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Crowned Ridge Wind Project South Dakota PUC Public Input Hearing Waverly, South Dakota March 20, 2018 Applicant overview Crowned Ridge Wind, LLC (CRW) is a wholly owned, y CC 0 ned ro e a 0 indirect subsidiary of

  1. Crowned Ridge Wind Project South Dakota PUC Public Input Hearing Waverly, South Dakota March 20, 2018

  2. ► ► ► ► Applicant overview ► Crowned Ridge Wind, LLC (CRW) is a wholly owned, y CC 0 ned ro e a 0 indirect subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC 1a y of e t ra LLC 1 n e u er y e o rce (NEER) EE ► American owned and operated, NEER is the world’s EE mer1 a ed a perated, t e 0 d largest generator of renewable energy from the wind g era ro ren a lee e y from he a e I and sun n ► NEER affiliates own and operate 118 wind farms across EE o n a d pera e 1 8 n far aero world’s a 1 1 a 1 the United States and Canada anada e n te ta e a # ► NEER currently owns and operates EE ently o a d pera e C three wind farms in the state of r e dam the ate o generator of wind South Dakota Oak a 0 and solar energy 2018 » South Dakota Wind, Day County Wind Dao a D a y C o d y ) ) 0 I and Wessington Springs a pr1 g d e t o n I 2

  3. Project overview – current filing » Crowned Ridge Wind, LLC PUC filing date: Jan. 2019 MyersL~ PUC Status: Under review » CRW is seeking Facility Permit approval to construct, own and operate the up to 300 MW Crowned Ridge Wind project » CRW possesses a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Northern States Power (NSP) » The Project is a $400 million investment in the state of South Dakota and located in Codington County and Grant County, SD » The Project has a proposed Commercial 164S @ Operations Date (COD) of December 2019 Waverly NE 3

  4. ► Project overview – purpose of project L c, ► Crowned Ridge Wind, LLC is seeking Facility permit approval for the proposed e dge ee 1 g Fac1l1 y er 1t a p o al or e ro o e Cro I up to 300 MW Crowned Ridge Wind Farm located in Codington County and Grant d e d arm oca e p o 30 Cro Co 1 n Cou ya Gra 0 County, South Dakota ….. C u y h Dao a 0 • » To satisfy energy demands within NSP’s service territory by delivering zero -emission, p • To a fy e ergy ema d 1t erv1ce t rr1 ory by ever g ze o-e 10n )) I competitively priced electricity to the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc Y co e 1 1 ely r ce elec r1c1 y o the 1dcon 1nen lndepe den Ope a or e C (MISO) regional grid. I O reg o al grid › Demand was recognized by the Minnesota Public Service Commission and North Dakota o a De and wa recogn ze by he M1 ne ota Public erv ce Comm1 on and ort D a > Public Service Commission P bllc e ice Comm io » To supplement NSP’s pursuit of a higher renewable energy generation mix across x aero >> their generation output/consumption portfolio heir g » To deliver a safe and reliable project to Codington and Grant County compatible with >> To existing land uses, provides additional revenue streams, creates jobs and yields local Jobs and yie s lac benefits NEXTera ~ - ENERGY~ 4

  5. ► Project overview – why now? ► Crowned Ridge Wind, LLC elected to file the Crowned Ridge Wind Facility Permit y Per 1 e C ed 1dge F a c 1 I I Cro ne d e C elec e o 1le I application in January 2019 for a number of reasons: ber o r a o app 1cat o 9 f r a n n an ary 2 » Both Codington County and Grant County have completed the review process of the r c of e Gran Co ty ha e com leted t e re 1e o h Cod g on Co ty a >> existing local ordinances and successfully codified new siting requirements for Wind ire e for Wind 1 g I ca cce fully cod fie e tI g re e x 1 o r na ce an Energy Systems E e gy y em » CRW has completed the necessary field surveys and micrositing of Project rvey a d cro I g f Pr Jee a co le ed he nece a y e d C infrastructure and adopted changes to the Project site plan to ensure compliance Ite plan o en ure co p 1 a n c e 1 f a r cture a ado te c a ge o e ProJec with the newly codified county siting requirements for Wind Energy Systems e e ly co 1f e cou y 1t1ng re u1remen fo 1n E er y y em 1 h » Land easements have been obtained for 99% of the Project’s proposed infrastructure have een o a ed for 99°/o o t e ProJec pro o e a r c ure >> La d e e e I » The South Dakota PUC’s application review process reflects a 6-month approval ap Ilea 10n ev1e pr ce reflec a - o >> The o Da o a PUC timeline which supports the Project’s proposed COD of December 2019 propo ed COD of Dec c upport t e P oJec t me ne NEXTera ~ - ENERGY~ 5

  6. Project overview – site plan » Project Size: 300 MW » Project Area: 53,186 acres » Participation: 45,935 acres » Project Turbines: 130 GE 2.3 MW turbines » (117) 2.3 MW 116- 90 at 485’ total height, (13) 2.3 MW 116- 80 at 452’ total height; and (20) alternate turbine locations » 95 turbines proposed in Codington County; 35 turbines proposed in Grant County Strandburg • » Other Project Facilities: » Access roads to project facilities, underground collection cabling and an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Facility 6

  7. Community Benefits ► Boost to local economy » 250 temporary construction jobs will increase local spend (hotels, dining, 2 places to conduct general business) » 7-12 full time, long term O&M jobs 7 2 created for the life of the project » $400 million investment in the state of South Dakota ► Landowner benefits » Approx. $40 million in payments to landowners over life of the project » Improvements to existing county and township roads NEXTera ~ E ~ 7

  8. ~ Community Benefits Crowned Ridge Wind Project – 25 year Expected Tax Revenue Jurisdiction Estimated Total Tax Revenue Grant County $2,170,000.00 Codington County $4,880,000.00 Mazeppa Township $30,000.00 Twin Brooks Township $40,000.00 Stockholm Township $30,000.00 Troy Township $60,000.00 German Township $90,000.00 Leola Township $280,000.00 Waverly Township $400,000.00 Rauville Township $50,000.00 Waverly School District $26,150,000.00 Milbank School District $3,190,000.00 $37,370,000.00 NEXTera ~ 8

  9. Community Benefits ► Local support of organizations, groups and events ► Crystal Springs Rodeo ► South Dakota Wind for Schools program ► Kite Day at the Capitol ► SDSU Wind Application Center ► Mitchell Tech / Lake Area Tech ► Molded Fiber Glass (Aberdeen, SD) keeps MFG open; 60 jobs to be added New contract By Elisa Sand , esand @aberdee.nne, Jul 2, 20 8 ..._, 0 1 min to read

  10. ► ~ ► Stakeholder outreach ► Crowned Ridge Wind’s stakeholder outreach has resulted in 99% completion in C r o n e d R d e W1 d a k e h o l d e r o u t r 9 9 ° / o e a c h h a r e u l e d In c o m p l e t i o n In land acquisition (no eminent domain utilized) I a n ac u 10n (no e e d o m a 1 u t 1 I z e d ) I ► Stakeholder outreach involved communication with landowners, local tribes, t a e o l er o t r e a c h n v o v e d c o u n I c a t I 0 w i t h a downer l o c a l r b e s wildlife agencies and government officials: w I d i f e a g e n c I e a d g o v e r n m e off1c1a : . . , » Codington County Planning and Zoning >> Co Ington County P an Ing and Zon1 g » Grant County Planning and Zoning G r a n C o n y P i a n I n a n d Z o n · n g > > » Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Tribe ·s e o Wahpe o Oyate Tribe >> » Spirit Lake Tribe pir1 Lake Tribe >> » United States Fish & Wildlife Service U n i t e d t a t e s F 1 h & W 1 l d l i e e r v c e > > » South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks >> So th Dako a Game F 1 h & P a r k » Open House conducted on Nov. 16 th 2017 >> Ope Hou e conduced on o v 1 6 2 0 1 7 h ENERGY~ 10

  11. ► ► General Project Location Selection ► Available wind energy resource A a1la » Wind resource data confirms viable wind resource suitability of Project Area of ProJect Area >> W d e ource a a co firm ab e ind re ource u1 a b 1 1 t y ► Access to viable transmission interconnection a e ra Acee o erconnect on » Adequate proximity to the Big Stone South Substation with suitable infrastructure 10n de u te prox1 1 y o ub t o e o a >> and available capacity available capacity a ► Landowner support for wind energy development er p for Lando » Voluntary participation from approx. 86% of all lands located within Project Area ocate >> Vol ntary pa 1c pa on om a p ox 86°/o of all an ro ect Area t some of which have been participating for 10+ years O+ year ome of h ch ha e bee p a 1 c pa 1ng for 1 ► Land use and environmental resource compatibility o ce ompat y La e a e o e a r 1 1 » Project layout supplements existing land uses and avoids or minimizes the impacts >> ProJec layo t uppleme ac s to natural and cultural resources NEXTera ~ - ENERGY~ 11

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