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3-D Leadership Development Anouk Brack, MSc 3-D Leadership Development - Anouk Brack, MSc The 3 dimensions of leadership development in business 1. normal Skill dimension - Doing 2.overlooked Stage dimension Becoming 3.catalysing

  1. 3-D Leadership Development – Anouk Brack, MSc

  2. 3-D Leadership Development - Anouk Brack, MSc The 3 dimensions of leadership development in business 1. “normal” Skill dimension - Doing 2.overlooked Stage dimension – Becoming 3.catalysing State dimension – Being I will share a State practice “ Leadership Embodiment” - mindfulness in action under pressure, Aikido, neuro-science In the best circumstances, anyone can be a great communicator. But what happens to our effectiveness and friendliness under pressure? Stress makes you stupid. The best part of you goes off-line. Many of us work in challenging environments. We want to offer the best of ourselves. We need to be able to shift from stress to flow, fast.

  3. How can we have all of ourselves “online”? "On a good day, with a great colleague and an interesting project, anyone can be inspiring, a good listener and a clear communicator. But what happens to our effectiveness and friendliness under pressure?"

  4. 3-D Leadership Development – Anouk Brack, MSc  Most Leadership Training is skills based  That's only 1 dimension!  3 dimensions of leadership development: Skill, Stage, and State development.  Zooming in on State: Leadership Embodiment  Basic practice “centering” under pressure  “Mindfulness in action under pressure”

  5. Center of the Cyclone Ken Wilber describes the value and synergetic effect of centering as follows: “(…) what you’re really doing when you center is that you are in a sense placing yourself in the very center of the cyclone. You’re placing yourself in pure emptiness to the extent you have access to that. So what steps into that emptiness is the highest structure available.”

  6. But under Pressure... all that wisdom goes out the window. ...and the smallest things can trigger us. We slip into ego-centric survival mode.

  7. Survival mode Let's experience this …  Think of something stressful or annoying and let's monitor our vital signs  Now I will coach you into a more centered state and we'll do the same What's the difference? And it wasn't even real...

  8. Leadership Embodiment Developed by Wendy Palmer Cultivating Leadership Presence through principles of mindfulness, martial art and neuroscience 3 Leadership Competences: 1. Inclusive Presence 2. Listening without taking it personally 3. Speaking up without agression

  9. Leadership Embodiment • 2 states of being: 1. In Personality: Reactive survival mode 2. In Center: Responsive Conscious mode • 3 Centers in our body: 1. Head 2. Heart 3. Core

  10. Leadership Embodiment 4-step centering proces: 1. Posture: Vertical Alignment of head, heart and core between heaven and earth. Lean in just a little bit. 2. Breath: In and up the spine, grow taller; out and down the front, softening 3. Space: Radiate your awareness and warmth into space around you 4. Invite Quality: What would it be like with a little bit more [ease] in my body right now?

  11. “Centering” synergizes skill, stage, state in the moment, to serve fully So, you CAN have it all!! All 3 brains All 3 centers Survival Mode Centered Mode Neo-cortex Head Control Wisdom Limbic system Heart Approval Love Reptilian Hara (Belly) Safety Power The body always wins. Centering is a shortcut to your super-powers.

  12. BREAKING NEWS: Neuro-biology confirms Ancient Wisdom  We can't change the mind with the mind alone  To perform better under pressure: teach limbic system not neocortex  Body learns through contrast and repetition  Shifting between sympathetic & parasympathic  Going from Cortisol to Testosterone & oxytocine Resource: See book Wendy Palmer “Leadership Embodiment” and Power Posing research by Amy Cuddy (HarvardBS)

  13. How to synergize 3-D Leadership  Leadership Embodiment: combines State and Skill: Building awareness and capacity to recover to centered state. Laboratory: 3 reactions, 3 body centers= 27 type  Leadership Agility combines Stage and Skill  Work on your Skill, Stage and State awareness and capacity building . Tune up your Skills Grow up into next Stage Wake up to State regulation In order to serve more fully, also under pressure

  14. Expert Advise on synergizing 3- Dimensions of development by Pacific Integral's Terri O' Fallon 1.Psycho-active : Learning about adult developmental StAGES is psycho-active. Stick you have arrived somewhere and you get stuck 2.Shadow : Take care of your shadow now and avoid pain in causal tier and construct aware levels 3.Social support : Collectives have a center of gravity. It can pull you down or lift you up.

  15. 3-D Leadership Development – Anouk Brack, MSc SUMMARY: Advise for Leadership development programs:  Make sure State training, like Leadership Embodiment, is integral part of it.  Practice Skills also under challenging situations  Then we can really bring the best of ourselves when it matters. “We can't change our mind with our mind alone. Under duress, the survival body always wins. The power is in the recovery.”

  16. Resources – Anouk Brack, MSc Connect now on LinkedIn: Websites:  Experience Integral – Embodying Integral Leadership for Sustainability –  The Centre for Embodied Wisdom – Practices for Leaders, Teachers and Parents to embody wisdom under pressure –  AnoukA Training InCompany – Supporting professionals to embody integral leadership with ease - Articles:  3-D Leadership Development article in Integral Leadership Review  Cultivating Leadership Embodiment

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