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C Prepared for the Town of Oakville by IBI Group December 13 , 2018 Welcome to Public Information Centre #1 Wyecroft Road Improvements from Bronte Road to Kerr Street

  1. ��������� C ��������������� Prepared for the Town of Oakville by IBI Group December 13 , 2018

  2. Welcome to Public Information Centre #1 Wyecroft Road Improvements from Bronte Road to Kerr Street Wyecroft Road Improvements 1 Class Environmental Assessment

  3. Outline 1. Purpose 2. Study area 3. Study findings to date 4. Timelines 5. Questions Wyecroft Road Improvements 2 Class Environmental Assessment

  4. Purpose • To provide an overview of the Wyecroft Road Improvements Environmental Assessment Study • To hear your comments, concerns and suggestions You can provide comments by: • Talking to a member of the project team • Filling out a comment sheet • Emailing the project team Wyecroft Road Improvements 3 Class Environmental Assessment

  5. Study Area QEW South Service Rd Wyecroft Rd Wyecroft Rd Wyecroft Road Improvements 4 Class Environmental Assessment

  6. Environmental Assessment Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Problem / Alternative Alternative Environmental Implement Opportunity Solutions Designs Study Report Identify Identify Identify Complete Construction Problem or Alternative Alternative Environmental and Operation Design Study Report Opportunity Solutions Inventory Evaluate Evaluate Monitor Notice of Alternative Existing Alternative Environmental Completion Design Solutions Commitments Conditions Public Public Consultation Consultation Select Select Preferred Preferred Solution Design We are here Schedule ‘C’ process is outlined in the Municipal Engineers Association “Municipal Class Environmental Assessment” Wyecroft Road Improvements 5 Class Environmental Assessment

  7. Previous Studies Previous studies completed by the Town of Oakville identified that improvements are Phase 1 required to meet the needs of the town to 2041. Problem / Opportunity • Halton Region Transportation Master Plan Identify Problem or • Livable Oakville Official Plan Opportunity Inventory Existing • Town of Oakville Active Transportation Conditions Master Plan • Town of Oakville Switching Gears Transportation Master Plan Wyecroft Road Improvements 6 Class Environmental Assessment

  8. Technical Studies The following technical studies were completed to Phase 1 inventory existing conditions : Problem / • Active Transportation Opportunity Identify • Traffic and Transit Operations Problem or Opportunity • Traffic Safety Inventory Existing • Cultural Heritage Conditions • Fluvial Geomorphological • Natural Environment • Stage 1 Archaeology • Stormwater Management • Structural Wyecroft Road Improvements 7 Class Environmental Assessment

  9. Problem and Opportunity Statement Wyecroft Road and South Service Road West between Bronte Road and Kerr Street is a multi-purpose arterial that connects existing employment lands to Regional roads and the QEW. Corridor improvements are required to meet the needs of the town to 2041 and support future population and employment growth. Providing appropriate infrastructure will encourage active transportation (walking, cycling) and transit, in an attractive and safe way, in support of the Town’s vision to be the most livable town in Canada. Corridor improvements are required that: • Integrate planned facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit with regard for the movement of trucks and general traffic • Optimize traffic operations to increase capacity, improve safety, and manage local access • Protect or improve the natural environment, including existing watercourse crossings, treescape and natural areas • Maintain existing access during construction and protect for future land uses and access Wyecroft Road Improvements 8 Class Environmental Assessment

  10. Alternative Planning Solutions The Town is considering a wide range of alternative solutions to satisfy travel demand within the Wyecroft Phase 2 Road corridor. Alternative 1. Do nothing (no improvements ) Solutions Identify 2. Traffic diversion to alternative routes Alternative Solutions 3. Transportation Demand Management (TDM ) Evaluate Alternative Solutions 4. Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Public Consultation 5. Infrastructure improvements for active transportation Select Preferred 6. Transit Priority measures and active transportation Solution 7. Infrastructure improvements for all modes Wyecroft Road Improvements 9 Class Environmental Assessment

  11. Evaluation Criteria Natural Transportation Environment Phase 2 • Areas of Natural and • Traffic capacity Scientific Interest • Traffic network • Woodlots • Transit service Alternative • Treescape • Transit network Solutions • Creeks • Active transportation • Wetlands Identify • Emergency management • Wildlife and birds Alternative response • Vegetation Solutions • Roadway safety • Floodplains Evaluate • Resilience Alternative Social Environment Solutions Technical • Supports appropriate Public intensification •Stormwater management Consultation • Community building •Utilities • Construction phase impacts •Structures • Noise and vibration impacts Select •Illumination • Travel time Preferred •Policy framework • Cultural heritage impacts Solution • Emergency access Cost •Capital costs •Operating and life-cycle .costs Wyecroft Road Improvements 10 Class Environmental Assessment

  12. Draft Recommendation Draft recommendation: Phase 2 Infrastructure improvements for all modes Alternative Solutions Identify Alternative Solutions Evaluate Alternative Solutions Public Consultation Select Preferred Solution We need your input on the evaluation and draft recommendation. Wyecroft Road Improvements 11 Class Environmental Assessment

  13. Next Steps Review comments from PIC 1 and Stakeholders Winter Identify preferred solution 2018 / 2019 Develop design alternatives PIC 2 is planned for early 2019 (date will be communicated) Prepare and file Environmental Study Report Spring / Issue Notice of Study Completion Summer 2019 30-day public review Wyecroft Road Improvements 12 Class Environmental Assessment

  14. How to Provide Comments Please complete a Comment Sheet and return it: • In the box provided • By mail (address on sheet) • By fax • By email - To: Syed.Rizvi@Oakville.ca Cc councillor: Ward 1 • Ralph.Robinson@Oakville.ca • Sean.O'meara@Oakville.ca Ward 2 • Cathy.Duddeck@Oakville.ca • Ray.Chisholm@Oakville.ca Web: https://www.oakville.ca/residents/wyecroft-road-ea.html Wyecroft Road Improvements 13 Class Environmental Assessment

  15. Thank you! Wyecroft Road Improvements 14 Class Environmental Assessment

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