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Internal Procedures 2015-2016 1 Account Coding OVERVIEW Texas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Fixed Assets Internal Procedures 2015-2016 1 Account Coding OVERVIEW Texas Education Agency Financial Accountability Resource Guide requires that Texas Schools account for fixed assets. This includes Land, Furniture, buildings, improvements

  1. Fixed Assets Internal Procedures 2015-2016 1

  2. Account Coding OVERVIEW Texas Education Agency Financial Accountability Resource Guide requires that Texas Schools account for fixed assets. This includes Land, Furniture, buildings, improvements and equipment. Capital Outlays purchases classified: State Defined • Items with unit cost over $ 5,000 a) Tagged and controlled through the annual inventory process b) Listed in Fixed Assets Subsidiary Ledger - 663X’s objective code c) Accounted for in the General Fixed Assets Account Group d) Audited by the Internal and External Auditors e) Locally Defined • Items with unit cost over $500 less than $ 5,000 a) Tagged and controlled through the annual inventory process b) Listed in Fixed Assets Subsidiary Ledger – 664X’s objective code c) Include computing equipment with a unit cost of $.01 cents less than $ 5,000 d) Audited by District’s Internal Auditors e) 2

  3. Account Coding Units Cost $ 5,000 or more Examples include: 6631 (vehicles) a) 6635 (Data processing Equipment) b) 6639 (all other equipment not classified elsewhere) c) Unit Costs Less $ 5,000 and Electronics Examples include: Computer Equipment (monitor, printer, CPUs, Smartboards, IPAD’s, Notepads, or the a) like, Elmos (Document Cameras), etc.)- (6645) Video Processing Equipment (camcorders, LED Flat Panels, Video Projectors, (6649) b) Unit Costs more than $500 less than $5,000 Examples Include: Secondary Musical Instruments (6649) a) Secondary Athletic Equipment (6649) b) Machinery/ Tools (6649) c) Furniture (6649) d) 3

  4. Account Coding ● Technology items that should be coded ● Furniture/Equipment that should be coded under account code 6645/6635 under account code 6649/6639 ● Computer Equipment: Scanners, ● Outdoor Equipment ● Athletic Equipment: Baseball pitching Switches, Charging Carts, Servers, Catalyst, Routers machines, waterboys ● Computer Software: License ● Furniture & Accessories: Desk, ● Printers Washers, Dryers ● Monitors ● Food Service Equipment ● Personal Computers: CPU, Laptops, ● Custodial Equipment: Vacuum, Floor Tablets, Ipads, Ipods, Chrome Books Stripper, Floor Buffer, Scrubber ● Audio/Visual Equipment: TVs, ● Grounds Equipment: mower, tractor, Projectors, Eikis, Elmos, Cameras, utility trailer, loaders ● Musical Instruments Smartboards 4

  5. Tagging Process All equipment shall follow the purchasing process and be delivered to the Central Warehouse for tagging. Under special circumstances, Purchasing may arrange items to be deliver to the user site. If authorized, Fixed Assets should be NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY by the campus/department to coordinate the tagging of these items. A copy of the purchase order will be required. A check request and receipt will be required if the items were purchased with Student Activity funds. Information can be emailed to Daisy Almanza at 5

  6. District Tags ▪ General Fund ▪ Federal Funds 6

  7. Transfer Disposal Form 7

  8. Transfer/Disposal Form Additional Page 8

  9. Filling Out Transfer Disposal Form Note: If “Transfer” is selected, remember to fill out the section below listed as “For Transfers Only. ” Highlighted cells need to be typed. Instructions: 1. ) Fill out all highlighted cells 2. ) Print form and acquire signatures 3. ) Scan form and email to: 9

  10. Send E-mail An automated message will be received by the sender stating the following: Your request has been received and is currently under review. Should we have any questions, we will be contacting you via e-mail or to your office extension. Transfer and Disposal requests may take a maximum of two weeks to be processed. Remember to have someone available at the time of pick up to verify that all items were disposed or transferred properly. See ‘NOTE’ section on the Transfer-Disposal form for more information. Please submit a new form if additional items need to be Disposed or Transferred. 10

  11. Disposal/Transfer (Control Number) Once a CONTROL NUMBER has been assigned to the Transfer/Disposal request, the inventory will be moved by the Fixed Assets Department in our Inventory Accounting Software. The form will then be transferred to the Support Services Department for the actual physical pickup of the assets. Make sure that someone from your Campus/Department is available at the time of pickup to verify that all items were disposed/transferred properly. Remember to retain a copy of the request for your records. Note: Requests may take up to two weeks to be processed. 11

  12. Items that were not made available during the scheduled picked up, incorrectly listed, and/or not on the form will require a new request. All forms need to be e-mailed to: Reminder: The Fixed Assets Department does not accept Han Handwritte dwritten or Faxed Transfer/Disposal forms. 12

  13. Transfer/Disposal Best Practices • List technology items individually  Include tag and serial • Use additional page for transfer/disposal forms that exceed 10 assets • If the items are being transferred, do not forget to add the department or school where the item is being transferred. • Make sure to acquire all required signatures before you scan and email your form • Always provide a copy of the completed Transfer/Disposal forms to your Fixed Assets Liaison and retain a copy for your own records 13

  14. Technology Inventory Audit ● Fixed Assets Dept. will perform a fixed assets inventory/audit on all capital outlay items/high risk items at each campus/department periodically. ● Inventory will be conducted during school year and process will be a component of the administrators end-of-year evaluation. ● Items not accounted during inventory will be reported to principal/administrator. ● Principal shall appoint a Fixed Assets Liaison who will be responsible for keeping a strict account of all the fixed assets at the campus and of approving the Transfer/Disposal forms. 14

  15. Support Services Support Services responsibility is to ensure the physical movement of the Fixed Asset items: Michael Barron Supervisor of Support Services E-mail: Phone: (956) 473-7968 Mauro Juarez Supervisor of Shipping & Receiving E-mail: Phone: (956) 473-7977 Support Service Dept. Fax (956) 473-7982 15

  16. Request For Furniture Email Mr. Mike Barron (, Supervisor of Support Services, to request furniture. Include the reason for the request (for example: growth, replacement, new additions, etc.) with a copy to your Principal and/or Director. 16

  17. Donated Items/Student Activity Purchases • The Board of Trustees must approve donations of $1,000 or more of cash or property • Campus representatives shall forward donation information to appropriate member of the Superintendent’s staff • Student Activity purchases become property of the campus/department and are tagged and placed on the campus/department Fixed Assets Inventory. • To tag a Student Activity purchase, a receipt and check # should be emailed to Daisy Almanza at Examples of items to be tagged are: Computers, (Monitors/CPUs), printers, IPADS, Note pads, scanners, or the like. 17

  18. Stolen Fixed Assets • If furniture/equipment is stolen Report it to supervisor ▪ Report to UISD Police Dept. (956-473-6361) ▪ Operated 24 hours a day • Email “Loss” group ( and include the following info: a) Date reported to Police b) Investigation number (if available from Police Dept.) c) Description of stolen item(s) d) Model, tag, and serial number (if available) e) Replacement Cost Note: Remember to also email the loss group on any police reports filed outside of the District and make sure you scan and attach the police report. Items that have not been reported stolen will continue to appear in the campus/department inventory. 18

  19. Presentation The manual, forms, and presentation can be found online at the Fixed Assets Department web-link. 19

  20. Contact Information Hector G. Cavazos, Director of Fixed Assets E-mail: Phone: (956) 473-7991 Daisy Almanza, Mario Gonzalez Fixed Assets Accountant Fixed Assets Officer E-mail: E-mail: Phone: (956) 473-7943 Phone: (956) 473-7936 Humberto Reyes, Armando Torres, Fixed Assets Clerk Fixed Assets Officer E-mail: E-mail: Phone: (956) 473-7988 Phone: (956) 473-7990 Kayla Rodriguez, Lauren Villarreal, Fixed Assets Clerk Fixed Assets Clerk E-mail: Phone: (956) 473-7989 Phone (956) 473-8008 20

  21. Questions Thank you! 21


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