteria in order to synthetize products ✓ Human Insulin, Growth Hormone, Vaccines etc. ✓ Rutinely used

  15. 15 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics Synthetic Biology RNA-guide CRISPR/Cas9 System Cas9 The protein Cas9, guided by a RNA-strand, acts like scissors and cuts a targeted gene(s) ✓ Introduction of new genes ✓ HIV, Zika, Malaria, Tumors etc. ✓ Human trials starting this year Personalized medicine There are over 200 forms of cancer ✓ Personalization of treatment CAR-T Cell Therapy T cells are genetically modified to recognize and kill patient’s specific cancer cells ✓ FDA approved for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (Novartis/Gilead Sciences)

  16. 16 Healthcare (R)evolution: Bionics THE BIONICS INDEX is an equity long-only, actively managed certificate LONG TERM DRIVERS: An improving outlook for reimbursements An ageing world population A shortage of donated organs Major technology breakthroughs 129.73 +29.7% since inception As of 16 March, 2018 01 17 02 17 03 17 04 17 05 17 06 17 07 17 08 17 09 17 10 17 11 17 12 17 01 18 02 18 03 18

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