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Campus Cabana 2020 Spring Meeting 1 Meeting Rules Panelists will - PDF document

5/13/2020 Campus Cabana 2020 Spring Meeting 1 Meeting Rules Panelists will present during this evenings meeting. No video or audio will be enabled except for panelists. Attendees can use the Q&A box for questions that we will

  1. 5/13/2020 Campus Cabana 2020 Spring Meeting 1 Meeting Rules • Panelists will present during this evening’s meeting. • No video or audio will be enabled except for panelists. • Attendees can use the Q&A box for questions that we will address at the end of the presentation. • This Powerpoint will be shared with all bondholders following the meeting. • This meeting is being recorded; no audio or video of bondholders is being recorded. • Questions and answers will be archived. 2 1

  2. 5/13/2020 Agenda • Meeting Rules • Our Relentless Focus: Gratitude and Hope • Pandemics, Pools, and Governmental Mandates • Summer Plans • Membership and Finance FAQs • Other General FAQs • Committee Reports • Questions and Answers 3 Our Relentless Focus: Gratitude and Hope • We thank our bondholders for being so supportive and responsive this spring. • We welcome our newest board members, Phil Ghassemieh and Rita Gue, who have jumped in immediately with helping us navigate through these challenging times. • We have never abandoned hope in opening this pool season, and the board continues to work relentlessly in providing you with a safe and happy summer at Campus Cabana. • This is a team effort comprising 400 bondholders and their families, a dedicated board, DRD Pools, and Di Pasquale’s. 4 2

  3. 5/13/2020 Pandemics, Pools, and Governmental Mandates • State of Maryland’s Plan to Reopen: • Phase I: Outdoor gyms and physical fitness “Low-contact intensity,” defined by Hopkins as “interactions that are brief and fairly distant, like walking past someone.” • Phase II: Indoor gyms, raising the cap on social gatherings • Phase III: Large social gatherings • We are awaiting guidance from the state on which phase we fall under, but early indications are that guidelines issued by the state will allow us to open in Phase I or Phase II • The good news: COVID-19 is not transferable through pool water 5 Administration/DRD Pool Management • The county has issued our pool permit but operating conditions have yet to be determined • Insurance policies have been renewed • DRD Update • Recruiting staff has been impacted but we are less effected due to some returning staff • Training for start up requires physical contact (e.g. live people pulled from the pool) and can only start when state/local guidance allows • Opening Day is dependent on completion of training and approved operating procedures being in place 6 3

  4. 5/13/2020 Summer Plans • Currently, the plan is to open Campus Cabana in mid- to late June. • This decision was made as we look optimistically at the governor’s 3- phase plan and wait for the health department’s guidelines once phase 1 goes into effect. • It is also in consideration of DRD’s compromised ability to train their lifeguards once phase 1 is in place. • No additional fees are being asked of bondholders at this time. 7 Restrictions and Precautions • The board continues to consult with DRD and the health department regarding the following: • The number of patrons allowed on the grounds when open • Social distancing on the grounds, as well as in the main pool and the baby pool area • Overall measures to take to provide optimal safety at Campus while minimizing the intrusions on having a “normal” summer while at the pool • Sanitizing and disinfecting the grounds, furniture, and high-contact areas • Details or final plans are impossible as the pandemic evolves and we receive updated guidelines and mandates from Governor Hogan. 8 4

  5. 5/13/2020 Guest Passes • At this time, our focus is on our bondholders being able to attend Campus. • Guest passes are currently on hold as we learn more about the maximum number of members we will be allowed to have on the grounds at any given time. 9 Finance and Membership Updates 10 5

  6. 5/13/2020 11 12 6

  7. 5/13/2020 Review of Basic Operational Fees 13 14 7

  8. 5/13/2020 Finance/Membership FAQ #1 • Now that we know we are not opening until mid- to late June, how will you calculate what we owe when we open, and how much time will we have to pay it before our scheduled opening? • Annual membership fees consist of a base membership fee ($395) and a per member fee ($80/$50). We will prorate each of these items based on the number of days we will be open. • That is tough to answer without knowing when we will open. We will make a decision on payment amounts once we have a set opening date. Payment in full will be due one month after that time. 15 Finance/Membership FAQ #2 • If we do NOT open for the season, will we owe anything beyond the $300 we have already paid, and what happens to that $300? • No. The $300 deposit will cover all expected expenses through winter of 2021. • The $300 deposit will be used to cover expenses related to keeping the pool in a stable condition. We will be monitoring our spending extra carefully with hopes to not use all of the deposit funds. Remaining funds will be applied to the 2021 renewal dues. Some of the fixed costs include the baby pool loan, taxes, permits, insurance, and other maintenance costs. 16 8

  9. 5/13/2020 Finance/Membership FAQ #3 • If we do open, but I don’t feel safe returning to Campus this season, do I have the option to not pay any additional fees if I choose to not attend Campus for the remainder of the season? • This will need to be discussed further once we have more information on the opening date and the Covid-19 situation. At this time, we have not planned for this intermediate type of membership. There could be room to work with individuals here. 17 Finance/Membership FAQ #4 • How can you help a family that is struggling to cover their $300 renewal fee? • The finance committee is willing to work with families that have experienced financial or medical hardships during the spring and are having a difficult time paying their dues and/or deposit. We can help with delayed payments, payment plans, or other creative options. We want to see all 400 families at the pool and will do what we can to make the pool available to our bondholders. 18 9

  10. 5/13/2020 Finance/Membership FAQ #5 • I changed my mind and want my bond back. How can I do that, and what happens to the $300 that I have already paid? • If you decide to leave the pool prior to opening day, we will refund your $300 deposit and you will be added to the list of bond redemptions. Bond redemption checks are usually mailed in late June and are dependent upon your spot being filled. If an unexpected number of people redeem their bond, it may take a year to fill all of the vacated spots. 19 Finance/Membership FAQ #6 • I paid in full for the season. What will happen to any refunds or credits owed to me because we are opening late, and what happens to the balance of my membership renewal (minus the $300) if we don’t open at all? • 11 families paid for their full membership. We will work with these to be sure they get an appropriate credit or refund. We have the ability to carry over the balance to the 2021 season or will issue a check to those families. 20 10

  11. 5/13/2020 Finance/Membership FAQ #7 • Why can’t I skip my membership for this year? • If members were allowed to skip membership bonds for this summer, Campus Cabana would not be financially stable. We hope that by continuing regular membership payments, we will be financially secure enough to open as soon as Governor Hogan’s guidelines allow. With your membership funds, we will be able to make the most of this summer, even if we are not able to open on time. 21 Other FAQs • What steps will be taken to ensure the health and safety of our members? • Once the pool opens, what will our hours be? • If a DRD employee or member is infected with Covid-19, what happens next? • Will we be able to grill at the pool? • Will the pavilion be open for rentals? 22 11

  12. 5/13/2020 Grounds and Maintenance • The pool and grounds are ready for the summer • Off-season grounds cleaning of west side of pool from volleyball court to pump house 23 Activities and Entertainment • Virtual events before we open may include bingo and trivia nights • When we open, we will provide appropriate on-site events for bondholders and their families, following all social-distancing requirements. 24 12


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