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Advi visory Pl Plan C Committee Gibson C County 1/28/2020 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Advi visory Pl Plan C Committee Gibson C County 1/28/2020 Agenda Thank You Zoning & Commitments to Safety Project Overview & Updates Ordinance Review Owensville Doppler Radar Project Benefits Conclusion

  1. Advi visory Pl Plan C Committee Gibson C County 1/28/2020

  2. Agenda • Thank You • Zoning & Commitments to Safety • Project Overview & Updates • Ordinance Review • Owensville Doppler Radar • Project Benefits • Conclusion

  3. Zoning in Gibson County • RWE neither supports or opposes enacting zoning. • The majority of our 25 wind farms are in zoned counties. • Safety is our #1 priority for the communities which host our projects and where our employees live and work • Regardless of zoning, RWE will enter into legal agreements with the county.

  4. Safety and Wind Turbines • Over 57,000 turbines operating across the U.S. • 1,200 turbines in the Indiana, since 2007 with no reported incidents of personal injury or property. • RWE owns, operates, and maintains 25 wind farms across the U.S. • Wind Farms are monitored 24/7/365 with the ability to shut off in under a 90 seconds.

  5. RWE Renewables Commitments -A minimum of 1500 ft from a non-participating residence. -A minimum of 1.1 x the turbine height from a non-participating property line. -A maximum 45dba sound limit at a non-participating resident. (WHO, EPA) -No turbines within the NOAA no build zone of the Owensville Doppler. Radar. -Fully decommission the project at the end of its 30 year useful life.

  6. Is Wind Energy a good fit for Gibson County? Farming- Each turbine takes up 1/3 acre – enabling farmers, and landowners to continue their current land. Utilities- Renewable energy can lower rates for utilities and consumers. Drainage- Gibson Co. will be able to use additional tax revenue to find drainage projects. Roads- $5-$9 million for upgrading roads within the project footprint. Parks- Parks & Rec will benefit $140,000 from additional tax revenue. Economic development- Total of $80 to $95 million in economic benefit to Gibson Co.

  7. Project Overview -Gibson Central is a 200 MW Wind Project -48 to 66 turbines across roughly 13,000 acres -Turbine height is roughly 600ft -Project area is W of Princeton, N of Owensville & NW of Ft. Branch. -Duke Energy 345 KV Transmission line is POI

  8. Project Updates Acres Signees -Preliminary layout has been completed. Project # of Leases Leased -Final Layout in Feb-March Gibson County, IN -Environmental studies began in Q3 2019 67 (Central) 56 9,510.72 -Project on track for construction in Jan-Feb of Gibson 2021 County, IN 161 (West) 79 8,266.52 -RWE launched a new project website: 228 Grand Total 135 17777.24

  9. County Ordinance Review If the draft County ordinance is adopted as it is today, the project would not be able to move forward

  10. Posey County Ordinance Review Topic Ordinance Restrictions Ordinance Preferences Property line Wind turbines shall not be less Wind turbines shall not be less than 1.1 times the Setback than 2.5 times the turbine height turbine height to any non-participating to any non-participating landowner’s property line. landowner’s property line. Property A Property Value Guarantee for all Remove property value guarantee for any residential Values residential dwellings owned by all dwellings owned by all non-participating landowners Non-Participating Landowners within within one mile of a wind turbine. one mile of a wind turbine. • Forces our company to pay for the difference of, or even buy, a non- participating property

  11. Posey County Ordinance Review Maximum shadow flicker on a Non-Participating Shadow Flicker 153.130 Section J landowner dwelling, residentially zoned lot may not The maximum WECS turbine exceed 30 hours per year or 30 minutes in a single shadow flicker experiences at a day. Non-Participating landowner dwelling shall be zero . Visual Impact 153.126 Section F Revise the report allowing visual simulations to be Evaluation Report The report shall assess the conducted by cardinal direction towards the project visual impact on all properties from select vantage points at each mile marker within the visual impact zones within a 6-mile radius. identified below.

  12. Owensville Doppler Radar - The majority of our turbines will be located in the Mitigation and Consultation Zone. (Orange & Yellow) - No-Build Zone within 4KM of a radar. (Red) - NOAA has stated turbines in Mitigation zone have low to moderate impacts.

  13. Doppler Radar cont. -RWE submits turbine locations and layouts to the NWS and NOAA via the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for their review and feedback. - Mitigation options: - Changing the layout of projects - Aligning turbines in certain directions - Reduce the number of turbines - Curtailment agreement during severe weather - Sharing real time weather data with NWS - Paying for upgrades or additional radar

  14. Project Benefits Taxing Authority Approx. 30-Year $43-54 million to boost Gibson County tax base Total -New resources to benefit teachers and students - Buy updated equipment for first responders North Gibson School District $16.3-20.4 million -Fix potholes, repave roads, upgrade bridges South Gibson School District $6.4-8 million -Bolster budgets for local townships Patoka Township $90,000-115,000 $30 million in stable, annual payments that landowners Montgomery Township $160,000- can count on, year after year 200,000 -Diversification of income Gibson County $12.4-15.5 million -Keeping the farm in the family Princeton Public Library $1-1.3 million -Drought and flood resistant Owensville-Carnegie Public Library $335,000- Jobs for new and existing Gibson County families 420,000 Montgomery Township Parks and Recreation $140,000- -400+ construction jobs 175,000 -25 high paying, full-time technician jobs Princeton-Patoka Township Fire Territory $4.3-5.4 million -Millions spent on local contractor wages Owensville-Montgomery Township Fire $585,000- Clean Water. Clean Air. Clean Soil. Protection District 730,000 -No pollution Gibson County Solid Waste Management District $1.3-1.7 million -Water free energy production

  15. Conclusions - This project will provide significant benefit to all residents of Gibson County. - Draft County ordinance would not allow the project, if adopted as-is. - Doppler Radar impacts will be mitigated and RWE will consult with NOAA on their recommendations.

  16. Th Thank Y k You ou Que uestions? ns?

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